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2010 was a great year to be a Willie Nelson fan

Friday, December 31st, 2010

picture credit: Janis Tillerson

It’s always  fun to be a Willie Nelson fan, because he makes himself so available to his fans, and 2010 was no different.   He released new music, performed all over the world so we could hear him sing, he was on the radio most every week, so we could call in and talk with him,  He was on television frequently, and he and John Mellencamp webcast news about FarmAid on the internet.  He paired up with other artists for the most interesting collaborations.  He is relevant and politically active, speaks his mind and risks arrest for causes he believes in.    Here is a short list of how of how Willie Nelson spent 2011.

Thank you Willie Nelson, for all you do.

And thank you to all the Willie Nelson fans who stop by this blog, and who send me pictures and stories, guitar picks, etc., etc.  Happy New Year to everyone!  I look forward to seeing you at a  Willie Nelson & Family show next year!

Peace and love,

p.s.  Sorry for the poor grammar and spelling; I’ll try to edit it tomorrow.

Willie Nelson and Family toured the United States extensively this year, visiting over 30 states, and entertaining thousands and thousands of fans. Last summer, the band blazed a trail across Europe and the UK, with 20 shows in 24 days, in England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium France. They played at the world’s largest outdoor green concert at Glastonbury, in the UK (180,000 attended), and also at a private birthday party in the states for a just a few dozen people. The band performed at the oldest dancehall in Texas (Gruene’s), world’s most famous Music Hall at NYC’s Radio City, a Superbow pre-game concert, Houses of Blues, Midwestern baseball stadiums, California Vinyards, Nascar Race Tracks, Las Vegas Casinos, mountain amphitheaters, and all kinds of pavillions, stadium, theater, theme park, auditorium, amphitheaters and tents.
Willie Nelson’s collaborated with T-Bone Burnette, and released ‘Country Music’ in 2010. The album was nominated for a grammy award, in the ‘Americana’ category. country music

red headed Willie Nelson’s album, ‘Red Headed Stranger,’ was one of 25 albums nominated to the United States Congress National Recording Registry, along with music by Tupac Shakur, REM, Bill Cosby, and others.
Willie Nelson’s 1980 single, “On the Road Again,” was named as one of 30 songs joining the Grammy Hall of Fame this year. The song was also named as “Favorite Road Song,” in Pioneer Electronic’s national poll. Last April the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Mission Control in Houston once again played the song as a wake up call for astronauts in space. Also, on their webiste, NASA asked the public to vote for their choice of a song to be used for future flights, and ‘On the Road Again’ was on that top 40.

Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and record label executive Fred Foster were named the 2010 recipients of the Leadership Music Dale Franklin Award and were honored in Nashville in August. Vince Gill hosted the gala.
In May, Austin Mayor Leffingwell announced the city’s plans to honor Willie Nelson by re-naming second street in downtown Austin as “Willie Nelson Boulevard.” The Mayor also announced that they city has commissioned a sculpture of Willie Nelson, holding his guitar, which will be installed on West Second Street next year. sign

backyard In January, the city council of Helotes, TX renamed part of Old Bandera Road as “Willie Nelson Way.” Back Yard at Bee Cave named a road ‘Willie Way”.
Willie Nelson attended and was honored at Nobelity Project Gala, with Lyle Lovett, Bill Paxton and 40 more Texas Artists, for his appearance in and support of new film, ‘One Peace at a Time’ and other good works. Gala was a fundraiser for Nobelity Project and their programs. onepeaceatatime

Willie Nelson and fellow Farm Aid Board members Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews celebrated the 25th Farm Aid 25 concert in Milwaukee on October 2nd, at Miller Park. Each of the board members performed, and were joined by dozens of artists, including Kenny Chesney, Amos Lee, Jamey Johnson, Nora Jones and helped raise over $2 million for the support of family farmers.
Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson hosted ‘Willie & Woody’s All Star Texas Hold ’em Charity Tournament’ at the Hustler Casino Los Angeles in September. They were joined by other celebrities and fans and raised over $40,000.00 to support the work of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance. poker

patch In July, Willie Nelson and Family performed at a concert to beneft the work of Patch Adams and his clinic.Charlottesville Pavilion to raise money for the construction of the Patch Adams Teaching Center & Clinic.
Willie Nelson helped celebrate arrival of Virgin America’s coming to Dallas, with Richard Branson. Willie Nelson & Family performed Winspear Opera House in support of Stand Up To Cancer, hosted by Virgin America to raise awareness and funding to help find a cure for cancer. virgin

