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Willie Nelson, Wynton Marsalis, Nora Jones, “Here We Go Again”

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

01. Hallelujah I Love Her So (Gospel 2-beat / Boogaloo / 4/4 Swing)
02. Come Rain or Come Shine (Walking Ballad)
03. Unchain My Heart (Bolero with Habanera bass)
04. Cryin’ Time (Country Ballad)
05. Losing Hand (Dirge with Chain-Gang Shuffle)
06. Hit The Road Jack (Gospel 2-beat / 4/4 Swing)
07. I’m Moving On (Boogaloo with Afro-Latin Backbeat / 4/4 Swing)
08. Busted (Gospel 12/8 Shuffle)
09. Here We Go Again (Rhythm & Blues 12/8 Shuffle)
10. Makin’ Whoopie (Hard-Bop 2-beat / 4/4 Swing)
11. I Love You So Much (It Hurts) (Waltz)
12. What’d I Say (Boogaloo)

This day in Willie Nelson history: Willie Nelson receives two Grammy Awards at 21st Annual Grammy Awards (February 15, 1979)

Friday, February 15th, 2019


On February 15, 1979, Willie Nelson was awarded a Grammy for Best Country Vocal performance, Male, for “Georgia On My Mind”; and Best Country Vocal Duo or Group, with Waylon Jennings, for “Mammas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys

Willie Nelson on Piano Jazz show, NPR (February 2002)

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

On July 23, 2001, Willie Nelson was a guest on Piano Jazz, with Marian McPartland. The show was recorded at Manhattan Beach Recording studios, New York, NY, and broadcast on NPR. The show aired on February 10, 2002.

Jackie King was on the show with Willie, and they performed:  ”Heart of a Clown”, “Gypsy”, “Rain Day Blues”, “All of Me”. Willie talks about playing and singing blues and Jazz, and growing up listening to gospel music.

Track 01. The Heart Of A Clown (5.6MB)
Track 02. Gypsy (6.0MB)
Track 03. Rainy Day Blues (5.9MB)
Track 04. Nuages (Django Reinhardt) (5.1MB)
Track 05. All Of Me (5.7MB)
Track 06. Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael) (6.1MB)
Track 07. The Great Divide (impromptu solo of Hotel California riff) (5.9MB)
Track 08. Crazy (5.7MB)
Track 09. There Will Never Be Another You (4.6MB)

Congratulations, Willie Nelson

Monday, February 11th, 2019

Willie Nelson wins 2019 Grammy for “My Way” (his ninth grammy)

Sunday, February 10th, 2019

Willie Nelson won his ninth Grammy Award on Sunday afternoon, in the Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album category for his 2018 Frank Sinatra tribute “My Way.”

The legendary Texas native and longtime Austin-area resident last won in 2016 in the same category for “Summertime,” a tribute to the Gershwins.

Matt Rollings, who co-produced the album with Buddy Cannon, accepted on Nelson’s behalf at the the Grammys’ afternoon Premiere ceremony in Los Angeles. Most of the awards are given out before the nationally televised evening program.

Nelson also was nominated in the Best Traditional Roots Performance category for “Last Man Standing,” the title track to an album of all-original material he also released last year. The winner in that category was “The Joke” by Brandi Carlile, who quickly won two more Grammys, including Best Americana Album. Carlile is a headliner at the Old Settler’s Music Festival near Lockhart in April.

In addition to the nine traditional Grammys he has received, Nelson also has been honored three times with special awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000.

“Nancy You are Always on My Mind”

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019


Willie Nelson signed my album saying, “Nancy you’re always on my mind.”  #love #willienelson #storyteller #singer #songwriter #musiclover #legend #countrymusic #willienelsonofficial

Willie Nelson duet on new George Strait album, “Honky Tonk Time Machine”

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

George Strait ’s thirtieth studio album,  Honky Tonk Time Machine , is set to arrive March 29. In keeping with the title, King George doesn’t appear on the cover: instead, it’s a picture of the Broken Spoke honky tonk in Austin, Texas.

The Country Music Hall of Famer co-wrote most of the album with longtime collaborator  Dean Dillon  and his son,  Bubba Strait . The family affair continues on the new track  “God and Country Music,”  which includes a guest vocal from his grandson,  Harvey Strait .

“I’m really excited to have some new music coming out,” Strait says. “It’s been about two years since I’ve released a record.”

“It was great writing with Bubba and Dean again and creating such a beautiful song with Bubba and  Jeff Hyde ,” he adds, referring specifically to the tune “What Goes Up.”

The album closes with a cut George co-wrote and sings with the Red-Headed Stranger.

