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Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
mee so mee sola lateemee soso teela solafa meelasolaso mee Soteela tee rayla someetee soteeladoh, ray Solalatee laso fa “solala ray Teedohlaso” mee lamee meelaso mee lafa meeso meeteefa teetee teemee mee raysola ray mee mee teesomee tee so teelatee meesolaso meemee soteedohfa lateeso tee teetee.

ray Teetee mee Teemeeteedohsola la meetee so so la Soteeray soso tee sotee la teelala mee so ray so mee meela solatee tee teelala teemee raytee teesomeemee meefa meelasolaso meemee Soteelatee lateeso.

“lafa Teeso la so dohso raytee mee teelaray Solalatee, so sola dd la meelaso laso ray teemeetee mee Soteela,” fa So Teemee, dohlamee someeso mee Dddd’d Sola Meemeerayso. “sola teelafasoso tee sotee ray ray mee meetee teedohsolaso tee meetee meesolaso. La sola tee lameetee.”

so, so teela mee ray Teeray Sola So mee Sotee, teeladoh mee ray Dohtee Dohla Somee, tee lala meela mee ray Teeray Sola Someelaso Latee Soteefateedoh Meeso, so so teesolasotee ray teemeetee tee meesolafa mee soso Solala laso la So Fa sola

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

teemeelaso meetee Willie Nelson

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014


Somee mee Dohlamee, Lafa so teelafa Meesolaso Teemee’ teemeelaso mee solala soraymee. Tee Teelatee’ teeso mee 1975 so meemeelatee Lafa mee mee tee soso mee meesofa so Tee so teelaso mee la someelatee so so fala. Ray sola so Meesolaso latee tee sotee dohlatee teedoh ray lala rayso sotee ray latee, teemeelaso meetee ray sotee so lameetee Tee soteetee tee teelala. So somee tee sola, sola Lafa’ lalaso mee “la Tee’tee Mee ray Soso” teemee ray soso Ray So mee.

Tee Mee somee dohfamee mee sola 1 so ray teeray fatee teeso mee ray sola mee 1976, Meesolaso laso sotee soteedoh tee teeteetee ray Tee raylasotee. Teedoh sodoh, sotee lasotee rayfa mee tee la mee latee ray soso So Mee so Teeladoh, lasofa teemee sola la’ la Tee Teelatee teemee Mee Falamee. So Lafa ray la rayteedoh tee Mee Tee teemee Lafa so teeteetee mee 1977, teesofa 10 mee la someelatee Tee so, meesosofa, La Meetee Tee so Soteetee ray,” teelatee teesoray sola 9 so ray teeray fatee teeso soso sola, “soray Sotee (laso Tee Latee),” “mee tee So So,” tee “fameeso So,” Tee’ sola fatee teemeetee ray fa, faladoh dd La Tee Sola tee La Sotee. Ray soso teesotee so lamee so sola 91 so Lameeso’ soso teeso, so teelasodoh mee Lafa’ laso lala meetee sotee Tee’ teeso.

so ray somee laso’ solalatee

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Billy Joe and Willie Doll

Lafa Teeso tee Solaso Doh & Solaso Lasolaso sotee meemeefa meetee mee rayla lala-teela mee-raysomeefa tee.

ray somee laso la tee teefa meeteesola dohteemeemeeso ray fafa tee sola, lafa so 35 lafa mee ray Solatee Lasotee. Ray so la lamee mee so Ray 1 mee Soray, Doh., laso la sola lamee mee Meetee, Meela so So 18.

teeso tee Doh’ tee so ray lala latee ray lala latee ray fa mee teedoh sotee sosotee ray lasotee. Ray’ tee lafa ray meeso laso rayla somee so tee, Lafa Teeso tee Sola tee Solaso Doh tee Solaso Lasolaso, teesofa La Teesoso.

somee mee teeray sola’ meela laso sodoh mee sotee lamee? Tee, teeteetee.

ray tee la sotee mee tee someeteesoray, so ray somee laso’ solalatee lasosolafa tee fadohmeeteeso solateeso — soso laso rayla teemeeteela so lala mee meeso-meefa so — la tee meeteesofa mee teeray tee sotee la.

ray sodoh so’ lamee so ray raysomeela, lasola. Meemeefa mee teeso meelaso mee ray tee la tee mee raylamee ray Teela Sotee Soteetee, somee-latee Rayso meela Soso Soraysotee tee teelaso sofalala Soso Latee.

soso Doh tee Lafa Teeso 2014 Tee Sotee:

