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Willie Nelson, Miranda Lambert, “She Was No Good for Me”

Monday, October 13th, 2014


To All the Girls (Legacy)

1.Dolly Parton – From Here To The Moon And Back
2.Miranda Lambert – She Was No Good For Me
3.Secret Sisters – It Won’t Be Very Long
4.Rosanne Cash – Please Don’t Tell Me
5.Sheryl Crow – Far Away Places
6.Wynonna Judd – Bloody Mary Morning
7.Carrie Underwood – Always On My Mind
8.Loretta Lynn – Somewhere Between
9.Alison Krauss – No Mas Amor
10.Melonie Cannon – Back To Earth
11.Mavis Staples – Grandma’s Hands
12.Norah Jones – Walkin’
13.Shelby Lynne – Til The End Of The World
14.Lily Meola – Will You Remember Mine
15.Emmylou Harris – Dry Lightning
16.Brandi Carlile – Making Believe
17.Paula Nelson – Have You Ever Seen The Rain
18.Tina Rose – After The Fire Is Gone

New Willie Nelson and Bobbie Nelson Album, “December Day”

Saturday, October 11th, 2014


Can’t wait for this album that is scheduled to be released in December! Sony Records has plans to release his latest project, “December Day”, on some December Day, 2014.  The album will include more original songs by Willie Nelson.

Willie talked about the project in a New York Times interview last summer:

“It’s mostly me and sister [Bobbie Nelson] with a little harmonica and a little bass in there” he explained.

“We’re doing nine songs that I wrote and a couple of Irving Berlin songs — ‘Alexander’s Ragtime Band’ and ‘What’ll I Do.’

It’s coming out sometimes before the holidays, maybe October.”

– Willie Nelson

Here’s an earlier rendition of that beautiful song.

Another Willie Nelson Fan

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

olivia jiminez
The sweet Olivia.

Willie Nelson: The Platinum Series (2007)

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014


Track Listing
1. Night Life
2. Half a Man
3. The Last Letter
4. Is There Something on Your Mind
5. Will You Remember Mine
6. Pride Wins Again
7. A New Way to Cry
8. I’ll Stay Around
9. Let’s Pretend
10. No Tomorrow in Sight
11. Shelter of Your Arms
12. One Step Beyond
13. Home Is Where You’re Happy
14. End of Understanding

Willie Nelson, “Philadelphia Lawyer” (Tribute to Woody Guthrie – A Vision Shared”)

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Willie Nelson, “Band of Brothers”

Monday, October 6th, 2014

by:  Jan Crawford.

Music legend Willie Nelson has everyone, young and old, liberal and conservative, singing along.  At 81 years old, Nelson is doing something unheard of: remaining relevant, reports

He still spends about half the year on the road, and now he’s promoting his newest album, Band of Brothers, which recently hit number one on the country charts.

Critics say it’s some of his best, most reflective work in years.

He’s an American original and has a sound like no other — yet his songs tell stories we’ve all felt.

He said he thinks part of his craft, is that people feel like they can relate to his music.

“And I think that’s probably the reason I was put here; to write songs and come out here and sing ‘em and play ‘em for people,” Nelson said. “And people can hear ‘em and relate to what I’m talkin’ about.”

It’s the music that keeps driving him.

“The energy that we get from playin’ and the feedback that we get from people listenin’ to it,” Nelson said. “That’s all good stuff.”

His body of work is extraordinary: 21 number one hits and more than 100 albums — his latest, reached the top of the country charts in June.

He lives life on his terms — with music that somehow puts in words what we wish we could say.

There are songs of heartbreak, like the classic, “Angels Flying too Close to the Ground.”

He has the image of an outlaw, but friends say he is uncommonly kind.

Nelson started on a traditional path in Nashville, but feeling boxed in he went back to his native Texas.

Along the way, the good life became a hard life.

He struggled with drugs, alcohol and marriage.

Songwriting was an escape, but with performing came consequences. When he’s writing his songs, he said it’s like reliving moments in his own life.

“And when you sing ‘em every night, I think that’s why a bunch of us got into drugs and alcohol and things so heavy is because when you go out there at night and relive all that B.S. that put you in that place and you have to relive it every — sometimes people can’t handle it,” Nelson said. “And it’s too tough.”

Nelson said cigarettes were too hard on his lungs and drinking made him a little crazy.

So to take the edge off, he turned to pot.

How much does he smoke?

