Another Fan’s Review of Willie Nelson’s show at Fleadh Concert

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The highlight of this weekend was going to see Willie Nelson at the MEN Arena. we actually missed most fo the support (theoreticaly it was the Fleadh but really it was Willie Nelson and support acts) so we missed all but one song from Eddie Reader which was a shame, but when you get to see the man himself it makes up for that slight disappointment (and it was our own fault we were late so we can hardly complain).

Anyways, pretty much two solid hours of Willie Nelson was stunning. we had seats right in the centre, three rows back from the stage so we had a pretty much perfect view. And my gods he was good. If anything his voice is even better live and seems to have just got beter with age. There’s no crack in his voice or tiredness that you get from a lot of singers as they get on a bit (and he’s 73 now so you’d expect it really). There’s just something about the tone to his singing that sends goosebumps up your spine. His versions of Always On My Mind and Help Me Make It Through The Night are the definative versions in my book (much as I love Elvis and Kris Kristofferson doing them) but everything he does is brilliant. He also came across as being a genuinely nice man. He posed for photos constantly, gave people his headscarfes all the way trhoguh the concert and at the end spent at least fifteen minutes just hsaking people’s hands and signing autographs and stuff. the onyl other person I’ve seen that actually did that was Shirely Bassey.  He could have a reputation for being a complete arse (which he doesn’t) but the way he behaved with the audience would mean that I’d never believe anything bad of him. Hell, one girl gave him a CD (presumably of her own music) and he made a point of not only taking it from her but actually taking it with him when he left the stage. The Arena was probably slightly too large a venue but that’s by the by really sicne he managed to make it feel like he was performing somewhere small and intimate just by his sheer presence. So, so glad we went to see him. 🙂

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