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Willie Nelson, “I Woke Up Still Not Dead Again”

Monday, May 8th, 2017

One of the great songs on Willie Nelson’s new album, “God’s Problem Child.” I love this album.

1. Little House On The Hill (Lyndel Rhodes)
2. Old Timer (Donnie Fritz / Lenny LeBlanc)
3. True Love (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)
4. Delete And Fast Forward (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)
5. A Woman’s Love (Mike Reid / Sam Hunter)
6. Your Memory Has A Mind Of Its Own (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)
7. Butterfly (Sonny Throckmorton / Mark Sherrill)
8. Still Not Dead (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)
9. God’s Problem Child (Jamey Johnson / Tony Joe White)
10. It Gets Easier (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)
11. Lady Luck (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)
12. I Made A Mistake (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)
13. He Won’t Ever Be Gone (Gary Nicholson)

Willie’s excellent reflection on a life well lived: God’s Problem Child

Saturday, May 6th, 2017
by:  Lee Zimmerman

You would think that at the ripe old age of 84 — an age that would find most people taking full advantage of retirement and the security of home and hearth — Willie Nelson would see fit to rest comfortably on his laurels and focus entirely on his golf game. Indeed, given his prodigious output — over 60 studio albums, scores of standards, films, books, touring and activism — there might be ample reason to believe his creative wellspring had been dried of inspiration as well as any ambition.

Yet, here he is back with another superb studio effort, one that measures up to the high bar set early on with Red Headed Stranger, Shotgun Willie, Stardust and the countless other albums that set the standard, not only for his contemporaries but for generations of country crossover artists who followed in his wake. “As we get older It gets easier to say not today,” Willie remarks in “It Gets Easier,” a song that describes the reluctance and resignation that confronts so many people as they ease into the sunset of their later lives.

Fortunately then, as evidenced by the baker’s dozen songs that inhabit God’ s Problem Child, Willie has no intention of giving in to concession or defeat. He makes a mockery of his own mortality on “Still Not Dead” and parodies his eccentric image on the title track. “I’m a lot like ol’ Ripley On believe it or not,” he sings on “I Made a Mistake,” belying the fact that he’s obviously doing everything right to be doing what he’s doing at this age.

In truth, God’ s Problem Child could be seen as a reflection on a life well spent (“You had your run and it’s been a good one” he sings on the otherwise weary “Old Timer”), but with plenty of frayed edges to ruminate on as well. While “He Won’t Ever Be Gone” is obviously intended as eulogy to friends long gone — Cash, Jennings, Ray Price and the like — it could also be seen as a living testament to Nelson himself. Happily, he’s still with us, but there’s no doubt that when that day comes when he’s called away to that great touring bus in the sky, his remarkable legacy will continue to live on. We should all be as fortunate.

Willie Nelson Fun Facts

Friday, May 5th, 2017

(CNN) — Here’s a look at the life of Grammy Award winning musician Willie Nelson.

Birth date: April 30, 1933

Birth place: Abbott, Texas

Birth name: Willie Hugh Nelson

Father: Ira Nelson

Mother: Myrle (Greenhaw) Harvey

Marriages: Ann Marie D’Angelo (1991-present); Connie Koepke (1971-1988, divorced); Shirley Collie (1963-1971, divorced); Martha Matthews (1952-1962, divorced)

Children: with Ann Marie D’Angelo: Micah and Lukas; with Connie Koepke: Amy and Paula; with Martha Matthews: Billy (died in 1991), Susie, Lana; with Mary Haney: Renee

Education: Attended Baylor University, 1954

Military: US Air Force, 1950, medical discharge

Other Facts:
Raised by his grandparents.

Sold encyclopedias door-to-door and taught Sunday school.

Has collaborated with Johnny Cash, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Lee Ann Womack, Rob Thomas and Snoop Dogg, among others.

Has a fifth-degree black belt in GongKwon YuSul.

Nominated for 49 Grammy Awards and won eight, including a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Nominated for one Academy Award.

Composed the song “Crazy,” which was made famous by singer Patsy Cline.

Is on the advisory board of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

1957 – Releases his first single, “No Place for Me.”

1960 – Moves to Nashville.

1962 – Releases his first album, “And Then I Wrote.”

1970 – Moves back to Texas.

1973 – Holds the first annual Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July Picnic in Texas.

1975 – Wins a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance, Male, for “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain.”

1978 – Wins a Grammy, with Waylon Jennings, for Best Country Vocal Performance By A Duo Or Group for “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys.”

