Amy Nelson’s Video, ‘A Peaceful Solution’

Amy Nelson’s video is really a family affair, as she sings the song she wrote with her dad, and enrolls her sister Lana and nieces Martha and Rachel to be her stars.  Filmed at Carl’s Corner, Texas, Nashville, Tennesse and New York City, she has created an entertaining, visually beautiful video using a recording of ‘A Peaceful Solution’ she recorded with friend Rattlesnake Annie.   

Willie makes a few appearances, but the movie really isn’t about him.  Instead, Amy gives us rare candid footage of these women in Willie’s life as they enjoy themselves and each other’s company on the streets of NYC, at a diner, in the hotel when they were all in town last month for Farm Aid and the concert at Hard Rock Cafe. Willie’s daughter Lana is usually on the other side of the camera, taking pictures of her dad and the band, and the fans, so it’s a treat to get to see pictures of her. 

The lighting and jazzy music and NYC are captivating, but Amy hasn’t forgotten the message behind the song, and communicates it through footage of Willie’s visit to Carl’s Corner, Texas, where he views the construction of a biodiesel plant, and with the message at the end of the movie:  ‘War is a Dead end.”

Amy is a singer and one half of the due ‘Folk Uke’, with Cathy Guthrie, but I hope she makes more movies, too.


Willie Nelson’s Peace Research Institute has posted the video on their site, and you can watch it here:

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