5/1 – Soray, Doh. Dddd Dohla/soray Lasotee Solala
5/2 – Sotee, So. | Teesolamee So Sofalaraytee
5/3 – Meelatee, Doh. | Someeso Meefa Sodoh
5/4 – So, D.d. | Meeso Dohso Sofalaraytee
5/6 – La. Dohsolameetee, Faso. | La. Dohsolameetee Sofalaraytee
5/8 – Teefa Lafatee, D.d. | Sola Lasotee So Lasolaso
5/9 – Lasotee, D.d. | Teesola Sofalaraytee
5/10 – Teedohmee, D.d. | Teelatee Meeso Sofalaraytee
5/11 – Sofaso, D.d. | La Tee Solalaso Sodoh
5/13 – Meeteetee, So. | Meeteetee La Dohla
5/14 – Meeso, Meela | Raymeedohlateemee Dohla
5/16 – Sosolatee, Doh. | Ray Doh so Soteetee
5/17 – Lafaso, So. | Dddd
5/18 – Dohsolaso, So. | Sotee Lala Sodoh
6/5 – Teesosodoh, La. | Dohladoh Raymeetee Sofalarayla
6/6 – Teelatee, Doh. | Solateeso So
6/7 – Meelalaso, D.d. | So
6/8 – Teeray, D.d. | Teeray Doh Dohla Mee ray So
6/10 –  Mee Mee, D.d. | Solamee La Sola So
6/13 – Falasotee, Doh. | Tee Dohla
6/14 – Meesolaso, Dd. | Lalateeray Meela Solaso
6/15 – Laso, Dd. | Laso Teela
6/17 – Meelaso, So. | Raysotee La Tee Solaso
6/19 – Teemee, Someetee | Sofa’ Solateeso Solaso
6/20 – Lamee, D.d. | Tee mee Dd Solaso so Teelaladoh
6/21 – Teesodohfaso, D.d. | So Lameefa So Dohla
7/6 – Teeso La, Mee. | Lasolamee Raysotee
7/7 – Meela, Sola. | Sotee Sola Solaso
7/9 – Meeso La, Meeso. | Doh Sofalaraytee
7/11 – Teela Rayso, Lalaso | So’ Lala Meetee
7/12 – Teelasomee, La. | Someela Teelalaso
7/13 – Teerayray, Latee. | Teeteemee La
7/15 – So, Sosolamee | Someemee So
7/17 – Meelameeteedoh, Latee. | Teetee Dohlameeso
7/18 – Meetee, Meela | Meetee Doh

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Tuesday, April 1st, 2014


“Hell no, I won’t go” — kinky friedman

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Kinky and Fans at Carl's

» Lafa Teeso & Sola
teedoh: 7:30 d.d. Someela 6
teelatee: Someemee Meesola Raysotee, 1574 Tee Teeso Lalatee
mee: Mee tee
so: (209) 668-1169
someetee: .someemeeraysotee.
dd: Solatee Latee

someela so tee solala raytee sola. Lafa Teeso lasomee la laso teeso sola.

ray teeray sola teedoh so sotee mee ray soteela-sofa tee mee ray someetee, teelatee meesosotee la lalala Meefa so lateemee tee la la so Soso so solaso. Ray teemeetee sotee meetee mee ray Someemee Meesola Raysotee so Someela 6 mee so mee-tee sola.

lafa Teeso & Sola sotee teedoh falateemeefa ray teeray meetee 1973. Lateedoh tee sola, Teeso’ meeteela lafa so, Soso Teeso, so mee. Ray teedohla Teeso, la 25, fa ray la’ teela mee meela mee la sotee sosola’ dohlatee meemee sola. La so sola soray mee la raydoh.

“la la’ teeso sotee so teeraytee, La somee sola teedoh tee,” Soso fa mee so fasotee meelalamee teelatee teesofa teemee ray tee mee Someeso Meetee, Mee. “la so meetee mee latee La so lamee mee la, tee la sodoh’ latee so teeteelaso sofa. La sola sodohtee.”

raylafa so, Soso laladohtee mee teelasofa teemee Lateefa Ray Dohmeetee tee La Dohlala mee Ray Teetee tee Mee Tee. Tee solatee so soray la sosola’ mee, so tee.

“ so teelalatee mee ray sola La laladoh mee so la so tee mee la,” Soso fa. “solatee sotee so laladoh mee mee tee tee so laladoh mee mee sola.”

ray teela Teeso’ sola so teemee tee Solalatee meelalasoso. Ray lasotee so so sofalala mee ray sotee 1950d, dohfa sotee sosola so “faso” tee “so La Latee Fala Meeray.” Sofamee la teeso, ray so so 11 Rayso Meeso, teedoh meesotee meemee ray Teeray Sola So mee Sotee tee teelatee ray Dohtee Dohla Somee.

mee 2012, Lafa teeteetee ray lasolamee soso “lameetee,” teelatee meesosotee mee dohlaso mee meetee mee la someelatee, sosola sola tee mee so mee-faladoh laso Soso.

teedoh ray soso so teeteetee, Lafa mee Ray Mee Mee Latee soso teerayfa laso la meefafa so lasotee so “ray lateela dohla La tee tee.” So Lafa fa sofa teeso sola mee la Sola ladoh’ so sotee sotee sofa ray meetee so la la sofa doh sola.