1978 – Wins a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance, Male, for “Georgia On My Mind.”

1979 – Makes his acting debut, alongside Robert Redford, in the film, “The Electric Horseman.”

1980 – Wins a Grammy for Best Country Song for writing “On The Road Again.”

1980 – Stars in the film “Honeysuckle Rose.”

1982 – Wins a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance, Male, for “Always On My Mind.”

1982 – Stars in the film “Barbarosa.”

1985 – Releases the album “Highwayman” with Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson.

1985 – Organizes Farm Aid, a concert to benefit family farmers.

1988 – Releases his memoir, “Willie: An Autobiography.”

1990 – The IRS seizes Nelson’s property and possessions to settle a $16.7 million tax debt.

1991 – Nelson releases the album, “The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories?” Nelson gives the profits from the album to the IRS.

1991 – Nelson’s son, Billy, commits suicide.

1993 – Inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

1994 – Is arrested for possession of marijuana. The case is later dismissed.

2000 – The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences presents Nelson with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

2002 – Wins a Grammy, with Lee Ann Womack, for Best Country Collaboration With Vocals for “Mendocino County Line.”

2002 – Releases the book, “The Facts of Life and Other Dirty Jokes.”

2006 – Releases the book, “The Tao of Willie.”

2006 – In Louisiana, Nelson is issued a citation for possession of marijuana and illegal mushrooms. Nelson receives six months’ probation and pays a fine.

2007 – Wins a Grammy, with Ray Price, for Best Country Collaboration With Vocals for “Lost Highway.”

2010 – Is charged with marijuana possession after US Border Patrol agents search his tour bus in Texas near the US-Mexico border.

2012 – Releases the book, “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die: Musings from the Road.”

2013 – Nelson donates his collection of awards and personal items to the University of Texas at Austin’s Briscoe Center.

July 9, 2015 – The Library of Congress announces Nelson as the latest recipient of the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.

July 2016 – Nelson launches “Willie’s Reserve,” his own personal brand of marijuana that will be grown and sold wherever it’s legal. The brand will feature “high quality strains of marijuana,” and Nelson himself will work with “master growers” and local retailers to establish a set of “quality standards” for his special reserve.

February 12, 2017 – Wins a Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album, for “Summertime: Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin.”

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New Micah Nelson Album

Friday, May 5th, 2017

Suzanne Cordeiro Photography during the 2016 Luck Reunion

Micah Nelson/Particle Kid released a new self titled debut record, available now on Bandcamp , Amazon & iTunes.

Particle Kid

by Pårticle Kid

Forever Friend 00:00 / 06:57
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      $10 USD  or more

Mickey Raphael talks about new Willie Nelson album, “God’s Problem Child”

Thursday, May 4th, 2017
By Jeff Clark

While there is strife, both politically and socially, in the country, we must all strive to find common ground. Especially when it involves Willie Nelson.

It is time for the internet to stop killing Willie.


The amount of ageism directed at Willie is appalling. I’m not kidding. Leave Willie alone. Stop waiting for him to die and spreading death rumors just so you can wax poetic about what he meant to American music.

Willie turned 84 last week, and for some reason the internet has again given him a death sentence. I hope and pray I get to turn 84 one day.

Even as a “dead” man, on April 28, Willie released his latest album, “God’s Problem Child.” And although he has a distinguished musical catalog that includes “Red Headed Stranger,” Stardust,” the Daniel Lanios–produced “Teatro” and the sparsely arranged “Spirit,” “God’s Problem Child” is one of his best albums.

Produced by his longtime friend Buddy Cannon, “God’s Problem Child” is a record that celebrates Willie’s life, while looking over its shoulder at mortality. No, unfortunately, we are not going to live forever. But when we do cross the bar, I hope the next spot is as pleasant as the “Little House on The Hill” of which Willie sings in the album’s Southern gospel–tinged opener.

On the Donnie Fritts–penned “Old Timer,” Willie faces growing older and, hopefully, wiser. The line “Still got a lot of life and a song to sing” will hang around with you long after you’ve listened to the record.

Willie even says it himself in a song he co-wrote with Cannon — “Still Not Dead” — that even though the internet keeps killing him, he’s still not dead.

I saw Willie a couple months ago at the IP Casino Resort in Biloxi. I assure you he was alive, healthy and performing at a top level. He put on a great show.