Willie Nelson and Family headlined the American Red Cross ‘Salute Our troops’ pre-race show at Texas 500 NASCAR Sprtint Cup Serieds at Texas Motar Speedway in November.
Willie Nelson became a founding member of Green Music Group, which is affiliated with Reverb, the non-profit organization founded in 2004 by Guster’s Adam Gardner and his wife, Lauren Sullivan. Willie made a video challenging people to go green.  

Willie freely gave his signature hundreds of times on guitars, banjos, motor cycles, photographs, bottles of wine, and anything offered, which were then sold and helped to raise funds for good causes.
Willie Nelson didn’t slow down with his collaborations this year. He teamed up again with Ray Benson and his Texas swing band, Asleep at the Wheel, and finished up recordings for a new album to be released in May of next year. Benson said, “We’re going to have a lot of Western Swing and cuts from the ’30s and ’40s.” Willie recorded ‘Truck Driver’s Blues’ which appeared on the Wheel’s new album, and also helped the band celebrate 40 years as Asleep at the Wheel in Austin, at a concert in Austin.  Willie was also featured on other artists’ albums, including the Doobie Brothers, Amos Lee, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jessica Simpson, Nora Jones, Juice Newton, Jimmy Webb, Tom Conway, Carlos Santana, Amy Hanaialii, and others. Willie sang with Bluetech & Marty Dread on the “In Defense” album, to benefit the Civil Liberties Defense Fund. Willie announced on the Bill Mack show that recorded a new album with son Lukas Nelson, produced by Buddy Cannon which is set to be released next year. norah

Willie spent some of his rare time off the road on tour,  in Hawaii. He brought in 2010  in at Charley’s, in Pa’ai, and was joined on stage by Alanis Morrisette. This was only one of several concerts announced or unnounced, that Willie performed at Charley’s.  I hope he had time for poker and dominoes with his friends in Hawaii, but I know he was busy over there, too.  He performed a benefit concert to help out gubernatial candidate Neil Abercrombie, who was elected governor of the state.  Willie Nelson cut his hair in Hawaii, and that made news around the world.  He filmed a cameo shot as a wedding singer, in the movie, ‘Get a job” What a band it was, too, with Maui Musicians and neighbors WIllie K, Eric Gilliom, and Pat Simmons.”
Willie brought his 4th of July Picnic back to Texas this year, and celebrated at the Back Yard, at their new location in Bee Cave, with family and friends old and new, including Kris Kristofferson, Ray Price, Ray Wiley Hubbard, Waylon Payne, Paula Nelson & The Guilty Pleasures, Jamey Johnson, Micah Nelson & the Reflectacles, and David Alan Coe, Jack Ingram and so many more.

Willie Nelson returned to Willie’s Place Theater at Carl’s Corner, Texas, for two concerts this year. In April Paula Nelson performed, and her show the first ever live video stream broadcast from Carl’s Corner. Willie Nelson came out on stage, and performed with Paula Nelson and sang, ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain.” In November, he performed again with his band, joined by Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real, and David Alan Coe.
Willie Nelson attended the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington DC, and helped honor Merle Haggard. Willie visited the White House with Merle Haggard early in the day, then at the Kennedy Center, he performed Merle Haggard tunes with Sheryl Crow, Jamie Johnson, Kid Rock, and others.

