Tom Conway and Willie Nelson


Thanks for sending me the news article about the show at Charley’s with Willie.  And thanks to Sandra for the pictures! 

 Hey, Willie talked about you on Willie’s Place, with Bill Mack [sirius/xm radio].  He talked about the concert and recording with you.  And he called you Tommy!

I’ll bet you worked really hard getting ready for that show. 




Wow, I had no idea he mentioned me on Bill Mack! Actually, I worked my butt off on Willie’s new album…I spent a lot of hours transcribing every single tune on the album and wrote out charts for all the band members.  My personal goal was to memorize the entire record and I’m proud to say I hit the stage that night without a safety net!

An opportunity like this may only happen once in a lifetime and I really wanted to honor Joe Sample’s great arrangements and give it my all…  especially for Willie!  I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity / assignment Willie gave me and I cherish the memory of a wonderful night just fifteen minutes from my home on Maui.

Yeah, a lot my close friends call me Tommy. :  )

Thanks, Linda!


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