Although he has one of the most instantly recognizable voices in music, and the same could be said about his guitar tone, that’s only two-thirds of what makes Willie’s unique sound, especially on “God’s Problem Child.” The other one-third of the sound is the harmonica playing of

Mickey Raphael. For more than 40 years, Raphael has been playing beside Willie, becoming one of the most sought-after musicians in country music. He’s played with everyone from Chris Stapleton to Motley Crue.

In an interview with the Sun Herald, Raphael, who was about to start a five-night residency with Willie at The Fillmore in San Francisco, reflects on Nelson’s latest album, which he said was “really special.”

For a fan of Willie’s work, “God’s Problem Child” ranks up there with “Teatro” as one of his best works.

I love it. It’s one of my favorites and it’s up there with “Teatro” and “Across The Borderline.” I just love the content. But the songs and the arrangements and the playing — it’s just one of my favorites.

You’ve told me you thought the album was “really special.” What made it so special for you?

I think the songs are age appropriate, too. I really like the Donnie Fritts song “Old Timer.” To me, that’s probably Willie looking in the mirror and seeing himself like he’s still 30 years old. It’s a great group of songs. We’ve worked with Buddy Cannon for a while now and he and Willie write well together.

Willie has always been prolific, especially with releasing albums. Is there already talk about the next album?

There’s probably two albums that are already done. We recorded a bunch of Merle Haggard songs and I’m not sure what’s going to happen with those. I also know he’s recorded some stuff with his sons.

You’ve played some pretty interesting gigs recently, including the Merle Haggard tribute and Stagecoach. Any standout moments from those shows?

Stagecoach was great. It’s at the same place Coachella is held. Margo Price and John Doe and Jamey Johnson came out and played with us. At the end, Neil Young walked out and grabbed a harmonica and we had a little harmonica duel.

I really like the new Rodney Crowell song, “It Ain’t Over Yet,” which also features you in the video. How did you land that?

I knew Rodney before I was playing with Willie. They cut the track in Nashville and they shot the video there and the director wanted me to be in it. When I went to shoot my scenes, I was there by myself.

The new Chris Stapelton album drops this week. Was it cool to play on “Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning,” which you recorded with Willie in the early 1980s on the “Always on My Mind” album?

It was cool. Stapelton asked me to do it and he told me to just “do what I did” when I recorded it with Willie. I play on a couple of tracks on the new album and I’m on four cuts on the next album. I hope I get to do some more dates with him this year when I have some time off, but he’s been doing fine without me.

What I’m Listening to Today: Willie Nelson, “God’s Problem Child”

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Luck Reunion:

”  Wishing a very happy birthday to Willie Nelson.  We have “God’s Problem Child” spinning on repeat this weekend! Don’t have your copy yet? Head over to for cool exclusives and bundles.

We love ya brother – have an amazing day!”  ?

Willie Nelson on new Steve Earl album, “So You Wannabe an Outlaw” (Out June 16th)

Sunday, April 30th, 2017


Steve Earle’s new album, So You Wannabe an Outlaw, will be released June 16 and features guest appearances by Willie Nelson, Miranda Lambert,  and another Texas music mainstay, Johnny Bush.

Although Earle was raised near San Antonio, the project marks his first recording sessions in Austin and his first album for Warner Bros. Records since 1997’s El Corazón. After establishing his career in Nashville with the 1986 Grammy-winning album Guitar Town, he has resided in New York City for the past decade.

“There’s nothing ‘retro’ about this record,” Earle said. “I’m just acknowledging where I’m coming from. … Look, I’m always gonna be a Texan, no matter what I do. And I’m always going to be somebody who learned their craft in Nashville. It’s who I am.”

Dedicated to the late Waylon Jennings, So You Wannabe an Outlaw pays tribute to the Outlaw music movement led by Jennings, Willie Nelson, Tompall Glaser and others.

“I moved to Nashville in November of 1974, and right after that Willie Nelson’s ‘Red Headed Stranger’ came out,” Earle says, who makes an appearance as a young man in Guy Clark’s kitchen in the Outlaw country documentary, Heartworn Highways. “I was around when Waylon was recording ‘Dreaming My Dreams.’ ‘Guitar Town’ wound up being kind of my version of those types of songs.”

Earle is joined on the album by his backing band The Dukes, and he recorded the project in Austin. Along with the 12 tracks of So You Wanna Be An Outlaw, a deluxe edition will include four additional iconic songs from the Outlaw era: “Ain’t No God in Mexico” by Billy Joe Shaver, “Sister’s Coming Home”/”Down at the Corner Beer Joint” and “The Local Memory” by Willie Nelson, and “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” by Waylon Jennings.

steve-earle-the-dukes-so-you-wanna-be-an-outlaw“I was out to unapologetically ‘channel’ Waylon as best as I could,” Earle says about the album. “This record was all about me playing on the back pick-up of a ’66 Fender Telecaster on an entire record for the first time in my life.”

