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Willie Nelson: Tour Brasil 1992

Monday, January 19th, 2015


Thank you, Budrock Prewitt, for this cool poster.

Willie Nelson Guitar Pick of the day: Happy 2015!

Saturday, January 10th, 2015



Yay, first guitar pick of 2015 has been released!

“The first of many Willie Guitar Picks to start off the New Year. The top pick is a genuine sketch drawn by Willie, and the 2nd pick below is for his shows tonight and tomorrow night at the House of Blues here in Las Vegas. I hand delivered them today to Dr. Budrock, Willie’s Lighting Director and good friend, at the Mandalay Bay Resort where the House of Blues is located…Now, where is my Red Headed Stranger CD for the drive down there.

Have a good one everyone.”

Guthrie Thomas

Men at Work

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014


Nice to see Budrock back where he belongs, after recovering from some freak accidents.


And Bobby Lemons on the sound board!

Happy Anniversary, Budrock Prewitt! (started working for Willie Nelson & Family Nov. 18, 1977)

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014


Congratulations, Budrock “Buddy” Prewitt, beginning a new year (his 38th), with Willie Nelson & Family.  This concert with WN&F and Linda Ronstadt  was his first show first show, at the SuperDome in New Orleans.   This is the poster from that show.

DSC_0346 by you.

Congratulations, Buddy, here’s to many more years to come.


“That was awhile back and I’m still here. Lucky, I guess. Greatful, for sure.” — Buddy

Think about it, Buddy has seen more Willie Nelson & Family shows than anyone ever anywhere!    His job doesn’t just involve getting in early and getting the lights set up, he works throughout the show and can’t slip away for a nap or snack.  That’s a lot of Willie Nelson & Family music!

[ed note:  I wanted to write that Buddy can’t ‘slip away to get stoned or get laid’, but it didn’t seem appropriate to write here, so I went with the nap and the snack thing. — Linda]


“On the road again”. Buddy “Budrock” Prewitt (SHOWCO lighting designer/director) catches a smoke during David Bowie’s 1976 Isolar “Station to Station” tour. Buddy resigned from SHOWCO in 1980 to work exclusively for Willie Nelson as his lighting director.  Please like our FB page SHOWCO the Book. Thank you!”



Budrock Prewitt and Ben Dorcy, III

Sunday, November 16th, 2014


Buddy Prewitt, “The Illuminator”, back at work with Willie Nelson & Family, and Ben Dorcy, III, the world’s oldest Roadie, in New Braunfels, Tx, taking a break duirng set up of the Willie Nelson & Family show tonight.

Budrock “The Illuminator” Prewitt and his pet snake

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Buddy with Cherie and Sue Anne, at Willie Nelson’s Cut N Put Perdenales Golf Course

Everyone was happy to see pictures of our favorite lighting engineer, Budrock “The Illuminator” Prewitt, at the Poodie Locke celebration event on Saturday. The golf tournament, the first annual (1st Sat in Oct.), brought together family and friends of Poodie Locke, tour manager for Willie Nelson and Family.

Up to his merry prankster ways, Buddy scared many people at the event (mostly cute women, I think), with his snake. And I am not speaking metaphorically, he had a snake in a cooler. He rode around in his golf cart and kindly offered a cold drink to the unsuspecting, and then when the lid opened,  a snake popped up!


Hope to see him at a Willie Nelson and Family Show, soon! Without his snake.

Thanks to Janis from Texas for her photo!

Buddy plays Forty-One Miles of Golf in One Day

Monday, September 29th, 2014



“On July 7, 1988, I was 38….. seems like yesterday.

We teed off at 12:01 AM and played non stop until 10 PM (22 hours).

We played with glow balls till the sun came up.”

— Buddy

Thank you Budrock “The Illuminator” Prewitt, for sending along this story from the past.  Check out his website for more of his unique collection:

Budrock is still home in Texas, recovering from a work-related accident last June.  Here’s the latest.

Update on the Great Illuminator.
(Thanks Margie Lemons)


Willie Nelson Guitar pick of the day: Farm Aid 2014

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Oh, it’s always exciting when a new pick design is released, and Guthrie Thomas kindly shares a picture of it. But it is so very extra exciting to see a new Farm Aid Guitar Pick! As always, lovingly designed by Budrock “The Illuminator” Prewitt, and Guthrie Thomas, of Guthrie Thomas Guitar Picks.

The lost interviews: Budrock Prewitt’s interview with Willie Nelson about Poodie Locke (circa 1980)

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014


“This was done in my living room in Dallas in 1980. It was me and a few Willie Vinyl Albums and a cassette machine.  Crude but funny.”

Buddy “Budrock” Prewitt
Willie Nelson & Family
Lighting Director aka “The Illuminator”

Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out the car window.

I feel bad that Budrock “The Illuminator” is still off the road, home in Texas, healing from an injury last June.  It’s gotta be killing him.   But, he continues to heal, slowly, and I know he appreciates all the good wishes folks send him.

