A Juicy Red Rocks Rumor

(Willie Nelson, Red Rocks 2006)

I got an e-mail today from someone who knows someone who knows someone, and he said that next year Willie was going to play two shows at Red Rocks.

Wow, even if it’s just a rumor, it made me smile to read that.  He has played there two nights together in the past.  It would be wonderful, two nights of Willie Nelson and Family in the mountains.  Willie has played at Red Rocks more than any other artist (25+ shows).  The Grateful Dead are next, but they can’t break Willie’s record because, well, because they don’t exist.  The remaining band members all play there, but it doesn’t count, without Jerry. Willie didn’t play Red Rocks this year; he was back east touring with the Last of the Breed tour.  But Willie needs to defend his record.  I don’t know who’s next in line; maybe Blues Traveller?  Those guys play there every year on July 4th.

One show or two, I don’t care, just hope we get to see him there next summer!  Take it from me, if Willie announces a show there, you should plan on going.  It’s magic.  His shows are always magic, but there is something special about Red Rocks.

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