red headed Willie Nelson will appear as the first guest on the Marty Stuart Show, which will air on January 8, 2011, on RFD-TV. Willie reunites and sings with Connie Smith on the show.
Willie Nelson was on television a lot in 2010, talk shows (David Letterman, Larry King, the View, Craig Kilbourne) Willie taped several ‘gardening tips’ comedy skits with Craig Kilbourne that aired over the summer on the late night show. Willie Nelson appeared on Jessica Simpson’s television Christmas Special, and sang, ‘Pretty Paper,” . In October, the Biography Channel aired “Ray Charles America” about the life and influence of Ray Charles, and featured Willie Nelson. lk1

willie weds Again in 2010, Willie Nelson kept in touch with fans on Wednesdays, when he called into Bill Mack’s shows for ‘Willie Wednesday” on Sirius/XM Radio. Willie swapped stories with Bill and Cindy Mack and took calls from fans. Willie also did an interview with Road Dog Trucking, also on Sirius/XM, and appeared on the leonard Lopate show in NYC in May. Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson called in to the Howard Stern show and talked with Howard and Robin from Maui. It was 1:00 a.m. in the morning on Maui, and Woody told Howard that they stayed up all night playing cards and dominoes until the show started so they could call in.
Willie Nelson was well represented in the social media, as fans connect through facebook and twitter, and keep in touch with Willie’s tour schedule and news through FaceBook and Twitter. In August, Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp appeared on a webcast and revealed details about Farm Aid’s 25th anniversary celebration. John Mellencamp started a campaign to nominate Willie Nelson for the  Nobel Peace Prize,  for his Farm Aid and peace activism, and the request went viral on FaceBook.  

Willie Nelson lauched production company called Luck Films, along with actor/producer Kerry Wallum, actor/filmmaker Norman Macera and producers Scott Maccauley and David Von Roehm.  the company is making movies, music videos, and shooting  live concert performances. The production company released a music video for the song Willie sang with daughter Paula Nelson, ‘Have you Ever Seen the Rain,’ from Paula’s new album. Also, the released  a music video of Willie Nelson & Family’s cover of Guy Clark classic, ‘Desparado waiting for a Train.  Also Luck Films has released videos of concert footage of Willie Nelson & Family, Billy Joe Shaver, Lukas Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, and son Micah Nelson and Reflectacles, and more.
In 2010, Willie Nelson got his own application for your smart phone, with links to Willie in the news, his tour dates, his twitter updates, and discography. Willie Nelson’s websites, and his fan club website both got revamped and streamlined in 2010, and offered more opportunities to hear about concerts first and get the first chance for tickets. continues to add live recordings from Willie Nelson & Family concerts, available for download to your computer. app

A portrait of Willie Nelson was featured in Smithsonium’s “Americans Now,” at the National Portrait Gallery.  The collection features the realms of science, business, government and the arts. The exhibition opened Aug. 20 and will be on view through July 10, 2011.
The Wittliff Collections at Texas State University acquired extensive collection of Willie Nelson recordings a papers. Fan and collector John Kalinsky donated his collection which spans from 1954 through 2010 to the library.  

peter-max Pop artist Peter Max put his colorful spin on a portrait of country singer-songwriter Willie Nelson for the cover of the Sept/Oct 2010 issue of Austin Lifestyle. The artist was also featured in an article published in the issue. Also
Marshall Chapman, Nashville singer-songwriter, got to hang out with Willie Nelson on his bus, and included stories about her attempt to interview him as the final chapter of her new book, ‘They Came to Nashville.” nashville4-200x300

Willie Nelson cut his hair in 2010, which was big, big international news. Wars, poverty, record unemployment, financial disasters — Willie’s haircut bumped them all off the news cycle. When Willie Nelson was asked in an interview what his fans thought about his hair cut, Willie responded, “I hope they didn’t come to hear my hair.”
Willie Nelson was arrested and charged with possession of Marijuana in November, in Texas. Willie turned the negative into a positive, and immediately encouraged people to donate to the toy drive sponsored by the Hudspeth Sheriff’s Department, who arrested him. Willie’s arrest inspired the creation of the TeaPot Party movement on the Social Network Facebook with the motto: “Tax it, Regulate it, Legalize it.” Almost 50,000 Facebook members are following the facebook TeaPot party page, and TeaPot Partys have started up in all 50 states, and in some other countries. photo

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 31st, 2010


No Bad Days

Friday, December 31st, 2010

DSC_0192 by you.

Willie Nelson and Paul Simon, ‘Homeward Bound’

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Willie Nelson, Glastonbury Festival 2010, Great Britain

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Willie Way

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Janis Tillerson took this picture at the Back Yard, Bee Cave, Texas.

