Annie Nelson Supports Speaker Pelosi’s Call for Peace & Desend on D.C. For Mothers Day issued this press release: 

Women across the country give up breakfast in bed and stand up for peace!
This year on Mothers Day weekend, May 10-14, CODEPINK: Women for Peace is organizing a gathering in Washington DC and cities around the country in the spirit of Julia Ward Howe’s original proclamation; calling for an end to the occupation of Iraq and to start bringing our nation’s sons and daughters home by the holidays! Annie Nelson (wife of Willie), Peace mom Cindy Sheehan, Col. Ann Wright Cindy Asner (wife of Ed), Kamala Lopez, director of “A Single Woman” and Jeanmarie  Simpson who plays Jeanette Rankin -first woman elected to Congress- in the film.  Susan Sarandon, a star of last years Mothers Day White House vigil, has sent an invitation to her friends to join CODEPINK in celebrating the true meaning of Mothers Day- Peace.

Recently, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “As a mother, I will exhaust every remedy for peace.” Recognizing that our nation, our world and our children’s future is in crisis and that we, the women, must intervene, we will hold 5 days of actions in and around Congress with celebrities, leaders of the feminist movement, military mothers and moms and children from all over.

“The original intent of Mother’s Day was not to give your mom chocolates or breakfast in bed, but for mothers to join together to stop war,” says Medea Benjamin, cofounder of CODEPINK. “With the war raging in Iraq and another war looming in Iran, we invite mothers all over this country to join us in demanding a peaceful world for ourselves and our children.” CODEPINK is holding Mother’s Day actions in many cities including San Francisco and Los Angeles, New York, Memphis, Arizona and many others-as well as hosting mom and daughter teams from Florida and North Carolina. 

CODEPINK has been in the halls of Congress and in the local and national media nearly every day with their creative actions. The surge in the CODEPINK DC presence came in January, leading up to the 4 year anniversary of the war in Iraq, when the organization decided to rent a 5-bedroom house near Capitol Hill to be the base for daily actions in Congress. Every week, women—and men—have been streaming in from around the country to join this dynamic group- attracting the attention of the American people and media alike.

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