“Oh, I don’t know, as much as I want to,” Nelson said. “A lotta people couldn’t smoke as much as I do. I think I have a pretty good tolerance for it. And it’s a good medicine for me. It’s a good stress reliever.”

He’s been arrested at least four times for marijuana and is an outspoken advocate for legalization.

“I never thought during my lifetime that it would, because it was so hardcore against it in so many places,” Nelson said. “But then it looks like I was wrong.”

The future looks good for pot, he said, and in the meantime, he plans to keep making music.

Nelson said he doesn’t have anything to prove unless it’s “don’t stop.”

“You know, don’t look back,” he added. “They might be gainin’ on you.”

Nelson said he’s thinking about cutting back on some of his touring, but he’s not going to stop writing and making music.

His next album will be released in December.

Willie Nelson, Wynton Marsalis, “Two Men With the Blues” (2008)

Sunday, October 5th, 2014


On January 8, 2008, Blue Note Records released, “Two Men With the Blues”.

Willie Nelson – vocals and guitar Wynton Marsalis – trumpet and vocals Mickey Raphael – harmonica Walter Blanding – saxophone Dan Nimmer – piano Carlos Henriquez – bass Ali Jackson Jr. – drums

“These songs, heard this way with this group—that’s never been done before. Whatever I’m doing, if you put Wynton and these guys around it, that brings it up to a different level.” – Willie Nelson

A first-time collaboration between two American icons, Willie & Wynton discover common ground in their love of jazz standards & the blues on this sparkling set that brims with spontaneity, congeniality & fun.

Wynton wears crisp suits, reads sheet music and is the musical director of New York’s Jazz at Lincoln Center. Willie wears crumpled jeans, wings it onstage and runs his concert venue, Willie’s Place, out of a truck stop in Abbott, Texas.

So what exactly do these music legends have in common? The blues, of course. Wynton Marsalis, 46, and Willie Nelson, 75, are the two men on the new CD “Two Men With the Blues,” a live recording culled from two concerts they played at Lincoln Center last year.

“I like playing with Wynton,” says Nelson, “because you know the piano player won’t show up drunk, and whatever comes out of it, it’ll be worth the listen.” They are playing venues including the Hollywood Bowl and “The Tonight Show” between breaks on Nelson’s tour and Marsalis’s Lincoln Center duties. Recently, the two chatted with NEWSWEEK’s Lorraine Ali in Nelson’s second home—his airbrushed, tricked-out tour bus:

ALI: Your collaboration has been described as “a summit meeting between two American icons.”

NELSON: I like the way they put that.

MARSALIS: I’m not an icon, he is.

NELSON: I thought an icon was one of those things on your computer screen. I’m not one of those.

MARSALIS: OK, I say this modestly—this is a historic event. It’s not a big surprise to have Wynton and Willie playing together, but to have this much attention for it, that’s a surprise.

But the attention makes sense: both of you are highly respected, and Willie, you can’t go anywhere without being recognized. NELSON: I’m offended if I don’t get recognized. I say, “Hey, man, don’t you know who I am? Perhaps you didn’t realize.”

MARSALIS: My son always says, “I want to repudiate you, Dad, but nobody knows who you are. When I have to explain who I’m repudiating, it’s not really worth it.”

Willie, I imagine you as an off-the-cuff player, but with Wynton, there’s the whole issue of keeping time. Is that a problem?

NELSON: Well, it’s a little different than when we just go up there and wing it for four hours and play requests. This has to be exactly right, especially because Wynton and the guys are reading off pieces of paper, and I’m just up there trying to remember words. These guys have a lot more to do and think about than I do. For me, it’s a free ride on top of their rhythm and rockin’.

MARSALIS: He’ll come in with a phrase, and we’ll think, “Uh-oh, he ain’t gonna make it fit.” And then he’ll collect it on the back end. It’s like somebody jukin’ or fakin’ on a basketball court. They take you this way, then come back that way. He’ll come in perfectly on key, on time, and we’re, like, “Damn!” It’s so natural and true.

Do you see yourself as an odd couple?

MARSALIS: No. As musicians, we like a lot of the same things.

NELSON:Â Louis Jordan’s “Caldonia.”

MARSALIS: Yeah, that’s right, or “Saturday Night Fish Fry.” See, we came up on the same sounds

Music aside, personality-wise, how is it working together? Is one of you…

NELSON: On drugs?

That’s not exactly where I was going.

MARSALIS: We really follow each other. I think we’re gracious that way. There’s no crazy soloing over one another.