No, that’s not a pickup truck Earle is referring too, it’s the hot twang first evidenced in Bakersfield country, and adopted by the Outlaws in the 70’s when they reigned supreme. So You Wanna Be An Outlaw will be released June 16th via Warner Bros. Records, and Steve will launch a summer tour in support of the album.


  1. “So You Wannabe an Outlaw” (feat. Willie Nelson)
  2. “Lookin’ for a Woman”
  3. “The Firebreak Line”
  4. “News From Colorado”
  5. “If Mama Coulda Seen Me”
  6. “Fixin’ to Die”
  7. “This Is How It Ends” (feat. Miranda Lambert)
  8. “The Girl on the Mountain”
  9. “You Broke My Heart”
  10. “Walkin’ in LA” (feat. Johnny Bush)
  11. “Sunset Highway”
  12. “Goodbye Michelangelo”

Deluxe Edition bonus tracks:

  • “Ain’t No God in Mexico” (Billy Joe Shaver)
  • “Sister’s Coming Home”/”Down at the Corner Beer Joint” (Willie Nelson)
  • “The Local Memory” (Willie Nelson)
  • “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” (Waylon Jennings)


Willie Nelson records Lyndel Rhodes song on new album, “Little House on the Hill” (on “God’s Problem Child”)

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

“So this is what it looks and sounds like when you play your 92 year old mom Willie Nelson’s cut of a song she wrote.” — Buddy Cannon.

Willie included the song on his new album, available now!


1. Little House On The Hill (Lyndel Rhodes)
2. Old Timer (Donnie Fritz / Lenny LeBlanc)
3. True Love (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)
4. Delete And Fast Forward (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)
5. A Woman’s Love (Mike Reid / Sam Hunter)
6. Your Memory Has A Mind Of Its Own (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)
7. Butterfly (Sonny Throckmorton / Mark Sherrill)
8. Still Not Dead (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)
9. God’s Problem Child (Jamey Johnson / Tony Joe White)
10. It Gets Easier (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)
11. Lady Luck (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)
12. I Made A Mistake (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)
13. He Won’t Ever Be Gone (Gary Nicholson)



New Willie Nelson Album out today! “God’s Problem Child”

Friday, April 28th, 2017
Paste Review of the Day: Willie Nelson - <i>God's Problem Child</i>
by:  Holly Gleason

In a youth-obsessed world, God’s Problem Child flies in convention’s face. On the languishing title track, penned by Jamey Johnson and swamp rocker Tony Joe White, Willie Nelson enlists the song’s co-writers and Leon Russell to consider living on one’s own time and terms. Inhabiting the song as wizened elders who’ve stripped off false standards to find peace and redemption, they sound ragged and resolved as an acoustic blues guitar wrestles the melody on the bridge and Mickey Raphael’s harmonica rises like so much heat.

Turning 84 on April 29, Willie Nelson—like Tony Bennett—is one of pop culture’s few reining icons who remain creatively engaged. Beating Streisand for 2017’s Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album Grammy for Summertime: Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin, the red headed stranger returns to more familiar territory on GPC. A consideration of aging, loss and engaging the world from that lived in perspective, it feels like Nelson’s personal state of the union.

Sifting the seeds and stems of lost love, disappointment and mortality, Nelson’s slightly out of time, note-stretching voice is porous, yet strong on the somber “True Love.” Belying the saccharine title, the spare arrangement moves beneath his clear-eyed assessment of how hard, yet wonderful, love is.

That theme also permeates the Spanish-leaning “A Woman’s Love,” slightly noir and fairly erotic, and the more straightforward country lope “Your Memory Has A Mind of Its Own.” For Nelson, romantic love remains the most powerful and elusive aspect of life no matter the age.

That honesty gives God’s Problem Child heft. Writing seven of the 13 songs with producer Buddy Cannon, known for his work from Vern Gosdin’s seminal Chiseled in Stone to Alison Krauss’ brand new Windy City, and curating the rest from friends, the cohesion suggests Nelson is clear-eyed about his place along this mortal coil. The largely gut string guitar, accordion and steel-drenched “It Gets Easier” is sublime straight country that seems an almost perfect wedding song. Perfect, until a closer listen reveals the superstar telling people “but not today.”

