Billy Joe Shaver at the Soiled Dove Underground in Denver (9/26/07)


Billy Joe Shaver added a last minute stop in Denver on his recent tour, and it was such a treat to get to see him in concert again.  He hasn’t been to Denver for four years, at least; I think he played in Lyons, Colorado in ’03.  The Soiled Dove is a nice venue, seats only 300, cozy and not a bad seat in the house.   Show was not crowded, which surprised me, but it was a Wednesday night show, and it was added late.  I don’t know how it was promoted; I didn’t hear about it anywhere on the radio, no posters.  (I should have been the Boulder street team; next time.) 

Still, Billy Joe gave a show like he was playing for 3000.   It was such a great show.  Billy Joe sings hit after hit, each one so good.  He tells long stories in between songs, he sings, he dances, he flies.  He is a great entertainer.

After the concert, he stayed until the last fan had bought a cd, or shook his hand, took his picture. It was a great time.

He kindly signed my picture taken at Waterloo Booksigning, SXSW 2005


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