Another Australian For Peace


Australian Doug Payne Douglas Kelvin Payne recently recorded “A Peaceful Solution‘ the song written by Willie and daughter Amy Nelson, and he submitted it to the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute, where you can watch the video.  (

Doug says:

“My name is Doug Payne from Cooma New South Wales Australia. I am 54 years old on 30th of October. I am passionate about peace and wrote my first song for peace when I was 16. It was called “Message for the Leaders”.

Hundreds of years ago soldiers rarely killed other soldiers, relative to today’s figures. There was a lot of close, hand to hand combat where natural instincts took over and death was not so easy to inflict on another human being.

Modern weapons began to create distance where the soldier is not exposed to these powerful images. It becomes easy to kill from over the hill. It is easy for a man to drop a bomb and kill 100 thousand people when he can’t see them. It is easy for a president in the oval office to approve of things and the death of innocents he can’t see. If he could hear their screams would he sign the orders?

It is our job as artists to bring that face of the terrified soldier, the dying man, the person they are about to kill, the suffering child, right up in their face. Then the message that should go to the killers heart before he destroys another life, will reach its target and maybe the right decisions will be made.”

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