NELSON: We [Nelson and his harmonica player] can’t play anything more than they [Marsalis and his quartet] can play. There’s only so many chords, and they know ‘em better than we do. Honestly, I don’t read music that well. Or I don’t read well enough to hurt my playing, as the old joke goes.

MARSALIS: And it’s not like we need to translate. We’re coming from the same American experience. The songs he picked to play,”Bright Lights, Big City,” “Basin Street Blues”we don’t need an arrangement for those. The grooves we play are shuffle grooves, swing. We grew up playing that music. There wasn’t one time where we had to stop and say, “Willie, what do you mean?” We are together.

NELSON: Even though some of us may not look all that together.

I heard you two barely rehearse.

MARSALIS: Willie doesn’t do two or three takes. Just once, and then, “That’s good, gentlemen.” That’s how we play. We record live.

NELSON: If you can play, then what do you want to rehearse for? Just play.

Willie, you still tour like mad. How different are the shows with Wynton?

NELSON: Honestly, it’s a lot easier for me to come out and work with Wynton and his guys, because in my shows I’ll go out and play for two hours or more. With Wynton, they’ve already played for an hour and a half before I come out. I come out and do the last 30 minutes, and all of a sudden I’ve had a great night.

Wynton, was there any sort of intimidation factor in working with a legend like Willie?

MARSALIS: I’ve been around musicians all my life. My daddy was a musician, and we played all kind of gigs. I played with philharmonic orchestras when I was 22 years old. That’s intimidating! This man is natural. He makes you feel at home. When he comes to rehearsal, there’s not 65 people around him, scurrying to make it all right.

NELSON: Send in the dogs to clear the place out first.

MARSALIS: It’s not like that. He’s very approachable.

NELSON: We used to work in clubs where we had to build up the crowd. We’d hop from table to table, have a drink with everybody, hoping they’d show up tomorrow night. By the time you made your rounds you’re about half drunk.

MARSALIS: How could you not love this man?

Micah Nelson Particle Kid “Demo-itis”

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014


Get limited edition ‘DEMOITIS’ tapes from!

Each tape also comes with a free digital download of ‘Hollows’ EP — a 2 for 1 deal folks

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Willie Nelson sings with Englebert Humperdinck on new duet’s album, “Englebert Calling”

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014


“Engelbert Calling” is the new album and the first ever duets album from the legendary and incomparable Engelbert Humperdinck. Known as the world’s greatest balladeer, this collection is his 80th album release, arriving more than 45 years after his massive hit “Release Me” reached #1 on the pop charts and created a worldwide frenzy. This new album comes as a celebration of his remarkable career which has spanned nearly five decades and includes sales of more than 150 million albums world-wide, including 24 certified with platinum status and 63 with gold.

The album was produced by Grammy award winner Martin Terefe, who is best-known for his work with Jason Mraz, James Morrison, KT Tunstall, and Mary J Blige. “Working with Engelbert is such a truly remarkable experience,” Terefe stated when asked about his work with Engelbert. “He is without a doubt one of the best singers around today and brings so much other musical knowledge to the table.”

“He is one of the sweetest and nicest people I have ever worked with,” Elton John said about his experience collaborating with Engelbert. “We had a great time singing together and he is so quick, what I call a ‘one-take singer,’ 76 years old and still sounding as good as ever!”

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to partner up with some of the best artists in the history of music.” Engelbert said about the album. “To continue putting out successful albums after 45 years in the business is a real testament to the loyalty of my great fans and this album is a ‘thank you’ to all of them.”

Engelbert Calling is available today at music retailers nationwide and online.


CD 1
01. Something About The Way You Look Tonight with Elton John
02. Since I Lost My Baby with Cliff Richard
03. Never Never Never with Olivia Newton-John
04. Spanish Eyes with Il Divo
05. Make You Feel My Love with Willie Nelson
06. I Need You Now with Lulu
07. Spinning Wheel with Gene Simmons
08. Real Love with Shelby Lynne
09. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me with Johnny Reid
10. Release Me with Wynonna Judd
11. She Believes In Me with Kenny Rogers
12. Better with Louise Dorsey

CD 2
01. Ain’t That Peculiar with Andrea Corr
02. A Certain Smile with Johnny Mathis
03. Kiss Me Honey with Tini
04. The Hungry Years with Neil Sedaka
05. It Matters To Me with Dionne Warwick
06. She with Charles Aznavour
07. After The Lovin’ with Beverley Knight
08. It’s Impossible / Somos Novios with Armando Manzanero
09. Quien Te Dijo Eso with Luis Fonsi
10. Something To Hold On To with Ron Sexsmith
11. Father And Son with Bradley Dorsey

For more information and future performance dates for Engelbert Humperdinck, please visit and stay up-to-date on his current projects by following him on Facebook and Twitter

About OK!Good Records:
OK!Good Records is a genre independent record label established in 2010 to distribute, market, and promote artists and music that defy boundaries, reject limitations, and transcend the ordinary. They champion and celebrate independent music, thought, art, expression, and enterprise.

