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Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Willie Nelson’s, ‘To Lefty, From Willie’

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

1.  Mom and Dad’s Waltz  
2.  Look What Thoughts Will Do 
3.  I Love You in a Thousand Ways  
4.  Always Late (With Your Kisses)  
5. I Want to Be With You Always  
6. She’s Gone, Gone, Gone  
7.  A Little Unfair
8.  I Never Go Around Mirrors  
9.  That’s the Way Love Goes  
10. Railroad Girl
11. If You’ve Got the Money, I’ve Got the Time

Back in Austin, Willie was testing Columbia Records’ definition of artistic control.  Lefty Frizzell’s death in 1975 had inspired Willie to do an album of nothing but Lefty songs dedicated to his favorite honky tonk singer.  The suits at Columbia were less than thrilled when they first heard about the idea, especially since the label had dropped Lefty three years earlier.  But two years later, after Willie’s version of “If You’ve Got the Money” from the album The Song in Your Mind shot straight to number 1 on the country singles chart in the summer of 1976, Columbia brass came aound and released the Lefty tribute.  Even then, label personnel tried to get him to title the album Songs For a Friend, figuring record buyers didn’t know Lefty Frizzell from Johnny Wright.  But Willie held his ground and To Lefty from Willie was released in 1977, featuring 10 of his favorite Lefty songs, including, I Love You a Thousand ways,” which reached number 9 on the country singles chart that summer, “Always Late (with Your Kisses),” “Mom and Dad Waltz,” and “Railroad Lady,” Lefty’s last single before  he died, written by Jerry Jeff Walker and Jimmy Buffett.  The album charted as high as number 91 on Billboard’s album chart, a testament to Willie’s star power more than Lefty’s legacy.

from Willie Nelson:  An Epic Life
by Joe Nick Patoski

Budrock in the snow, in Kalamazoo

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Willie Nelson and Family performed tonight in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Budrock “Buddy” Prewitt, Lighting Engineer for Willie Nelson and Family, sent this picture of himself in front of the buses today. 

He said, “I couldn’t catch Willie in the snow, but Flaco caught me.”

Brrrr!  Oh, those Texans must be cold!  At least Budrock has a hat on.  But where’s your gloves? And that’s not a winter jacket! 

I take it back.  I don’t need a picture of Willie in the snow; I hope he doesn’t have go out in the cold. 

Stay warm, everyone!

Willie Nelson and Family, Coachella Music Festival (2007)

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Indio, California

by Kevin Winter

Willie Nelson’s Itinerary (1982)

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Here are some shows Willie Nelson and Family played in 1982.  No guarantee on the accuracy. 