Inspired partially by Merle Haggard’s death, memorialized through Gary Nicholson’s “He Won’t Ever Be Gone” which considers Hag’s workingman’s truth, these dead-eye assessments of life near its end cut to the quick. Kris Kristofferson vet Donnie Fritts and Lenny LeBlanc provide an over-the-shoulder assessment on the lean “Old Timer,” while the jaunty mid-80s’s retro country “Little House on the Hill” provides a white picket fence bit of nostalgia from Cannon’s 92-year old mother Lyndel Rhodes.

All is not dour. The man who’s teamed with Snoop Dogg for “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die” takes on political science and post-election peace of mind with “Delete and Fast Forward.” But the train-boogie, harmonica blast riveted “Still Not Dead” lets Nelson’s wit run free. Flicking off his advanced age and specific death hoax stories, Nelson sings, “The internet said I had passed away/If I died, I wasn’t dead to stay,” admonishing “the gardener didn’t find me that-a way” and urging, “please don’t bury me, I’ve got a show to play.”

Nelson lives to play. Until he’s called home, it’s a safe bet the music is going to keep coming. If it’s the quality of God’s Problem Child, it will be as vital as anything he’s done.

Janine got hers! How about you? New Willie Nelson Album, “God’s Problem Child” out today

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Yes, please! Willie Nelson new album.

The Wait is Over! New Willie Nelson Album “God’s Problem Child” in stores today!

Friday, April 28th, 2017

 First Listen: Willie Nelson, ‘God’s Problem Child’

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84 Reasons to Love Willie Nelson (Houston Press)

Thursday, April 27th, 2017
by:  Written by Selena Dieringer, Jack Gorman, Chris Gray, Matthew Keever, Chris Lane, David Rozycki and Jesse Sendejas Jr.

*** His new album, God’s Problem Child, includes a song called “Still Not Dead.”

*** The album will be released this Friday, the day before his 84th birthday.

*** He drew 75,008 fans to his RodeoHouston 2017 concert, helping set a new single-day total attendance record of 185,667.

*** He co-founded Farm Aid.

*** He tosses bandannas to the crowd at most every show.

*** He has the most concise definition of his genre: “Three chords and the truth – that’s what a country song is.”

*** His instantaneous and deeply felt kinship with Snoop Dogg.

*** He used to live in Houston.

*** His picnics.

*** Yesterday’s Wine

*** “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”

*** B.B. King’s version of “Night Life”

*** He kept Trigger when the FBI took everything else.

*** Bruce Robison’s “What Would Willie Do?”

*** Willie’s Reserve, retail marijuana

*** Against corporate cannabis.

*** Mickey Raphael, harmonica badass

*** Robert Earl Keen’s “Picnic” story on 1996 live album No. 2 Live Dinner.

*** Supports Bernie Sanders.

*** Across the Borderline

*** “On the Road Again”

*** Patsy Cline’s version of “Crazy”

*** Dislikes Donald Trump (perhaps the only person alive he does).

*** Has made many, many, many, many, many appearances on Austin City Limits.

*** He owns his own biodiesel firm, and it’s called BioWillie.

*** He made long hair braids acceptable among the manliest men around.

*** Sister Bobbie and “Down Yonder”

*** He got sewed up in a sheet and beaten with a broom by his ex-wife…and forgave her.

*** He was BFFs with Waylon Jennings

*** Waylon and Willie

*** “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys”

*** The Supersuckers’ version of “Bloody Mary Morning”

*** Represents what Texas should be about: freedom, individual rights and individuality.

*** He smoked a joint on the roof of the White House during the Jimmy Carter administration.

*** He made the most successful commercial recording artist in Europe at the time, Julio Iglesias, into a household name in America.

*** His statue in downtown Austin.

*** The Raelyn Nelson Band (Willie’s granddaughter)

*** Willie just said no…to taxes.

*** He is the only known person in human history to be accused (if that is the correct word) of completing a nine-hour sex marathon with a full somersault while still engaged in the act with his partner.