New Willie Nelson album “December Day” due out in December 2014

Monday, September 29th, 2014


Following his not so distant release of Band of Brothers (in June), Willie is back at it again! More original songs and collaborating with Sister Bobbie, Willie has a new album set for a December release – December Day.

Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Jack White, Bonnie Raitt and others to perform at concert to honor Bob Dylan (2/6/15)

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014


On February 6, 2015, Bob Dylan will be honored at a tribute concert to benefit MusiCares. The lineup features Jack White, Beck, Neil Young, the Black Keys, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Eddie Vedder, John Mellencamp, Norah Jones, John Doe, Tom Jones, Los Lobos, and more to be announced. (Yes, both Jack White and the Black Keys are on the same bill.)

Producer and Dylan collaborator Don Was will direct the show, which takes place in Los Angeles two nights before the Grammys. The charity will name Dylan their “Person of the Year” at the event.

The MusiCares Foundation offers “a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need,” including help with medical/financial emergencies, educational workshops, addiction recovery programs and more.

Willie Nelson and Sister Bobbie, “December Day” (New Album scheduled for release Fall 2014) (Sony)

Thursday, September 18th, 2014


No matter that Willie Nelson released an album last June that went to number one on the Billboard Country Chart (“Band of Brothers”), he never rests on his laurels.  Sony Records has plans to release his latest project, “December Day”,  as early as next month.  The album will include more original songs by Willie Nelson.

Willie talked about the project in a New York Times interview last summer:

“It’s mostly me and sister [Bobbie Nelson] with a little harmonica and a little bass in there” he explained. “We’re doing nine songs that I wrote and a couple of Irving Berlin songs — ‘Alexander’s Ragtime Band’ and ‘What’ll Do.’ It’s coming out sometimes before the holidays, maybe October.” — Willie Nelson

Here’s an earlier rendition of that beautiful song.

Robert Ellis cover’s Willie Nelson’s, “Pretty Paper” (never too early for a Chrismas album)

Monday, September 15th, 2014


Listen to Robert Ellis sing “Pretty Paper” at Rolling Stone:

www.Rolling Stone
By Marissa R. Moss

The south may still be saddled with the endless dew of a soggy summer, but it’s never too early to talk Christmas — humidity built the snowman, as John Prine once sang, after all. And Prine — along with Robert Ellis, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam, Emmylou Harris, the Band, Nikki Lane, Corb Lund and more — is just one of the heavyweights to contribute a holiday tune to An Americana Christmas, due out October 14th via New West.

While a bulk of the songs are previously recorded classics, like Dylan’s “Must Be Santa” and Cash’s “The Gifts They Gave,” Ellis, Lund and Lane all spun original numbers for this veritable lexicon of folk-country Christmas tunes. Lane’s sassy “Falalaalove Ya” is a raspy ode to an eternal season of mistletoe, while Lund’s “Just Me and These Ponies” is a twang-orchestral bummer about a lonesome cowboy who plays a smart foil to Santa and his reindeers. And Ellis, whose recent LP, The Lights From the Chemical Plant, is one of Rolling Stone Country’s 26 Albums of 2014 You Probably Didn’t But Really Should Hear, gives his spin on Willie Nelson’s “Pretty Paper.” It’s about the joys of the beloved holiday – which, with its green trees and wrapping (rolling?) paper, is also known as “all year” to the Red Headed Stranger.

Premiering exclusively on Rolling Stone Country, Ellis’s track adds a sweet, smooth shuffle to the song first released by Roy Orbison in 1963. “I chose to cut ‘Pretty Paper’ because I love Willie’s version and it’s a lesser-known Christmas tune with a little more depth to it than a story about reindeer — no offense to the reindeer,” Ellis says. “I also thought the song could get by with a more minimal arrangement for my version, which is why we only used one synth, a drum machine and vocals and piano. The lyrics are strong enough that it didn’t feel like it needed a whole lot.”

