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Willie Nelson and Johnny Knoxville Photographed in High Speed Police Chase

Sunday, March 31st, 2013


TMZ has posted this picture of Country music star Willie Nelson and actor Johnny Knoxville on their website.    Details of the reason the two were being pursued by the police is unclear, but witnesses told TMZ reporters that Nelson and Knoxville were seen running out restaurant,  jumping in the convertible and driving off, with three squad cars in pursuit.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Sunday, March 31st, 2013


Love, Willie Nelson

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Willie Nelson Interview (CMT)

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Even when his albums centered around pop standards, blues, jazz and reggae, Willie Nelson has always put his unique country spin on the music. With his new album, Country Music, he chose to delve deep into the kind of music he grew up hearing and playing.

Produced by T Bone Burnett, Country Music was recorded in Nashville with a band of local musicians that included Jim Lauderdale, Buddy Miller and Ronnie McCoury. The song selection includes new arrangements of traditional material and covers of songs popularized by Porter Wagoner (“Satisfied Mind”), Hank Williams (“House of Gold”), Ernest Tubb (“Seaman’s Blues”), Merle Travis (“I Am a Pilgrim”) and Al Dexter (“Pistol Packin’ Mama”).

During a recent interview, CMT Insider talked to the Country Music Hall of Fame member about the album and if there was a reason it had a specific release date of April 20 — also referred to by some as 4/20 or “Pot Day.”

Where did the idea for this album country music come from?

Nelson: My idea of country music is basically what this album has on it. It’s fiddles, steels, mandolins, and it just seems like a natural title. And underneath Country Music, I was tempted to say, “Lest we forget this is country music.”

What was the criteria for this album?

Well, T Bone Burnett produced it, and if you’ve got a good producer like that, you kind of just let him have the ball and run with it. And that’s what I did. He brought all the songs to the session except for “Nobody’s Fault but Mine,” and all the musicians, he called them all together. He’s really the best at doing things like that.

I’ve read that you said three takes are enough if you’ve got the right people in the studio. Did you feel like you had that there?

Oh, yeah. And a lot of times, the first take is the best, so the second and third are just insurance.

A lot of people are saying Country Music is similar to your Stardust album because these songs are standards. Do you agree with that?

I do. It’s a Stardust in its own right. All of these songs are the same type of standard songs in the country music as the Stardust album were in pop. So, yeah, there is definitely a connection.

Is there a song on this album that means the most to you personally?

They’re all really good songs that I grew up singing — “Satisfied Mind,” “Dark as a Dungeon.” You know, these days the mining songs are very special to me because of all the tragedies with all these mines. But all of these songs are very good songs.

The traditional song, “Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down,” was one you hadn’t even heard before.

No, I hadn’t heard that. T Bone brought some good things to the session, but I had never heard that one. He brought a Bob Wills song I had never heard. I thought I’d heard all the Bob Wills songs, but “Gotta Walk Alone” is an obscure Bob Wills song that I had never heard.

You included Hank Williams’ “House of Gold” on the album and have said it helped get you through some hard times. What is it about his songs that have the power to heal?

Well, songs like “House of Gold” … it’s just pure Hank Williams. No one sings those like Hank did, but I sure love to try.

Is there a type of music that you wouldn’t touch these days?

Oh, I don’t know. There are probably lots of different things. … I’m just now aware yet.

You had carpal tunnel surgery a few years back. How is your hand doing?

The hand’s doing better. I’ve got a rotator cuff that’s torn, and it’s cutting down on my golf but … .

There was a lot of speculation about your reasons for releasing the album on 4/20. Is this a coincidence?

Well, you know, I wasn’t even aware of a 4/20 kind of the release date. I never put anything together — because I’m usually kind of slow on things like that — but I think it’s funny.

A district attorney in North Carolina is planning to prosecute some of your band members for possession of moonshine and marijuana. That’s kind of got to be disappointing.

Well, yeah it’s very disappointing. … To have a little moonshine, in North Carolina, I thought they put that in baby bottles. I didn’t know that was a problem.

We’ve been hearing rumors that you’re going to do a movie with Johnny Knoxville. Is that happening?

We’re certainly talking about one together. And that’d be great. I love Johnny. We’d have a lot of fun.

Anything new to report about your constant touring?

Not really. I’m having fun playing. We played … in Vegas for all the broadcast people, and we had the band from Nashville there. That’s happening a few more times. I think we’re doing it in L.A. and New York. I’m looking forward to it because these guys are very good.