*** Shotgun Willie

*** “Hello Walls”

*** Chris Stapleton’s brand-new version of “Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning”

*** Luck, the Old West town/movie set he owns.

*** He and late University of Texas coaching legend Darrell K. Royal were thick as thieves.

*** His 1993 “Graceland” duet with Paul Simon on Saturday Night Live.

*** He stood up for Charley Pride when nobody else would.

*** Lukas Nelson & the Promise of the Real (Willie’s son)

*** He’s a Taurus, the astrological signifier of practicality, ambition, dependability and sensuality.

*** His Gershwin Prize For Popular Song, awarded in 2015.

*** Spirit

*** “Angel Flying too Close to the Ground”

*** Alison Krauss’s cover of “I Never Cared For You”

*** He makes great gospel music, too; listen to 1976’s The Troublemaker.

*** He’s the only watchable part of the 2005 Dukes of Hazzard movie.

*** He adores golf.

*** He knows Bob Wills is still the king.

*** The Highwaymen

*** Honeysuckle Rose (the movie)

*** Honeysuckle Rose (the tour bus)

*** Stardust

*** “Always On My Mind”

*** Norah Jones’s version of “Hands On the Wheel”

*** No other octogenarian rocks the pigtails like he does.

*** His friendship and occasional collaborations with the late Ray Price.

*** His mugshot from the Pasadena (TX) PD, c. 1960

*** He has inspired three (count ’em) excellent, very different biographies — Willie by Bud Shrake; Willie Nelson: An Epic Life by Joe Nick Patoski; and his autobiography (with David Ritz), It’s a Long Story: My Life.

*** Timekeeping brothers Paul and Billy English

*** He and Kinky Friedman co-wrote a book called Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die.

*** He is a major character in Friedman’s 1997 mystery novel Roadkill.

*** Phases and Stages

*** “Me & Paul”

*** Elvis Presley’s version of “Ain’t It Funny How Time Slips Away”

*** Old Whiskey River bourbon

*** He used to go by “Wee Willie Nelson” as a DJ in the Pacific Northwest.

*** Instant conversation-stopper whenever people bag on Texas for being a right-wing loony bin: “Willie Nelson is from there.”

*** Bee Spears (RIP) and current Family bassist Kevin Smith

*** He wrote his first song before he learned long division.

*** That cameo in Half Baked.

*** Django and Jimmie, his 2015 joint album with Merle Haggard

*** “Pancho & Lefty”

*** Willie’s version of “Write Your Own Songs”

*** He’s the only pothead my dad ever liked.

*** He’s still playing live shows at a rate that should humble musicians half his age.

*** Happy birthday, Willie!


Willie Nelson, “I Woke Up Still Not Dead Again Today”

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

When it comes to death hoaxes, more have probably been written about Willie Nelson than any other country artist. His popularity, age, and recent health scares unfortunately make him the perfect subject for such rumors. Many fans come across these false reports and take them to heart, believing that Nelson passed away.

In 2015, three different reports made the claim that Nelson had died. One report detailed how Nelson had been found unresponsive on the lawn of his home. Of course this report was false, but many fans bought in to it at the time.

Nelson gets a kick out of the death hoaxes that have been published about him. He decided to poke fun at these outrageous rumors in a new song on his album God’s Problem Child, appropriately titled “Still Not Dead.”

Co-written by Nelson, “Still Not Dead” is a surprisingly lighthearted song. It’s actually quite funny, with chuckle-worthy lines such as, “The news said I was gone to my dismay. Don’t bury me, I’ve got a show today. And I woke up still not dead today.

“Still Not Dead” has been one of the most-buzzed about songs leading up to the release of God’s Problem Child. Knowing how excited fans are about the song, Nelson decided to release its music video on Thursday (April 27).

Like previous videos Nelson released for God’s Problem Child, the video shows the country legend singing in a recording studio. But the majority of the video is shot outside of the the studio scene, and shows Nelson on stage and on his tour bus.

The video opens with Nelson sleeping in bed, wearing the famous sweater that Snoop Dogg gave him for Christmas. He opens his eyes wide, realizing that despite everything the internet says, he’s still not dead. Once he gets up and has his morning cup of coffee, he takes the time to read and laugh at whatever the latest death hoax is surrounding him.

Nelson also makes an effort to show off his good health and youthful spirit in the video. He jumps up with excitement after leaving a poker game and can even be seen dancing around without a care in the world. That’s one way to dismiss rumors!

If you’re in need of a good laugh today, Nelson’s music video for “Still Not Dead” will deliver. You can check it out in the clip below.

We’re glad that Nelson has a good sense of humor about all of this! 


Hear more from Willie Nelson’s new album, “God’s Problem Child” on Sirius/XM Radio this weekend

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Check out SiriusXM Willie’s Roadhouse (Ch. 59) this weekend to hear more about the new album “God’s Problem Child”

FRI 4/28 at 6 pm ET
SAT 4/29 at 10 am & 7 pm ET
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Additional times available at SiriusXM Outlaw Country (Ch. 60)