Amy and Raelyn Nelson, at the Willie Nelson General Store in Tennessee

Amy Nelson and Raelyn Nelson, at the Willie Nelson General Store, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Amy and Raelyn recently testified against the passage of a Tennessee bill that would allow horse slaughterhouses and processing plants in Tennessee.  The bill passed committee by a  7-6 vote, and will now move to the floor for a vote of the full house.  In Tennesee, Raelyn read an open letter written for by her grandfather, speaking out againt the bill.   The two will  will travel back to Tennessee to testify against the passage of the bill.

Thanks to Mark Hughes, of for kindly sending me these pictures he snapped of Amy and Raelyn, when they visited the store.  To see more of their great collection and read about the store, or purchase a great Willie Nelson souvenier, visit their store in Tennessee or their website on line.

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