Bring the Largest Guitar Ensemble Record back to Texas (Austin, 3/20/2011)

The state of Texas is asking for everyone’s help to bring the Largest Guitar Ensemble Record back home to Texas. On March 20, 2011, at the State Capital in Austin, guitar pickers from all over will join together to beat the record that Poland now holds. Yeah, the country Poland. That’s not right. With all due respect to the great country of Poland — you are going down.  They are calling for 8,000 guitar players.  Wow. 

So if you can make it to Austin in March, you are invited to come and be a Part of the Largest Guitar Jam Ever and an Afternoon of Pickin’, BBQ on the last day of the SXSW music festival, at the Capitol in Austin. Money raised will help raise funds for soldiers and Veterans.

In August 2009, our Troop Support Nonprofit, Voices of a Grateful Nation along with our friends in Luckenbach brought together thousands of pickers from all over Texas and thirteen different states to establish a Guinness World Record for the largest guitar ensemble ever assembled to perform a particular song. You can take part in this event, Pickers Unite and let’s take the record back to Texas!

The Pickin’ Record Resides Now in Poland? Yes, Poland – So Grab Your Guitar and Register. We’ve recently discovered that our record has since been broken by 6,346 guitarists in Wroclaw, Poland. With the support and urging of Casey Monahan, the Director of the Governor’s Texas Music Office, we’ve accepted the challenge to bring that record back home to Texas on Sunday, March 20th on the South Steps of the State Capitol! WE ARE CALLING FOR 8000 PICKERS.

The music starts at 1:00 until 4:00! The record breaking songs will be around 3p.m. Proceeds from your registration fees benefit Welcome Home Project, Soldiers Angels and the Yamaha Music and Wellness programs for returning veterans. For more information go to

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  3. Ron from Texas says:

    If you are in Austin go to this !!! Me and Betsy went to the PIck in Luckenbach …wow 2000 guitars playing…”Let’s Go to Luckenbach Teaxs…WAnt to go home with the Armadillo ….. Don’t miss this one!!!

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  5. Judith Nivison says:

    Did the guinness guitar gathering happen in march 2011.
    I had heard it got postponed…when now?

  6. Judith Nivison says:

    Guitar conference/Guinness Record

  7. LindaLee says:

    good question, Judith! I know someone who might know.

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