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  1. linda nurse says:

    hi paula i am a big fan of you and your dad, i listen to sisriusxm 24 7 give me me shout out sometime, i live in boston mass, say to Dallas whj for me

  2. Bill says:

    Hi Paula, I enjoy listening to your show and the entire folks on Willie’s Roadhouse, but I would like to ask you folks one question; “What have you folks got against Johnny Duncan? He had some great songs back in the 1970’s and I never hear his music at all. I hear so much Tom T. Hall that some times I think it’s his show, ha! ha!

  3. nick says:

    why dont you play any Homer & jerthro songs?

  4. Bill says:

    I see that at least you received my message and it is shown above, but you never answered my question; “Why don’t you play any Johnny Duncan music.”

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