Thanks to Buddy for sharing this ‘interview’ he had about Poodie Locke, with someone who knew him well,  Willie Nelson.






Budrock got his #WillieNelson #RollingStone

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Nice to see this face again, and to learn that Budrock “The Illuminator” Prewitt continues to heal after his accident last June.

Here’s the latest photo of the leg.


Sending Budrock some love

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014


“Lighting Director for 38 years now for Willie Nelson, Dr. Buddy “Budrock” Prewitt, L.D., and, a close friend, teacher, and mentor of mine, as well as many more, broke his foot rather badly and he had to go off tour for Willie to care for this serious injury. Why don’t you all send him a, “Get back on your Feet Soon Budrock” note as a favor to me. This will, of course, irritate him and piss him off a great deal but, it will keep his mind off his foot for a while and I’ll take the heat, and believe, he can dish it out. His email is:
Thanks. It is Good Medicine…”

Guthrie Thomas

Send cards to:

Budrock Prewett
Pedernales Golf Course
807 Paisley Drive
Spicewood, TX 78669

Willie Nelson Pick of the day (2011, 2012 Tour)

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014


Willie Nelson Guitar Pick of the Day: Farm Aid 2014

Monday, July 28th, 2014


Thank you, Guthrie Thomas, for sending this photo of Budrock “The Illuminator” Prewitt, and his own handsome self, along with news that the Farm Aid 2014 Guitar Pick is in the works! The guitar pick elves at are hard at work.

Now, who says you never hear any good news any more?

How’s Budrock “the Illuminator” Prewitt doing?

Sunday, July 27th, 2014


“I miss my job. I miss the entire road Family. I miss my bus. I miss setting up the lights and hanging the flag. I miss Dinner at 5:30. I miss my routine.

I miss the excitement of the crowd at their first sight of Willie as he strolls onstage, I miss seeing the Texas Flag coming out of it’s bag at the beginning of the show.

I miss telling the spotlight operators to make sure and get a good shot of Bobbie when she does her piano solos and to get ready because Mickey is next and to watch out because he does not stand still.

I miss lighting up the audience and letting Willie see his fans singing back to him and them knowing he is catching their energy. I miss me chasing Willie. I miss those quick left turns he sometimes takes.

I miss it all, but mostly I miss the bonus of getting to see and hear Willie play and sing almost every night while I work. It is Fun. It’s my normal………and I can’t wait to get back.”

– Budrock
Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out the car window.

I called down to Texas to visit with Budrock “The Illuminator” Prewitt, Lighting Director for Willie Nelson & Family, to see how he was healing from his injury in June.  Buddy was injured working at a Willie Nelson show, when a freak accident caused him to break his heel, sprain some things and tear up some other things.  He has been home, off the road, waiting for the swelling to go down so surgeons and other medical experts can work on it and help put him back together for the road.   Most recent xrays in July show no change from June, and the doctors are still telling him to stay put for a couple months.

“I have a wheelchair, Crutches, 2 Knee Scooters(One for upstairs), & a golf cart, but none of em have the ability to keep up with the bus.  I can now drive again but not very far because I can’t get the foot comfortable in the truck. I did get a handicap placard for my vehicle, so I don’t have to crutch it too far when I do get out.”

I am used to making things happen… a hurry and efficiently. There is nothing going on here that seems to be an immediate priority. I feel like a grain of sand in the desert.

Cabin Fever is setting in.







Buddy Bear gets laid at Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

Billy English misses Budrock

Everyone missed Budrock “The Illuminator” Prewitt, at Willie Nelson’s 4th of July picnic. He’s been at every picnic I’ve ever been too, and except for the band, he’s probably been to more picnics than anyone, either as a fan or as a crew member.

Janis from Texas, Clem Brown, Terry Thompson, pose with Buddy Bear, at Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic

Budrock says goodbye to band and crew, as they load up to leave for the 4th of July picnic in Fort Worth.

Budrock is Willie Nelson’s & Family’s Lighting Engineer, and he was injured early last month. He broke his heel, and tore and stretched and bent and punctured other parts of his feet, during a routine jump from the stage, setting up for a show. So sad; surgeons still waiting for swelling and infection to go down before they can do anything.  Ouch.  I can’t look at the photos; too painful.


Anyway, Budrock wasn’t there, but Budrock the Bear, or Buddy Bear, as the girls call him, was there to represent. He gave orders, growled at a few people, handed out guitar picks to a few lucky fans, and goofed around with Bobby at the sound board. And he posed for pictures with Buddy’s friends.


I know Buddy Bear was a virgin when the day started out, but by the end of the night, I think his life had changed forever. Women kept coming to get him and take him away, then bring him back with his fur all fluffed. I don’ t know. He didn’t say anything, but he was smiling.

LG wanted to send his best wishes to Budrock, too, and Janis and I photo bombed his picture.