And T Bone will be doing some performances with you, right?

He’s great musician, and any time he’s around, you feel a little better because you feel like he’s got your back. I’m glad to know he’s in the studio or on the stage or anything.

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Willie Nelson, Bill Maher, George Lopez featured in Cheech & Chong Video “Weed Are the World”

Sunday, March 31st, 2013


Willie Nelson will be featured in an animated video starring the stoner comedy duo Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong.

The clip is for a song called “Cheech and Chong Anthem (WEed Are the World).” The track will be included on the soundtrack to Cheech and Chong’s Animated Movie, which will debut in limited release on April 18.

Willie, of course, shares Cheech and Chong’s affinity for marijuana.

Whoopi Goldberg, George Lopez and Bill Maher also make cameos in the video, which will be released April 15, six days after the soundtrack is made available.

Willie Nelson and Megadeth

Sunday, March 31st, 2013



Dave Mustaine, of Megadeth, is in Austin, and recently tweeted: “Willie Nelson is in the restaurant I am eating at. I just met him! How cool is this???”  and shortly after posted a photo of him talking to Willie about a possible guest appearance on the song “The Blackest Crow,” which will be featured on Megadeth’s new album, “Super Collider.”

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, “Peaceful Solution”

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real perform “Peaceful Solution”, written by Willie and Amy Nelson, inspired by a dream Amy had about peace. Luck Films recorded this performance, and you can see more fantastic videos at the Luck Films youtube channel.

Happy birthday, Lefty Frizell (3/31/28)

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

On March 31, 1928, Lefty Frizzell was born in Corsicana, Texas.

1. Mom and Dad’s Waltz
2. Look What Thoughts Will Do
3. I Love You in a Thousand Ways
4. Always Late (With Your Kisses)
5. I Want to Be With You Always
6. She’s Gone, Gone, Gone
7. A Little Unfair
8. I Never Go Around Mirrors
9. That’s the Way Love Goes
10. Railroad Girl
11. If You’ve Got the Money, I’ve Got the Time

Hailing from a state known for trailblazing country, Lefy Frizzell and Willie Nelson are Texas’ most distinctive sons in the singing and songwriting departments. After penning and crooning some of honkytonk’s finest songs — and inspiring Nelson to play music back when his nickname was still Booger Red — Frizzell died a broken man in 1975. Two years later, Nelson released a batch of his favorite Frizzell numbers. This expanded reissue includes one bonus track: an alternate take of Nelson’s 1976 chart-topping rendition of Frizzell’s plaintive voice soared up and down octaves like a trick pilot, Nelson, backed primarily by his acoustic guitar, harmonica and piano, leans into the songs with a blusey feel, giving emotional drama to weepers such as “Always Late (with your kisses)” and “I Never Go Around Mirrors.” If Nelson’s original intent was to remind listeners of his forebear’s breathtaking artistry, he accomplished his goal.

— Holly George-Warren

Back in Austin, Willie was testing Columbia Records’ definition of artistic control. Lefty Frizzell’s death in 1975 had inspired Willie to do an album of nothing but Lefty songs dedicated to his favorite honky tonk singer. The suits at Columbia were less than thrilled when they first heard about the idea, especially since the label had dropped Lefty three years earlier. But two years later, after Willie’s version of “If You’ve Got the Money” from the album The Song in Your Mind shot straight to number 1 on the country singles chart in the summer of 1976, Columbia brass came aound and released the Lefty tribute. Even then, label personnel tried to get him to title the album Songs For a Friend, figuring record buyers didn’t know Lefty Frizzell from Johnny Wright. But Willie held his ground and To Lefty from Willie was released in 1977, featuring 10 of his favorite Lefty songs, including, I Love You a Thousand ways,” which reached number 9 on the country singles chart that summer, “Always Late (with Your Kisses),” “Mom and Dad Waltz,” and “Railroad Lady,” Lefty’s last single before he died, written by Jerry Jeff Walker and Jimmy Buffett. The album charted as high as number 91 on Billboard’s album chart, a testament to Willie’s star power more than Lefty’s legacy.

from Willie Nelson: An Epic Life
by Joe Nick Patoski

Kenny Chesney reaches out to Willie Nelson for new project, “Life on a Rock”

Saturday, March 30th, 2013
by:  By Sarah Wyland

Kenny Chesney’s new album, Life On A Rock, out April 30, is his most personal to date, but he’s still included a couple of his friends. Willie Nelson and the Wailers Band will both be featured on the project.