“It was a very special thing for me to be able to write and sing one with the legend,  Willie Nelson ,” Strait continues. “I hope everyone enjoys listening to  Honky Tonk Time Machine  as much as I enjoyed making it.”

This weekend, George notches his twenty-first and twenty-second sold-out concerts in Las Vegas. He’s also adding a second show in Ft. Worth Texas on Saturday, November 23, due to high demand. Tickets go on sale next Friday.

Here’s the complete track listing for George Strait’s  Honky Tonk Time Machine , which comes out March 29:

“Every Little Honky Tonk Bar”
“Two More Wishes”
“Some Nights”
“God and Country Music” (with Harvey Strait)
“Blue Water”
“Sometimes Love”
“Old Violin”
“Take Me Away”
“The Weight of the Badge”
“Honky Tonk Time Machine”
“What Goes Up”
“Sing One with Willie” (featuring Willie Nelson)

Willie Nelson settles with the IRS (February 2, 1993)

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

On Feb. 2, 1993, Willie Nelson reached an agreement on how to settle his outstanding debt with the IRS. The deal involved both cunning negotiations and clever repayment methods, and was a long time in the making.

Nelson had originally been slapped with an eye-popping $32 million back taxes bill in 1990. The legend managed to get that amount reduced to $16.7 million, a number Rolling Stone notes included $10.2 million in interest and penalties.

Unfortunately, that bit of good news was only a reprieve. Because Nelson was unable to pay up, the government placed liens on his property and then, in November of 1990, seized his assets — including gold records, a piano and his Texas ranch. (His beloved guitar, Trigger, was saved after Nelson’s daughter smartly sent it to Hawaii before the property seizures.)

Although his studio was also locked up, Nelson had a plan on how to generate money: a new album. Enter 1991’s The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories, a stripped-down acoustic record.

“It’s no overproduced album with millions of dollars of studio costs,” Nelson told the New York Times that same year. “But I think it’s the best stuff I got. I’ve always wanted to put out an album with me and my guitar doing my original songs. And my fans like it because it sounds like it’s just me in my living room singing.”

In an interesting twist, Nelson sold The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories via a heartstrings-tugging TV commercial. Fans could purchase the 24-song effort for just $19.95 (plus $4 shipping and handling). Readers can watch that ad above.

“Willie Nelson: He’s been there for those who’ve needed him,” says a voiceover in the spot. “And he’s helped thousands of people across this land. Now, Willie needs your help — and he’s reaching out the best way he can: through his music.”

Of the $6 Nelson received from the sale of each album, half went to the IRS, and $1 went into a fund to pay for a lawsuit Nelson filed against his ex-accountants — the people who allegedly got him in this financial mess in the first place, because they put his money in shady tax shelters. (According to the New York Times, that firm, Price Waterhouse, issued a statement that read, “Mr. Nelson and his advisers made all of the decisions regarding tax shelters in which Mr. Nelson invested. Those decisions and the economic consequences that resulted from those decisions were Mr. Nelson’s responsibility and not that of Price Waterhouse.”)

“We try to work with taxpayers, not just Mr. Nelson,” IRS spokeswoman Valerie Thornton told the New York Times about the intriguing deal with Nelson. “And if we have to come up with some creative payment plan, that’s what we’re going to do, because it’s in everyone’s best interest.”

Sales of The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories helped chip away at the amount Nelson owed, and his debt also decreased after the IRS auctioned off his assets and property. In another fortuitous move, the Washington Post reported in 1993 that “Nelson’s friends organized and bought up much of the booty with low-ball bids, and held it for him so he’ll eventually get it back.” That included his Texas ranch, which a fan bought as a way of thanking him for Farm Aid.

Finally, after years of this wrangling, Nelson and the government reached a payment agreement in 1993. He would pay $2.4 million, spread out over three years, and then tack on a final lump sum payment of $3 million. The Chicago Tribune reports that Nelson coughed up this last payment in 1995. The total Nelson eventually paid? A cool $9 million.

It would be understandable if this turmoil caused Nelson issues. But as he told Rolling Stone in 1995, he wasn’t affected that much by his financial headaches.