August 24, 1982

Grand Ole Opry

Nashville, TN
August 26,27, 1982

Minnesota State Fair

St. Paul, MN
August 30, 1982

Boston Common

Boston, MA
August 31, 1982

Saratoga Performing Arts

Saratoga, FL
September 1, 1982

New York State Fair

Syracuse, NY
September 2, 1982

Michigan State Fair

Syracuse, NY
September 3, 1982

DuQuoin State Fair

DuQuion, IL
September 4,5, 1982

Poplar Creek Amphitheater

Chicago, IL
September 9, 1982

 Civic Arena

Pittsburgh, PA
September 10, 1982


Meadowlands, NJ
September 11, 1982

Pennsylvania State Fair

York, PA
September 12, 1982


Philadelphia, PA
September 13, 1982


Columbia, MD
September 14, 1982

Pennsylvania State Fair

York, PA
September 17 1982

Nebraska State Fair

Lincoln, NE
September 18, 1982

Kemper Arena

Kansas City, MO
September 22, 1982

Tennessee State Fair

Nashville, TN
September 24, 1982

Grand Rapids, MI
September 25, 1982

Nat. Dairy Cattle Congress

Waterloo, IA
September 30, 1982

Memorial Auditorium

Wichita Falls, TX
October 1, 1982

Memorial Auditorium

Wichita Falls, TX
October 3, 1982


New Orleans, LA
October 6, 1982

Civic Center 

Beaumont, TX
October 7, 1982


Pasadena, TX
October 14-20 1982

Caeser’s Palace 

Las Vegas, NV
October 22-26,1982

 Universal AMphiteater

Los Angeles, CA


December 1, 1982


Huntsville, AL
December 2, 1982


Birmingham, AL
December 3, 1982


Chattanooga, TN
December 4, 1982


Columbia, SC
December 5, 1982


Charlotte, NC
December 8, 1982


Greensboro, NC
December 9, 1982


Savannah, GA
December 10, 1982


Jacksonville, FL
December 11, 1982


Tallahassee, FL
December 12, 1982


Tampa, FL
December 16, 1982


Gainesville, FL
December 17, 1982


Atlanta, GA
December 18, 1982


Las Vegas, NV
December 31, 1982


Houston, TX

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

See Willie Nelson and Family in concert tonight in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

(Janis from Texas took this picture.)

I don’t know how you spent your Thanksgiving break or how active you were.  For me, there was at least one day I didn’t get out of my pajamas.  I guess I did go outside and take some photos of the fresh snow, but in my pajamas.  I know, tmi.

But Willie Nelson and Family didn’t slow down, and kept on entertaining fans across the country.  They are the hardest working band in show business.  Tonight they are in concert again, for the lucky folks in Michigan.  I hope someone takes a picture of him in the snow; I have seen only one photo of Willie Nelson in the snow.  Anyone?

Willie Nelson and Family
Western Michigan University
Miller Auditorium
(800) 228-9858

Willie Nelson and Friends

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, former President Bill Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg and Eric Clapton – “Willie Nelson and Friends: Live and Kickin” – Beacon Theatre – New York City, NY – May 26, 2003

photo credit: Kevin Mazur

Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow, on CMT Crossroads

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Sheryl Crow and Willie Nelson
Photo Credit: Rick Diamond

First aired: 6/7/2002

Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow met first in 1999 when they were part of a New York tribute concert honoring Johnny Cash. Nelson and Crow opened their CMT Crossroads taping with “Jackson,” one of the songs they performed at the Cash tribute. As they did in New York, Nelson played Cash to Crow’s June Carter.

Their friendship has grown since their first meeting. Crow, raised in a musical household in Missouri, reveres Nelson as the “king of phrasing” and “the voice that was the soundtrack to my childhood.” Nelson regards Crow as a worthy musical colleague, an inheritor of his musical “outlaw” spirit and a fit audience for his dirty jokes.

Nelson played an electric guitar throughout the night instead of his battered classical acoustic, dubbed “Trigger.” (Crow said her instruments have no names, but she might refer to them as “my little money makers.”) “My guitar,” Nelson explained, “is on the way to Amsterdam [for a European tour]. I am following soon behind.”

The singers each took care to match the other’s vocal phrasing, casting sidelong glances at each other throughout their performance. Of “Let It Be Me,” Nelson proclaimed the duo “happy to be resurrecting a great song.” He toyed with the familiar phrasing and seemed to challenge Crow to do the same. “It wasn’t perfect, but it was tasty,” she said after the first take.


01. Jackson
02. Abilene
03. City of New Orleans
04. Let It Be Me
05. It’s So Easy
06. You Remain
07. Crazy
08. Every Day Is A Winding Road

I made a video of it, and it’s about worn out; it’s so enjoyable to watch.  Here, they sing, ‘City of New Orleans.’

A Peaceful Solution

Sunday, November 30th, 2008


Monique “Amalphi” Claus submitted a beautiful slideshow, using the song, ‘A Peaceful Solution,’ sung by Willie Nelson and Family as the soundtrack.  You can see all the videos of this song, written by Willie and daughter Amy, at the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute (

Monique says:

“What is my idea of peace? While asking myself this question a couple of words came to my mind: respect, tolerance, forgiveness…

According to my opinion, peace starts within yourself. You can work on it every day.  As long as you live, you get the chance to work on peace. Isn’t that wonderful? But how do you start? It’s simple to say but sometimes hard to accomplish: accept yourself, find peace and love in your heart.