Though Ellis doesn’t currently have any plans for Christmas – he might visit family back in Texas and spend some time in San Juan — he’s certainly been busy of late. Nominated for several Americana Honors & Awards titles, including Album of the Year, he’ll head to Nashville this week to play a stream of AmericanaFest events. The highlight just may be a revival of his Whiskey Wednesdays at Robert’s Western World (transforming it, naturally, into Robert Ellis’, uh, Western World) with Hayes Carll and Caitlin Rose. He also produced Whiskey Shivers’ upcoming self-titled EP and lent his virtuosic guitar-stylings to up-and-comer Cale Tyson’s EP Cheater’s Wine, out October 28th. And he recently made the move from Nashville to New York City, a welcome change for the singer with a penchant for dancing to Macklemore at night clubs.

“New York City is great,” Ellis says. “I’ve been writing a ton and partying more. I take a notepad out when I ride the subway or ferry and work on new songs. It’s been a really inspiring place to be.”

Known for a style that fuses George Jones with avant-garde jazz and folk icons like Paul Simon – and, of course, Willie Nelson – Ellis hasn’t lost touch with his southern side even though he’s moved up east. “I’m still not sure how much irony is at play,” he adds, “but I get really excited lately when Florida George Line’s ‘Cruise’ comes on the radio.”

Here’s the artists and track listing for An Americana Christmas:

Luther Dickinson – “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”
John Prine – “Everything Is Cool”
Robert Ellis – “Pretty Paper”
Emmylou Harris – “The First Noel”
Johnny Cash – “The Gifts They Gave”
Corb Lund – “Just Me and These Ponies (For Christmas This Year)”
Dwight Yoakam – “Run Run Rudolph”
Bob Dylan – “Must Be Santa”
Valerie June – “Winter Wonderland”
Ronnie Fauss – “Everybody Deserves a Merry Christmas”
Max Gomez – “Season of My Memory”
Ben Keith w/ Neil & Pegi Young – “Les Trois Cloches”
The Common Linnets – “At Christmas Time”
Nikki Lane – “Falalaalove Ya”
Old 97’s – “Here It Is Christmas Time”
The Band – “Christmas Must Be Tonight”

Read more:
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Willie Nelson sings on new tribute album to Paul McCartney, “The Art of McCartney”

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014


Paul McCartney has been honored with countless tribute albums over the years, though the one put together by producer Ralph Sall just might top them all. Due out November 18th, The Art of McCartney sees the likes of  The Cure, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Brian Wilson, Billie Joel, Ian McCulloch, Barry Gibb, Roger Daltrey, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) and many more cover McCartney’s vast catalog of hits.

The album has actually been in the works since 2003. After receiving the approval of McCartney, Sall rounded together Macca’s backing band — guitarists Rusty Anderson and Brian Ray, keyboardist Paul “Wix” Wickens, and drummer Abe Laboriel, Jr. — and began recruiting potential singers.

The Art of McCartney Tracklist:
01. Billy Joel – “Maybe I’m Amazed”
02. Bob Dylan – “Things We Said Today”
03. Heart – “Band on the Run”
04. Steve Miller – “Junior’s Farm”
05. Yusuf Islam – “The Long and Winding Road”
06. Harry Connick, Jr. – “My Love”
07. Brian Wilson – “Wanderlust”
08. Corinne Bailey Rae – “Bluebird”
09. Willie Nelson – “Yesterday”
10. Jeff Lynne – “Junk”
11. Barry Gibb – “When I’m 64?
12. Jamie Cullum – “Every Night”
13. Kiss – “Venus and Mars”/”Rock Show”
14. Paul Rodgers – “Let Me Roll It”
15. Roger Daltrey – “Helter Skelter”
16. Def Leppard – “Helen Wheels”
17. The Cure, featuring James McCartney – “Hello Goodbye”
18. Billy Joel – “Live and Let Die”
19. Chrissie Hynde – “Let It Be”
20. Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander and Rick Nielsen – “Jet”
21. Joe Elliott – “Hi Hi Hi”
22. Heart – “Letting Go”
23. Steve Miller – “Hey Jude”
24. Owl City – “Listen to What the Man Said”
25. Perry Farrell – “Got to Get You Into My Life”
26. Dion – “Drive My Car”
27. Allen Toussaint – “Lady Madonna”
28. Dr. John – “Let ‘Em In”
29. Smokey Robinson – “So Bad”
30. The Airborne Toxic Event – “No More Lonely Nights”
31. Alice Cooper – “Eleanor Rigby”
32. Toots Hibbert with Sly & Robbie – “Come and Get It”
33. B.B. King – “On the Way”
34. Sammy Hagar – “Birthday”