Yesterday’s Wine

Thursday, December 30th, 2010


Miracles appear in the strangest of places
Fancy meeting you here
The last time I saw you was just out of Houston
Sit down, and I’ll buy you a beer

Your presence is welcome with me and my friend here
This is a hangout of mine.
We come here quite often and listen to music
Partaking of yesterday’s wine

Yesterday’s wine, I’m yesterday’s wine
Aging with time, like yesterday’s wine
Yesterday’s wine, I’m yesterday’s wine
Aging with time, like yesterday’s wine

You give the appearence of one widely travelled
I’ll bet you’ve seen things in your time
Sit down beside me and tell me your story
If you think you’ll like yesterday’s wine

Yesterday’s wine, yesterday’s wine
Aging with time, like yesterday’s wine
Yesterday’s wine, I’m yesterday’s wine
Aging with time, like yesterday’s wine

“What Willie Nelson’s Music Has Meant to Me”

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Well, hello there.  Let’s start this issue off with congratulations to the winner of the ‘What Willie’s Music Has Meant to My Life” contest, Mary Soileau of Alexandria, Louisiana.  Mary has promised to write about her trip to Tahoe so it can be shared by the rest of us.  Her winning entry follows below:

What Willie’s Music Has Meant to My Life

Willie’s music changed my life.  I heard Willie sing and I had to see him.  After that concert I couldn’t wait for stores to open so I could buy Willie’s records.  For the first time in my life I joined a fan club so I’d know where and when Willie was singing, although I’m in poor health and limited in my activities.

An extra of Willie’s music is the people you meet through mutual love for Willie.  I’ve met people throughout Louisiana, in Texas, even have a pen-pal in Florida because we love Willie and his music.  Willie’s music brings out special feelings in people.  I think it’s because his music tells of people the way we really are and lets us know we all belong to the same family.

Willie’s concerts are special but one I’d like to share.  Willie did a concert in my home town.  I had to have up front tickets.  The day before tickets went on sale I went to check.  People were already in line.  My heart began breaking.  I knew it was impossible for me to stay outdoors all night.  It got colder, I began making my way to the car.  Suddenly a stranger called to me.  She asked why I was leaving.  I mentioned one problem and without pause she replied, “I’ll get you tickets and you’ll have as good a seat as mine.”  I had a front row seat.

That’s what Willie’s music means to people and to me.

Thank you Willie, your devoted fan,
Mary (Mrs. Rudie R.) Soileau
Alexandra, Louisiana

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Photo by:  PNG

Everyone looks good in a Willie Nelson shirt

Thursday, December 30th, 2010


Thanks to Jennifer for sending this pic of baby Ally, wearing the Willie Nelson onesie she gave Ally’s mother at her baby shower.

 “I thought it was too cute not to share,” — Jennifer.  You are right, Jennifer.

Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic (2010)

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Thanks so much to Monique, from the Hague, for sharing this slideshow of pictures she took at Willie Nelson’s 4th of July picnic.

Missing Willie Wednesday on Sirius/XM Radio

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010


Can’t wait for 2011, when Willie Wednesdays will resume on Sirius/XM Radio, on Willie’s Place.  I’m missing Willie Wednesdays!  It’s such a treat to hear Willie Nelson call in and talk with Bill Mack on his show on Wednesdays.   Willie’s on a well deserved break at home in Hawaii, Bill Mack is on vacation, Dallas Wayne is gone somewhere.   It will be good when life gets back to normal.

Good news, though, on New Year’s Eve Sirius/XM will re-broadcast the Willie Nelson and Family Concert at Carl’s Corner, Texas last month.  Good time to sign up, if you’re not already a Sirius/XM subscriber:


Wednesday, December 29th, 2010


Willie Nelson

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010


Celebrate New Years’ Eve with Willie Nelson & Family on Willie’s Place, (Sirius/XM Radio)

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Ring in the New Year with this encore performance of Willie Nelson & Family recorded live last month at his Willie’s Place bio-diesel truckstop in Carl’s Corner, Texas. This very special show features Willie’s son Lukas on guitar and a guest appearance by David Allan Coe, and will be rebroadcast immediately after its conclusion for a coast-to-coast celebration.

SIRIUS XM Willie’s Place (Sirius 64, XM 13)

On-Air Time:  Friday, December 31  11 pm ET

Rebroadcast: Saturday, January 1 12:30 am ET