Buddy Prewitt, better known to friends and Willie Nelson fans as Budrock, begins his 30th year working with Willie Nelson this month.  Budrock has a GREAT website at www.budrock.com, where he talks about his first show wilth Willie in 1977, at the New Orleans Superdome, when Willie opened for Linda Rondstadt. 

He says, “After all these years, I’m still looking forwrd to every new show.  I’ts been a pure pleasure to work for such a soulful and talented man.”

Budrock’s web site is a cyber museum with a colleciton that every fan will love to see.   He has the best Willie Nelson guitar pic collection I’ve ever seen or heard of displayed on his site.  Also, he has pictures of Willie Nelson and Highwaymen posters from the 1970’s, and you can spend a long time looking at his collection.  The artwork is wonderful.  He also has a dream collection of backstage passes on display.

Budrock has ridden motorcylces for over 45 years, and he has a picture of his motorcyle, along with a traveloge blog with pictures of his trip to the Sturgis Ralley with friends in 2005. 

Other sections on his website:  Highwaymen, Pictures of him when he was young, pictures of his family, golf pictures, and more. 

Visit his site, you’ll have a lot of fun  www.budrock.com


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