Art for Peace


Markchelle Eva Teresa Johansson, Josheph Myr and Dennis Vinas working thousands of miles apart bring us A Peaceful Solution by Willie Nelson and Amy Nelson.

The Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute has posted an the international collaboration for peace using the song written by Willie and Amy Nelson, ‘A Peaceful Solution’ at  This video was created by friends from three countries who on YouTube and came together in the spirit of peace, and made their video:   Reg and Caley Campbell, from Ontario, Canada, Reg and Markchelle Eva Teresa Johannson and Josheph Myr from Oslo, Norway, and Dennis Vinas and son Arthur from Waukegan, IL.We are all in this world to live in peace, not to die in war or the effects of war. We all want our children and our children’s children to enjoy the bounty that our planet provides. Let us not allow the misguided ideals of the few to dictate the will of the many.

Let’s all reach into ourselves, find the warmth that naturally exist within us and then voice out that Peace is attainable and sustainable if we all just group together and demand our most basic right to live in peace.

You can see and hear this and other videos made using the song as a soundtrack, and hear the many recording of the song sent in by different artists at

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