The Art of McCartney Bonus Tracks:

01. Robert Smith – “C Moon”
02. Booker T. Jones – “Can’t Buy Me Love”
03. Ronnie Spector – “P.S. I Love You”
04. Darlene Love – “All My Loving”
05. Ian McCulloch – “For No One”
06. Peter, Bjorn and John – “Put It There”
07. Wanda Jackson – “Run Devil Run”
08. Alice Cooper – “Smile Away”

Stop the Pipeline, Supreme Court Ralley, Concert and album (Friday, Sept. 5, 2014, Lincoln, NE)

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014


On Friday, Sept. 5, the Nebraska Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Thompson v. Heineman, the case pitting three Nebraska landowners fighting to protect their land from eminent domain and TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline, against an unconstitutional law passed by the Nebraska legislature fast-tracking the pipeline route approval process.

The hearing will take place at 9:00 a.m. at the Nebraska Supreme Court, located inside the State Capitol building in Lincoln.

*Advocates: Please RSVP below. Plan to arrive at 8:00 a.m. outside the Supreme Court hearing room on the 2nd floor of the Capitol, to start lining up for a seat in the courtroom.

*Press: Detailed info on the case, pictures of landowner plaintiffs is listed at Email for more info on interviews with landowners. You MUST contact Janet Bancroft, 402-471-3205, for credential inside court room.

Hearing & Press Conference

If the small Supreme Court hearing room fills up, we have reserved an overflow courtroom with live video of the court proceedings. The hearing will feature roughly 10 minutes of oral arguments from both sides, and any questions from the judges. Immediately after the hearing concludes, we will hold a press conference in the Capitol rotunda (also located on the 2nd floor of the State Capitol).

  • WHAT: Nebraska Supreme Court Hearing and Press Conference
  • WHERE: Supreme Court Hearing Room
    • 2nd floor of State Capitol (1445 K St, Lincoln, NE 68508)
  • WHEN: Hearing begins at 9:00 a.m. CT
    • Arrive at 8:00 a.m. on the 2nd floor to get in line!
    • Press conference follows at approx. 9:30 a.m. in the Capitol rotunda
  • RULES: NO photos, video, hats, food or drink is allowed in the courtroom. You must turn off your cell phone. You can wear your Pipeline Fighter t-shirt but can NOT bring in any signs.

If you’re not able to attend the hearing, the proceedings will be broadcast live on NET-2, and streamed live via (We will post a direct link to the livestream here the morning of the hearing. C-SPAN may cover the feed as well.)

Concert Rally

Bold Nebraska is planning a rally in the evening after the hearing at VEGA in the Haymarket area— that will double as a DVD+CD release party for “Stopping the Pipeline Rocks,” the album recorded by local artists inside the solar-powered barn built by volunteers last summer inside the path of the Keystone XL pipeline.

The evening will feature speakers including landowners’ attorney Dave Domina and other Pipeline Fighters, as well as live musical performances from artists who performed on “Stopping the Pipeline Rocks,” which will be available for sale at the event at the discounted rate of $10 (normally $25).

  • WHAT: Rally for Citizens v. Pipeline Lawsuit & DVD+CD Release Party
  • WHEN: Friday, Sept. 5th 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • WHERE: VEGA350 Canopy St #220, Lincoln, NE 68501
  • COVER FEE: $10 (plus another $10 gets you the DVD+CD!)



Click here to purchase “Stopping the Pipeline Rocks” on DVD+CD for $25.



Stopping the Pipeline Rocks” is a project of Bold Nebraska, Hear Nebraska and Red Rebel Media.

Proceeds from the fundraiser and album sales will go to the fight against TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline, and support more clean energy projects.

Track list:

  1. Brad Hoshaw: “Gone”
  2. Southpaw Bluegrass Band: “No Bigger Crime”
  3. Gerardo Meza: “Hole In Your Heart”
  4. The Bottle Tops: “Power of Thought”
  5. McCarthy Trenching: “Ogallala Aquifer”
  6. Dr. John Walker: “Windmills Not Oilspills”
  7. The Toasted Ponies: “Pine Creek Crossing”
  8. Matt Cox: “Whipporwhill”
  9. David Boye: “Song Of Desolation”
  10. Dirty Talker: “Knocked Out”
  11. Jack Hotel: “Sideways Lightning Blues”
  12. Jim Pipher, The Toasted Ponies, Michael Semrad: “This Land Is Your Land”