Bill Mack’s ‘Sunday Social’ on Sirius/XM Radio


Bill Mack hosts ‘ The Sunday Social’ , a two-hour gospel show, every Sunday.  The show broadcasts live on Willie’s Place Sirius/XM Radio, from 9 am – noon ET. 

“Incidentally, as a short side note,XM radio, The Cowboy Church, Bill Mack’s Sunday Social, and Enlighten is how many of us, who drive for a living, get our church. Most of us work 7 days per week and we too need refilled after being drained for an entire week so thanks.

I’d just like to say thanks to Dr Harry Yates of Nashville Cowboy Church, thanks to XM Radio for the broadcast, and thanks to Willie Nelson of Willies place on XM and To Bill Mack for doing his Sunday Social where he plays all Southern Gospel Country music for 3 hours on Sunday morning. Our cups, too, need refilling from time to time.”

— by ADW

177 Responses to “Bill Mack’s ‘Sunday Social’ on Sirius/XM Radio”

  1. Harry Little says:

    We miss sunday social bring it back!!!!!

  2. Harry Little says:

    Bill we miss your sunday social bring it back!!!!!

  3. Myrl Nofziger says:

    Has anybody heard from Bill? I have sent several
    Emails to him with no response. Disappointed. How do we
    Find out his plans?

  4. LindaLee says:

    Myrl, visit his website www. billmackcountry .com

  5. Myrl Nofziger says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. It’s good to know they are
    working on other options

  6. Mike Fuss says:

    Please bring the Sunday Social back, or at least tell us where it can be found on line. It was one of my favorite things about my serious radio.

  7. Tony Petchar says:

    Please bring back the Bill Mack Sunday Social hour……we listened every week.

  8. Paula Saidla says:

    I miss the Sunday Social. Not only did I listen to it on Sunday morning but I also recorded it to listen to it through the week. Please bring it back.

  9. Charles Gooch says:

    I really loved the Sunday Social I didn’t get to listen to the whole show maybe 30 minutes on the way to church but loved the music

  10. Lillie says:

    I miss Sunday Social. Is it on? Where and when can I get it? Always listened on my way to and from church!

  11. LindaLee says:

    Sorry, Lillie, Sirius/XM changed their format and there is no more Sunday Social. Bill Mack and Cindy Mack are no longer working for the station.

  12. LindaLee says:

    So many miss that, Charles. Truckers, people who stay at home, people on way to church — everyone enjoyed it.

  13. larry hanson says:

    I started driving a year ago, haven’t been driving for a few months. I have enjoyed Bill Mack and Cindy Mack in the morning and on sunday. They will be miss. Willy you say, we can do what we want on the show, bring them back.

  14. sally roach says:

    I lisened three years moved from La. back to ohio switched fom dish to direct tv ! Sorry to hear their not on I was on here to find out how to lisen on line or switch back to dish I miss my Sunday Social it was my light on Sundays! Sorry to hear their no loger on ! I now a lot of people feel the same someone needs to get them back on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Barbara says:

    Where is my Sunday Social? We travel on Sunday’s and miss it.
    We need to get it back. Please Help

  16. Barbara says:

    Where is my Sunday Social? Get it back.

  17. chas says:

    that was the best show on sirrus i will cancell if they dont bring back sunday social

  18. Mark says:

    Maybe if we start canceling X M they will hear us

  19. Myrl says:

    Canceling XM is a great idea. How could we organize a ?
    Campaign? I guess first we need to know what Bill wants.
    Who has a contact to let us know his desires. He said he
    Would let us know but so far I have not heard anything since
    The one posting he gave us.

  20. chuck says:

    what has happened to the sunday social

  21. Toni Lobbregt says:

    Please bring back Bill Mack Sunday Social, we lisend every Sunday !!Miss it so Much !!!

  22. LindaLee says:

    A lot of people do!

  23. Brookie Hilburn says:

    We live in NC and used to get you on channel 6064 on sirius xm on Sunday morning. We no longer can find you anywhere. Where have you gone? We loved listening to your progam every Sunday morning. Please let us know. Thank you.

  24. M. Nofziger says:

    Who has heard from Bill?

  25. LindaLee says:

    My friend Cherie is a friend and fan of Bill and Cindy, and is in touch with them. Cindy told Cherie that Willie and Bill still talk on Wednesdays, just as they did on Bill’s show when Willie would call in. They are busy on different projects, and I hope and expect Bill will be back on the radio sometime soon. They are figuring out what they want to do.

  26. GentleBen&Shortfuse says:

    Bill and Cindy we miss u guys so much! The Sunday Social and your daily show with Cindy ur son all of it PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!

  27. Dennis & Judy Thompson says:

    My husband & I really miss Bill Mack “Sunday Social”. That was such good old gospel music that everyone relates too. Please bring back Bill Mack & “Sweet Cindy” to Siirus XM and the Sunday Social that he did.

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