A Video by Bobby Pizazz, with ‘A Peaceful Solution’

A new video has been posted at http://willienelsonpri.com , which uses the song written by Willie and Amy Nelson, ‘A Peaceful Solution’ as a soundtrack.  You can watch it here

Bobby Pizazz brings us a new video using his version of A Peaceful Solution for the soundtrack. Bobby Pizazz comes out of America’s heartland and presents a view that many Americans immediately relate to.

“God knew one-day man would figure out that the most abundant source of energy is water and the sun. So in all languages and in all religions He always points to the Laws of the Universe. No matter what text you choose, from every religion on the face of the earth, the Laws of the Universe are revealed. In every dictionary, thesaurus, Encyclopedia and book that are written, the Laws of the Universe can be seen.”


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