“The spirit of this record is so much about friendship,” Kenny said. “A lot of these songs were inspired by the people I’ve met, the lives we’ve shared and the way they inspired me. It felt kind of odd to not have some of the musical people who’ve inspired me be a part of this record.

“So, I reached out to Willie – because who is more inspiring?” Kenny continued. “Any chance you have to be around him, take it. You will be more for the time you share. He sang on “Lucky Old Sun” with me, and Buddy Cannon and I got to produce his Moment of Forever, which is one of the things I’m proudest of in my career… and I wanted to do something different with him this time.”


That ‘something different’ is “Coconut Tree,” a Calypso under-towed, whimsical song about making one’s own way on the island. Featuring the marimba and steel drums, Kenny and Willie sound like old friends, laughing and sharing tall tales. The Wailers Band are on “Spread The Love,” a reggae-infused song about coming together.

“The Wailers Band I’d never actually recorded with,” Kenny said. “They came and played the CMA Awards with me one year, but we never went into the studio! And I really wanted to have that experience with Family Man and those guys, to go to Jamaica and make music and even write with them.”

Life On A Rock features Kenny’s latest single, “Pirate Flag,” which is Top 10 and climbing. Kenny is currently on his No Shoes Nation Tour. Check out photos, videos and more from the tour in our No Shoes Nation section!

Willie Nelson, honors Coach Royal, helps raise funds, at 4th and Goal Gala (3/27/13)

Saturday, March 30th, 2013


Thanks once again to Janis from Texas, for sharing more great photos of Willie Nelson.  She took this photo at the benefit for the Darrell K. Royal Research Fund, to honor Coach Royal and help raise funds for Alzheimer’s Research.



Willie Nelson, Shooter Jennings, Don Was, “Celebrating the Music of Johnny Cash” (4/20/12)

Saturday, March 30th, 2013


Willie Nelson, Shooter Jennings, Don Was, “Celebrating the Music of Johnny Cash”, Austin, Texas (4/20/2012)

Tickets on Sale Monday to Johnny Cash Music Festival, in Jonesboro, Arkansas (8/17/2013)

Saturday, March 30th, 2013


JONESBORO, Ark. — Tickets go on sale this Monday, April 1, for the 2013 Johnny  Cash Music Festival, set for August 17  at Arkansas State University’s  Convocation Center in Jonesboro, Ark. This year’s concert stars Vince Gill,  Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, Jimmy Fortune of the Statler Brothers and  Joanne Cash Yates, who will join show host Tommy Cash for the third annual  event.

As in years past, proceeds from this year’s event will fund the restoration of  the Johnny Cash Boyhood Home in Dyess, Ark., as well as support a scholarship  fund established in the international superstar’s name. Already, four young  people are attending ASU thanks to the money raised at the previous events.

Tickets for the Johnny Cash Music Festival are available at ASU’s Central Box  Office and online at Tickets can also be purchased by  logging onto the official website of the Johnny Cash Music Festival, Call to purchase tickets toll-free at  1-888-278-3267.

photos from last year’s fest

photo: Janis Tillerson


Willie Nelson and Family performed at the 2nd annual Johnny Cash Music Festival, at the University of Arkansas, Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Watch Farm Aid Concert Videos on the Farm Aid YouTube Channel

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about posting videos from our archives to our YouTube channel. We crunched a few numbers: in just the last 30 days, our videos were watched for 2,812,999 minutes, which is equal to 5.35 YEARS of watching time! Every time someone clicks on an ad that runs with our videos, we get a little money to help our mission of keeping family farmers on the land growing good food. So THANK YOU for watching and we hope you enjoy seeing these classic Farm Aid moments!

Enjoy Willie Nelson with the Texas Tornados, “Wasted Days, and Wasted Nights”


Texas Tornados perform “Wasted Days And Wasted Nights” with Willie Nelson live at the Farm Aid concert in Irving, Texas on March 14, 1992. Farm Aid was started by Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp in 1985 to keep family farmers on the land and has worked since then to make sure everyone has access to good food from family farmers. Dave Matthews joined Farm Aid’s board of directors in 2001.

For more information about Farm Aid, visit:

Farm Aid’s performances are donated by the artists in order to raise funds and raise awareness for family farmers. They’ve raised their voices to help — what can you do?