Willie Nelson, “Marijuana is the safest medicine”

January 13th, 2017


After decades of advocating for legalization of marijuana, outlaw country singer Willie Nelson talks about releasing his own brand of marijuana in Colorado and Washington. He said federal efforts to crack down on states that have legalized the drug won’t be successful. (Jan. 12)

Happy Shoeshine Friday the 13th

January 13th, 2017

Willie Nelson & Family at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (Saturday, March 18)

January 13th, 2017


A mix of soulful blues, pop/dance music and traditional country tunes will grace NRG Stadium March 7 – 26 as the 21 entertainers set to perform at RODEOHOUSTON represent diverse musical genres.

The 2017 entertainment lineup is one of the most awarded in RODEOHOUSTON history, with a collective 209 music industry accolades, three hall of fame inductees, and three Grand Ole Opry members.


Tuesday, March 7 Aaron Watson
Wednesday, March 8 Old Dominion
Thursday, March 9 Chris Stapleton
Friday, March 10 Alicia Keys
Saturday, March 11 Alan Jackson
Sunday, March 12 The Chainsmokers
Monday, March 13 Sam Hunt
Tuesday, March 14 Meghan Trainor
Wednesday, March 15 Thomas Rhett
Thursday, March 16 Luke Bryan
Friday, March 17 Fifth Harmony
Saturday, March 18 Willie Nelson
Sunday, March 19 – Banda El Recodo | Siggno
Monday, March 20 Florida Georgia Line
Tuesday, March 21 ZZ Top
Wednesday, March 22 Chris Young
Thursday, March 23 Blink-182
Friday, March 24 Dierks Bentley
Saturday, March 25 Brad Paisley
Sunday, March 26 Zac Brown Band

Rodeo ticket prices range from $18 to $25, plus applicable fees. A few performances may have a limited number of tickets, including scattered singles (no two seats together), available from $30 to $100, as well as Chute Seats, for $300 or $350. Upper-level Value Wednesday tickets are $10.

Individual Rodeo tickets can be purchased online at rodeohouston.com

Remembering the great Ray Price on his birthday

January 12th, 2017

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January 12th, 2017

New Willie Nelson album to be released in Spring, “God’s Problem Child”

January 12th, 2017

Willie Nelson is once again teaming up with his friend and producer, Buddy Cannon, for a new album scheduled to be released in the Spring.  The album, “God’s Problem Child”, will contain a song with Leon Russell, who passed away last year.  Also, the album includes Willie Nelson’s recording of a song written by Lyndel Rhodes, 92-year-old mother of producer Buddy Cannon, entitled “Little House on the Hill.

In these videos,   Buddy plays Willie Nelson’s recording of her song to his mother, and she sings along.  So sweet.

Willie Nelson, “The Harder They Fall”

January 12th, 2017

Willie Nelson Pick of the Day

January 12th, 2017

C.P. Vaughn is the artist for the head shot that is used on some of Willie’s guitar picks.

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Willie Nelson and Willamina

January 12th, 2017

Farm Aid 2017

January 12th, 2017


Happy New Year!
With the frenzy of the holiday season behind us and snowy weather upon us, we’ve had some time to reflect upon Farm Aid’s 2016 accomplishments and the work ahead in 2017. We’re grateful that you rely on us to keep you informed about —  and activated in — our farm and food system.
Looking ahead
An incoming president and soon-to-be-announced (we hope!) Secretary of Agriculture are sure to shake up U.S. agriculture in 2017 and beyond. As farmers continue to struggle in a very difficult farm economy, Congress will gear up to shape a new Farm Bill. This year, we’ll be tuning into that and several other issues, including:

As always, Farm Aid will continue to engage you in opportunities to challenge the corporate power that has a stranglehold over our food and farm system, and opportunities to advance a more just agriculture that benefits everyone.

Farmer Hero, Alvina Maynard, of River Hill Ranch in Richmond, KY

Do you know someone who should be recognized as a
Farmer Hero? 
Over the past ten years, Farm Aid has highlighted the work of dozens of Farmer Heroes all over the country. They have shown us everything from how their practices protect our soil and water while slowing climate change, to how they grow local economies and strengthen their communities. We’ve featured everyone from a farmer growing vegetables on Chicago rooftops, to Iowa farmers organizing against factory farms and a North Carolina poultry farmer fighting corporate power. Their innovative approaches to growing and raising good food inspire us as we build a vibrant, family farm-centered system of agriculture in America.

We know our community is filled with people who have meaningful connections with farmers. We’d love to hear about a farmer you know who deserves to be celebrated. 

Our accomplishments in 2016

Thanks for being a partner in the work to grow a family farm food system! From connecting farmers with policymakers through our Farmer Leadership Grants, to creating a Farm to School Rocks guide to inspire engagement in the budding Farm to School movement, to our incredible Bristow, Virginia, concert, we had a meaningful year here at Farm Aid.

Here’s a look back. In 2016 we:

January 11th, 2017

Willie Nelson Performs On Stage

photo:  David Redfern

In the Studio with Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard

January 11th, 2017

Amy Nelson and Cathy Guthrie and Folk Uke are Going Down! Under Again! (Australian Spring Tour!)

January 11th, 2017

Track Folk Uke Here

What Ever Happened to Peace on Earth

January 11th, 2017

“I was at a concert this weekend in California to raise money for the National Veterans Foundation. I’m an Air Force veteran, and I have great respect for the military. I like to support the soldiers whenever I can. But I don’t support this war in Iraq.

I was against the war before it started. I always thought it was a terrible decision, badly thought out, badly planned, and then horribly executed.

I want to see our troops come home right away, and so do most Americans. Unfortunately, too many politicians in both parties refuse to listen.

So when will the troops come home? When we won’t put up with it anymore–when we change our government. And how will we do that? By voting the bastards out! On November 7th, you should vote for anyone who’s against the war and vote against anyone who’s for the war. It’s that simple.

When I wrote the song “Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth”  at Christmastime in 2003, a lot of people were for the war, a lot of people didn’t know the facts or the truth. But people are waking up now. They’re learning that they were lied to about the war. They’re feeling lied to about this Mark Foley scandal in terms of who knew what and when. They’re questioning the leadership in this country.

And that gives us new possibilities for November 7th. If we all go out and vote for peace candidates and get our friends to vote, and if our votes are really counted, it’s no contest. There’ll be a change in the Congress, and then we’ll just have to keep building so we can get a president who won’t send our soldiers to fight a war based on lies.

We should have thrown the bastards out years ago. Let’s do it now! Give Peace A VOTE!”

Willie Nelson


January 11th, 2017