Billy Joe Shaver Promotes ‘Greatest Hits’ Album at Waterloo Records, Austin

Brody, at has posted about his fun day:  He got to go see Billy Joe at Waterloo Records this afternoon, where he was singing and promoting the release today of his new ‘Greatest Hits’ cd. 

Brody says:

Waterloo Records is a fairly large record store, but makes for a cramped venue when you consider all of the floor space that merchandise takes up. Billy Joe Shaver and his band were perched on a miniature stage at the front window with fans crowded around and spilling over into the aisles. When I walked in I caught the tail end of “Honky Tonk Heroes” after which Billy Joe assumed the sturdy stance of a boxer, you could tell he’d held the pose many times before. The crowd clapped and the ladies professed their love for Shaver, he responded with his own “I love you, too.”

Go to to read the rest of the story.  The Brody Twins and sister sure do a good job over there, it’s one of the places I visit every day.

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