“Where is Our Hero”, by Willie Nelson

Here is a new song I would like to share with you and your readers.

Where is our hero

Where is our hero tonight
The bars are all booming and he’s no where in sight
Where ever he is Lord, we hope he’s all Right
But where is our hero tonight

Where is our hero tonight
He left here a sailing
He was High as a kite
Feeling kinda sorry and looking for a fight

Where is our hero tonight
He used to be king of the bars
He opened and closed them from
Waco to mars
Now he sings on the street and sleeps in his car
But he used to be king of the bars

And where is our hero today
Can we just tag along we will stay out his way
Does he still write the sad songs and can he still play
Where is our hero today

Willie nelson
March 16 2011
Rockford Ill
4:06 pmWillie

9 Responses to ““Where is Our Hero”, by Willie Nelson”

  1. Robin Reid says:

    nice new lyrics… and the tune??

  2. Robin Reid says:

    just saying… good to have new lyrics… curious about the tune, tho…
    or whether my comments are being accepted!! cheers… thanks for this great site.

  3. LindaLee says:

    Hey, Robin, how are you? Don’t know why your comments bounced to spam, but I freed them.

  4. wow–deep. would love to hear it in concert.

  5. Robin Reid says:

    Hey LindaLee!! well, are you in Vermont today? I meant to write you sooner to see if we could meet up when Willie comes to VT… I will be there! maybe I can find you again… hope this doesn’t bounce to spam!!!!!

  6. LindaLee says:

    Robin, I am home in Colorado. Have fun at the show. Are you going to Farm Aid in KC? I am going; I love Farm Aid. Would love to meet up. — Linda

  7. Robin Reid says:

    ah, home in Colorado!! nice… maybe it’s a little drier out there… we have a real disaster on our hands around here, actually.
    I doubt I’ll make it to KC. but that would be really fun… who knows? It’s early this year, isn’t it?? I have to check the dates… I do have some very good friends from there so… maybe something will come together! I thought it would be fun if I found you here today in the Green Mountain State… I traded tickets with Higher Ground for advertising in Rural Route Today … and I was able to give my son and nephew some tickets and keep one for myself! them’s the REAL farm kids from around here…
    have a nice memorial day!

  8. Robin Reid says:

    oh yeah, I’ll see if I can get you some pix with my unsophisticated camera!

  9. LindaLee says:

    Oh, I would love if you would e-mail me a picture! I’ll post it immediately. Thanks, Robin. sorry about the weather. Yeah, Farm Aid is in August. I wish I were there. I would love to go to Vermont.

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