“By the time everybody else heard about it, I was already on to other things,” he said. “Mentally, it was a breeze. They didn’t bother me, they didn’t come out and confiscate anything other than that first day, and they didn’t show up at every gig and demand money. I appreciated that. And we teamed up and put out a record.”

read article here


Disc 1

  1. “Who’ll Buy My Memories?”
  2. “Jimmy’s Road”
  3. “It Should Be Easier Now”
  4. “Will You Remember Mine”
  5. “I Still Can’t Believe You’re Gone”
  6. “Yesterday’s Wine”
  7. “It’s Not Supposed to Be That Way”
  8. “Country Willie”
  9. “Sound in Your Mind”
  10. “Permanently Lonely”
  11. “So Much to Do”
  12. “Lonely Little Mansion”

Disc 2

  1. “Summer of Roses/December Day”
  2. “Pretend I Never Happened”
  3. “Slow Down Old World”
  4. ‘Opportunity to Cry”
  5. “I’m Falling in Love Again”
  6. “If You Could Only See”
  7. “I’d Rather You Didn’t Love Me”
  8. “What Can You Do to Me Now”
  9. “Buddy”
  10. “Remember the Good Times”
  11. “Wake Me When It’s Over”
  12. “Home Motel”

Willie Nelson: The Sound in Your Mind (February 1976)

Friday, February 1st, 2019


    1.  That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)
    2.  If You’ve Got the Money I’ve Got the Time
    3. A Penny for Your Thoughts
    4. The Healing Hands of Time
    5. Thanks Again
    6. I’d Have to Be Crazy
    7. Amazing Grace
    8. The Sound in Your Mind
    9. Funny How Time Slips Away / Crazy / Night Life

Willie Nelson’s, “Moment of Forever” (released January 29, 2008)

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

On January 29, 2008, Willie Nelson’s album, “Moment of Forever” was released by Lost Highway Records, produced by Kenny Chesney.



Half Nelson

Sunday, January 27th, 2019


Half Nelson is a compilation album of duets performed by country singer Willie Nelson along with various other artists, released in 1985. It also includes a few never-before released hits as well.

Track List:

1. “Pancho and Lefty”, with Merle Haggard
2. “Slow Movin’ Outlaw”, withLacy J. Dalton
3. “Are There Any More Real Cowboys?”, with Neil Young
4. “I Told a Lie to My Heart”, with Hank Williams
5. “Texas on a Saturday Night”, with Mel Tillis
6. “Seven Spanish Angels” Ray Charles
7. “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before”, with Julio Iglesias
8. “They All Went To Mexico, with Carlos Santana
10. “Half a Man”, with George Jones


Another Willie Nelson fan, Drew Holcomb

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019
by:  Drew Holcomb

Every artist has heroes. Heroes who made the art they loved as a younger person that inspired them to make their own art. For me as a young songwriter, the list was pretty long: Tom Waits, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Patty Griffin, Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson, Marvin Gaye, Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, and many others. By the time I got around to having my own fans, a lot of my idols had passed away. A few years ago, my manager and booking agent had me make a dream list of artists I would love to open for. On the top of my list was Willie Nelson.

In November of 2017, that dream came true. Almost every singer and songwriter alive today would put Willie Nelson on their Mount Rushmore of living legends. I have been a huge fan of Willie’s since I was in college. I love his jazz singing, his inimitable songwriting, the loyalty of his band and family, his deep love of his home state of Texas, and the way he never stops touring. My wife Ellie and I saw him for the first time at Farm Aid in 2005, then again with BB King down on the Gulf Coast, and every time if feels like a family reunion. With his sister on keys for nearly half a century, and mostly the same band members since he was a kid, it really is “making music with my friends” for Willie Nelson.

So, when I got the call that Willie had invited us to do a 10 day tour with him, I was speechless. Not only did we get to tour with him, we decided to take the whole family. The first show was at the historic and infamous honky tonk Billy Bob’s, in Fort Worth. Then we made a big circle through Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and back to Texas. We played honky tonks, regional small town theatres, casinos, and and an arena in Houston, a little taste of everything. No matter the room, everyone adores Willie Nelson. They sing along to his songbook of American classics, and even at 84 he was still able to stand on his feet the whole time and give the audience a glimpse of his legend.

Since he’s in his mid-80s, we were told by his band and crew that getting to spend time with him would probably be short and sweet, but they would do their best to make it happen. About halfway through the tour, they told me he wanted me to come up and sing with him that night. I got to sing onstage with him three of the next five nights of the tour, singing harmonies to “Will the Circle Be Unbroken,” “I’ll Fly Away,” and “I Saw The Light.” It was a thrill.

My final memory from the tour was after our last show with him. We decided to let our 5 year old daughter, Emmylou, stay up late and watch Willie’s entire set sidestage. After watching me sing with him for the last time, the band was still playing and Willie was shaking hands and signing posters and bandanas at the front of the stage. My wife Ellie was holding Emmylou, and as Willie walked offstage, he stopped, gave Emmylou a kiss on the cheek and says, “Goodnight princess.” Of course, she might not remember this when she is older but it is a moment we will remind her about for the rest of our lives.

