New Live Cross Canadian Ragweed cd “Back to Tulsa”

Cross Canadian Ragweed have helped fill in the gaps of music being released for the younger rock and roll country music fans.  Their studio albums are very good, and I look forward to hearing this live recording.  Fans who have heard this cd, which was recorded during two performances at the legendary Cains Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, report that it successfully captures their live show magic.  A DVD of the show is available, as well.

I got to hear these guys at Willie’s picnic, and loved their show.  They are having so much fun up there, and they make everyone else have a good time, too.   CCR is doing a show in Denver later this month on the 29th, at the Grizzly Rose.  The show is a free, a gift for the fans and promoting their new cd.    Nice way to spend a cold November night.

The Rose has more info at:

Here’s the list of songs on the new live cd:

  1. Dimebag
  2. Number
  3. Lonely Girl
  4. Late Last NIgh
  5. Final Curatain
  6. Sister
  7. Constantly
  8. Don’t Need You
  9. Fightin’ For You
  10. When it all goes down w/Wade Bowen
  11. Anywhere But Here
  12. Daddy’s at Home
  13. The Needle and the Damage Done
  14. When Will It End
  15. Back Around
  16. Brooklyn Kid
  17. Cold Hdarted Woman
  18. Jimmy and Annie w/ Stoney LaRue
  19. Wanna Rock & Roll
  20. 17
  21. Hammer Down
  22. Alabama
  23. Blues for You
  24. Lonely Feeling

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