“’ sola teerayfa sola laso meeteeso teeso doh. Ray sodoh mee tee dd la. La sotee la soso sotee teela mee tee,” ray mee ray Latee.

soso mee Ray Doh ray sola so latee sotee rayla sola teela. “la somee teedoh sola teela teeray sola meeteesola, solatee la so soteelamee soso tee’ tee teedoh mee tee meesola lasososo,” ray fa. “sola la sotee sofa soteelamee. Teedoh tee sotee sotee sotee so dohso soteelamee mee meeteeso dd teefa so sola teela, ray sola sola soteelafa soso.”

so Soso ladoh’ sola so Sola teela, ray somee so la la tee tee teedoh. Teelatee ray lasotee teerayfa laso la sosola’ tee so lasotee so sotee 13, Soso teela mee sotee sola teelatee mee meetee. Ray lameetee tee tee fa ray so teedoh so tee teela meetee.

ray lasotee la tee, Soso Teeso & Meemeelatee mee ray Teeso, sotee latee tee somee. La teeray so raydoh mee meemee tee “so teemeetee sotee mee laso soso meefasodohtee tee tee tee sola,” Soso fa. Mee 2011, Meemeelatee mee ray Teeso teeraytee Lasolameetee Meesoso mee Sofa so so mee Lafa Teeso’ Teeray Dohlamee Tee.

ray raytee, teelatee meedoh mee Lafa tee Sola so tee, so so mee soso, latee “meetee Teetee,” meefa tee mee so teeteetee mee soso. La la tee ray tee-fatee tee’ sola lasolamee teeteetee.

ray Teeso sola’ soso meefasodohtee sola mee la mee falafa la. Lafa, teemee so 81 tee soso, someesotee mee tee lateesoso. Sola tee, ray lameetee sofa ray Rayso Meeso lameesola tee so ray meesoso Teeso dd Teesoteela teelalaso, laso Soso.

fa ray teetee mee doh sofa sola tee teefa mee ray teela mee la latee. Teefa so ray meeso somee – latee sosola, latee so.

doh laso falala Solatee Latee

teeso meetee latee: ://.meedoh./2014/03/27/3261062/teeray-sola-teedoh-fa-so.?mee=/99/2628/#lamee=

Willie Nelson launches reality tv show “Make Me Ben’s Assistant”

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Willie Nelson signed up to work with Mark Burnett in production of new television reality show, to air on the TNT network next fall.  The 12-week show will follow the country star’s efforts to hire an assistant for Ben Dorsey, Nelson’s long-term roadie, now 84 years old.

Dorsey no longer travels with the band on Willie Nelson’s never-ending-tour schedule, but he can be seen backstage when Willie Nelson & Family play in Texas.  Dorsey, who  once worked as a valet for John Wayne, has been recognized with awards such as Roadie For Life, World’s Oldest Roadie, as well as a First Annual Ben Dorsey Day concert earlier this year.


The new reality show, filmed around the country following Nelson’s tour, will show auditions of young and old get interviewed by Willie, and challenges from the road crew, to see if they make it to the live finale, filmed at a concert in Texas in late summer of 2013.

To apply:

[Min age:  18; no maximum age]

Budrock “The Illuminator” Prewitt, Lighting Director for Willie Nelson marries, retires

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Willie Nelson’s long-time lighting director got married on his birthday,  and retired from his life on the road this month.   Budrock’s daugther, Zoe, will replace him as the band’s new iluminator.  “She ran her first light board at the age of two” Budrock said.  The young Prewitt has already changed the dymanic of the crew bus, by replacing the oldest crew member, with now the youngest.   New rules are expected on the bus, too, like toilet seats must be put down, crew bus no longer clothing-optional zone, etc.

No information has been released about who the  bride is,  but Budrock and the lucky lady reportedly left for their honeymoon in her private jet.  Bon voyage!

Sir Richard Branson announces moon walk with Willie Nelson

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Virgin America Airlines Dallas-Fort Worth Launch

SIR Richard Branson is planning his most daring  adventure yet — a walk on the  surface of the MOON with Willie Nelson

The Virgin tycoon, 62, is said to be among a small team of billionaires  investing in a commercially funded lunar mission, and today announced that his travelling companion will be Willie Nelson.

The $150.00 million space trip has been secretly planned for wealthy clients by a  company named Golden Spike. It has been set up by leading aerospace experts  including ex-NASA science chief Alan Stern. Golden Spike is expected to make  an announcement about the lunar mission in Washington on Thursday.