But also: respect other people, especially for people that differ from you. Don’t criticize them but respect the way they live their lives. Learn from other people: be aware of the fact that other people are your mirror (and vice versa). When you close your eyes while standing in front of a mirror, you don’t see a thing. When you close your mind and heart while communicating with another person, you don’t learn a thing.

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

This is one of the most important rules I base my live on.

Thank you Willie and Amy Nelson for starting this wonderful project, thank you Liz for encouraging and supporting me and uploading my contributions to the Peace Project to the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute website and YouTube.”

Willie Nelson and Family in South Bend, Indiana (11/28/08) (review)

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Photo thanks to Lana Nelson,
(not from South Bend show)
by Tom Conway

SOUTH BEND — It is hard to believe that Willie Nelson can still astonish his audience this late in his career, but as he proved at the Morris Performing Arts Center Friday night, he still has a few surprises left.

Nelson has made a career out of confounding expectations.

Labeled a country music artist, he has made an album of jazz standards, a reggae album, and partnered with jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis on his most recent release. Nelson has also performed with everyone from U2 to Julio Iglesias, making him a difficult performer to pigeonhole.

Friday night’s concert could be titled the Willie Nelson Jukebox, as he played all of the hits that his audience wanted to hear – “ Whiskey River,” “Beer For My Horses,” “Crazy,” “Always On My Mind,” and many more. But, it was the sly, subtle delivery of these classics that made them come alive.

While Nelson could perform these songs in his sleep by now he gave his full attention to each tune.

From his emotive growl on the chorus to “Me And Bobby McGee” to the tasty blues licks – as always, on Trigger, his trusted well-worn acoustic guitar – on Hank Williams’ “Move It On Over,” Nelson never failed to give each song just what it needed.

The focus of the evening was on Nelson’s laid-back singing and guitar work – which ranged from sweet, understated notes to heavy twang – but the Willie Nelson sound would not be complete without the able assist of the members of Family, his backing band.

“Little sister, Bobbie” shined on piano throughout, particularly on a couple of ragtime pieces from her debut record, “Audiobiography,” and harmonica virtuoso Mickey Raphael gave each song extra flavor, sometimes making his instrument sound like an accordion.

Regular show closer, “On The Road Again,” performed mid-concert, was replaced with the gospel trio, “Will The Circle Be Unbroken,” “I’ll Fly Away” and “I Saw The Light.” The audience could be forgiven, as they rose to their feet, clapping and singing along, in believing they were in a small church in Texas.

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Lana Nelson writes of celebrating Thanksgiving on the road with her dad

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Lana Nelson has posted a new edition of the Pedernales Poo Poo, with her unique perspective of being on-the-road with her dad at, Willie Nelson’s official web site.  We fans are so grateful for her photos, stories and humorous takes on touring with Willie Nelson and Family.  Visit the site for rare pictures and stories, including this, that she wrote about their Thanksgiving in South Bend:

“We spent Thanksgiving in a little hotel in South Bend, Indiana.  A Houligan’s restaurant  was open and within walking distance, so we ate there. It was either that or the  International House of Pancakes, which we saved for later. Oh, the lifestyles of the rich and famous!

This was the first time in my life that I have been away from home on Thanksgiving.  In the past if we were working I would beg out and go home with my kids. They’re grown now with kids of their own, so Houligan’s it was. 

Dad stayed on the bus and watched football and CNN, so we brought him turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie.  While I haven’t spent Thanksgiving away from home until today, that also means that it has been YEARS since I spent it with Dad, who was always either on the road or at home in Hawaii with his other kids. For this day and all the days to follow, I am so very thankful.”

— Lana Nelson

Saturday, November 29th, 2008