A Peaceful Solution, on the Ukelele, and from the heart

The Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute has posted two more inspiring versions of Amy and Wille Nelson’s, “A Peaceful Solution:

Hear ”A Peaceful Solution” by Strum Bums

Dan Scanlan and the Strum Bums offer yet another version of the Willie Nelson and Amy Nelson peace song A Peaceful Solution. This live recording happened Wednesday evening July 18, 2007 when the Strum Bums performed in the Nevada Theatre in Nevada City, California.

And another version by Gloria Sangreal, who says:

“It is exigent that we learn to care for each other and this in and of itself will create a climate of peaceful condition and community. Rather than the goal of who has the most as a benchmark to measure success, who cares the most and is concerned with consciousness and their fellow men and women.

So I pray and my work at every level is to wake people up to a Higher form of being that exists within each of us.”

Hear ”A Peaceful Solution” by Gloria Sangreal O’Neil and Bob Fraser


To hear Willie Nelson’s versions, all the versions sung by others, and see videos made using Willie’s versions, visit their site at www.willienelsonpri.com

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