‘A Peaceful Soluton’ by Willie Nelson and Family


Willie Nelson and Family have been singing ‘A Peaceful Solution’ on their recent tour, near the end of their concerts.  I got to hear it a few times this summer, and it is so beautiful and powerful, and the audience is really moved by the song.  It’s a special song because it’s a song about peace.   I can’t think of any other song that talks about the promise of peace, about a peaceful solution.  

And the spirit behind the song is unique, too, and very, inspiring.  Amy Nelson tells the story of dreaming that she was watching her dad perform a song about a peaceful solution.  She said when she woke up that she couldn’t get the song out of her mind, and told her dad about it.  Some time passes, the attack on NY on 9/11 happens, and she is thinking about the dream and the song.  Then, on a bus on the way to Coachella, she tells her dad about the song.  Then, Willie writes the song, and says, “Hey, I wrote the song.” 

And to top it all off, Amy and Willie have offered this song for free for anyone who wants to record it.  (Who ever gives their songs away for folks to record for free?)    And they also said that people could also use the song, one of the many versions recorded by Willie, that they could take the song and use it as a soundtrack for a movie about peace.  (Who gives away movie soundtracks?)  But that’s the spirit behind this song, kindness, 

The Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute (http://willienelsonpri.com) has posted a live recording of Willie Nelson and family singing ‘A Peaceful Solution’.

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