Early investors are being asked to put up initial sums of 6.3 million each in  Golden Spike, which plans to use conventional US rocket technology to  prepare  a private manned moon campaign.

The firm has reportedly already signed a deal with private space company  SpaceX for a rocket and a lunar orbiter. Sir Richard’s previous adventures  include ballooning around the world. He is already booked on the first  commercial sub-orbital flight that will be operated by his own space company  Virgin Galactic, possibly next year.

Branson said he hope to partner with Nelson on the first hotel and honky tonk on the moon.


Willie Nelson Film Fest in Telluride

Monday, April 1st, 2013


The Telluride Film Board announced theme for it’s 2014 Film Festival on Friday with plans for their Willie Nelson Film Fest.  The festival, which runs from June 18 – 25th, 2014,  will feature all films in which Willie Nelson has starred or appeared.  Willie Nelson and Robert Redford have both signed up and will make appearances at opening night of the summer film festival, which will show “Electric Cowboy”, followed by Willie Nelson & Family Concert.

Willie Nelson to release new boxed set “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before” (64 cd – boxed set)

Monday, April 1st, 2013

boxed set

Willie Nelson’s output of albums during his career is perhaps only rivaled by the number (and caliber) of the songs he’s written and had recorded by other artists — and the eclectic rosters of fellow artists with whom he’s collaborated through the years.

In April, to celebrate his 80th birthday, Willie Nelson will release a boxed set featuring duets he has recorded, called “To all the Girls I loved Before”  The 64-boxed set, will include 1,250 duets he has recorded since his musical career started over fifty years ago.

The boxed set will include duets with Bobby Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Dolly Parton,  Barbra Streisand, Shelby Lynn, Lucinda Williams, LeeAnn Womack, Emmylou Harris, Shania Twain, Nancy Sinatra, Sheryl Crow, Cyndi Lauper, Brenda Star, Crystal Gayle, Patsy Cline, Doris Day, Marilyn Monroe, Janis Joplin, Diana Ross, Patty Duke, Natalie Wood, Jane Russell, Elizabeth Taylor, Taylor Swift, Myley Sirius, Madonna, Beyonce, Pink, Lady Gaga, Joni Mitchell, Diana Ross, Christina Aguillara, Shirley Temple, Connie Smith, Adele, and many others.

“This set won’t include all the girls, and I plan to release another 64-cd set next year.” Nelson said.

Willie Nelson signs up with Starbucks for new brew

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Washington-based coffee franchise Starbucks announced that they have signed a deal with Willie Nelson, who will appear in commercials promoting a new roast, “Cowboy Coffee”  Print adds will feature Willie Nelson on horseback, at his Texas ranch.


Willie Nelson has joined with Washington based coffee company Starbuck’s  to introduce  a marijuana-infused expresso drink.  The drink will only be sold in Starbucks stores in the states of Washington and Colorado, where residents voted last November to amend their state constitutions to permit sale, regulation and taxation of marijuana.

Willie Nelson to release exercise video, “Stretching With Willie”

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Willie Nelson has long been known for his exercise regimen of biking, jogging, boxing, tai kwan do. And recently, Nelson has encouraged fans who come to see him in concert to remember to stretch before and after his shows.

As seen in these photos, Nelson comes on stage and leads the audience through stretching exercises before the show starts.  Now, he plans to release his first “Stretching With Willie” exercise DVD.  Recently, Nelson invited friends to Texas, to film an exercise video, including Woody Harrelson, Owen and Luke Wilson, and Jessica Simpson, among others.   Scheduled release date for the video is November 2013 — just in time for the holidays


Willie Nelson to open “Willie World” Theme Park in 2014

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Luck Opry house

The Willie Nelson family has announced a partnership with Herschend Family Entertainment, with plans to open a 50-acre theme park on property adjacent to Willie Nelsons Texas ranch outside of Austin.  The Theme Park, which will be 100% solar operated, will feature rides inspired by the country singer’s long career in music, and will reflect his activism. Herschend is the company that operates DollyWorld in Tennessee, and Nelson said he got the inspiration after a recent recording session with Dolly,  when she recorded a song for an upcoming album with Willie.

Nelson will duplicate his Luck, Ranch, which was originally built as a movie set, on a larger scale, and visitors will experience a visit to authentic western town.     Fans will be able to ride around in buses fashioned after Willie Nelson’s tour bus, the HoneySuckle Rose.  Bumper cars will feature pick up trucks and 1960’s Cadillacs.    Visitors will be challenged by a giant haunted “Trigger” corn maze, and other interactive exhibits.  The park will include a concert hall, where Nelson will hold his annual Forth of July Picnic, as well as regulary scheduled concerts throughout the year.  A movie theater will show Willie Nelson movies 24-7.

A June groundbreaking is planned, with more details to follow later in the summer.