Being on the road with Willie left a big impression on me in a lot of ways. The loyalty of his crew and band made me want to be a better bandleader, and hopefully be the kind of person who deserves that sort of loyalty in our band. I dug deeper and deeper into his vast catalog and even found a heart-wrenching cover of The Muppets’ “Rainbow Connection” that I play to help our newborn son Rivers go to sleep at night. The older two kids have become accustomed to our vagabond troubadour lifestyle and “On the Road Again” is an anthem of sorts in our home and in our cars. So, in honor of those magical 10 days spent on the road with the living legend, and in honor of our kids, who have been strapped on to the backs of our dreams, we recorded our own version of “On the Road Again.” Nothing will ever have the magic of the original, but it feels good to give it our own spin. We hope you enjoy it.

Willie Nelson sings with Ronnie Milsap on “Ronnie Milsap: The Duets” album

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Country soul icon Ronnie Milsap is a bit of a studio geek, and he thinks a lot about music technology and recording equipment. So it makes sense that he spent a long time getting 13 other singers and bands into the studio to record duets with him for a new album, “Ronnie Milsap: The Duets,” to be released Friday, just two days after his 76th birthday.

“I am a lot into the technical side of it,” he said during a recent interview at his home in Nashville. “I believe in certain types of microphones. I believe in certain pre-amplifiers.”

He says it took him a few years to finish the album because of scheduling, but he’s amassed an impressive list of partners, from Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Kacey Musgraves and many more.

“The whole trick was trying to find a time that Luke Bryan could come in or George Strait could come in,” Milsap said.

Born in North Carolina, Milsap was a wunderkind at musical instrumentation, learning gospel, country and pop music from radio and classical techniques from the State School for the Blind in Raleigh.

Early on in his career, he played piano on Elvis Presley records such as “Kentucky Rain,” in which the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll implored him for “more thunder on the piano, Milsap!”

After moving to Nashville, he bought a Music Row studio from Roy Orbison, renovating it and turning it into a hit factory, starting with his 1979 hit “Nobody Likes Sad Songs” through his major hits like “Stranger in My House.” He had the recording console equipped with a Braille label and kept it until 1995.

The studio known as Ronnie’s Place is still in use today by record label Black River Entertainment and that was where Milsap returned to record the new album. The six-time Grammy winner said he tried as much as possible to be in the studio with his duet partners when they were recording, rather than recording at separate times.

Full track listing:

1. “Southern Boys and Detroit Wheels” feat. Billy Gibbons
2. “Stranger in My House” feat. Luke Bryan
3. “Smoky Mountain Rain” feat. Dolly Parton
4. “Prisoner of the Highway” feat. Jason Aldean
5. “A Woman’s Love” feat. Willie Nelson
6. “Happy Happy Birthday” feat. Lucy Angel
7. “No Getting Over Me” feat. Kacey Musgraves
8. “Lost in the Fifties” feat. Little Big Town
9. “Houston Solution” feat. George Strait
10. “What a Woman Can Mean to a Man” feat. Jessie Key
11. “Misery Loves Company” feat. Leon Russell
12. “You’re Nobody” feat. Steven Curtis Chapman
13. “Shaky Ground” feat. Montgomery Gentry

Amy Nelson and Cathy Guthrie, Folk Uke on Tour

Saturday, January 5th, 2019

Great news, Folk Uke have announced more show dates:


Sat. January 5  AllGood Cafe  Dallas, TX
Thurs. January 17  The Egg  Albany, NY**
Sat. January 19  Brooklyn Bowl   Brooklyn, NY**
Sun. January 20  The Warehouse FTC  Fairfield, CT**
Sun. January 27  The Outlaw Country Cruise  Tampa, FL / SOLD OUT
Mon. January 28  The Outlaw Country Cruise  Tampa, FL / SOLD OUT
Tues. January 29  The Outlaw Country Cruise  Tampa, FL / SOLD OUT
Wed. January 30  The Outlaw Country Cruise  Tampa, FL / SOLD OUT
Turs. January 31  The Outlaw Country Cruise  Tampa, FL / SOLD OUT
Fri. February 1  The Outlaw Country Cruise  Tampa, FL / SOLD OUT
Tues. February 26  McGonigel’s Mucky Duck  Houston, TX
Sat. March 2  The Saxon Pub  Austin, TX
Sat. May 25  The Saxon Pub  Austin, TX
Sat. July 27  The Saxon Pub  Austin, TX

**Opening for The Jayhawks

And they have vinyl album available to pre-order.


STARFUCKER will be available on vinyl next week.
Pre-order your copy here

Side One: Starfucker • BJ to a DJ • Sweet Talker • California Stars
Side Two: All I Want For Christmas • Wear You Down • Mic Stand • Crowd Control

Willie Nelson and Margo Price, “Learning to Lose”

Sunday, December 30th, 2018