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Willie Nelson and his fans

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016


Thanks to Patricia Lopez for sharing her picture of Willie Nelson spending time with his fans after a Willie Nelson & Family Concert.

Sunday, April 24th, 2016


Willie Nelson Art (by Janine Holter)

Sunday, April 24th, 2016


Thanks to Janine “Beanie” Holter, of Minneapolis, for sharing a photo of the painting she made of Willie Nelson spending time with his fans after a Willie Nelson & Family show.

Lil Wayne’s Guitar Lesson from Willie Nelson, “Sweet Home Alabama”

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Lil Wayne reveals that he learned how to play “Sweet Home Alabama” from Willie Nelson on the fly right before the 2008 Country Music Awards
by: Althea Legaspi

Nothing like learning how to play a song on the guitar on the fly from a country legend – that’s what happened when Lil Wayne was tapped to perform with Kid Rock and Willie Nelson during the 2008 Country Music Awards. According to Weezy, who shared the story while participating with 2 Chainz in a multi-part video series on their ColleGrove collaboration for Genius and WorldStarHipHop, he didn’t have much time to pull off Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” live onstage. However, Nelson came to his rescue.

In the clip, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz are backstage at Atlanta’s the Tabernacle in March. “I got a real funny story about Kid Rock. I did the Country Music Awards with him before,” Wayne tells 2 Chainz, adding that he showed up five minutes before they were to take the stage, literally, as they were behind the curtains before they were about to go up.

Wayne was told that they would be playing “Sweet Home Alabama.” However, there’s a slight problem. “[Kid Rock’s] like, I know you know that, right?’ I was like, ‘I’m black,'” Wayne says, laughing.

“What he don’t know is I don’t know how to play the guitar. I just made a song called ‘Leather So Soft’ and it worked,” he explains. “That’s all I know how to play is ‘Leather So Soft.’ You feel me? Is that going to work for ‘Sweet Home Alabama’? I’m not sure.”

And while Wayne says that it was becoming obvious to others onstage that the situation might go south quickly, the Red Headed Stranger steps in to save the day. “Willie Nelson walks up. He comes up, he says, ‘Let me show you,'” and then Wayne mimics the chords that Nelson quickly teaches him. “I played it with him” and then boom, the curtains go up and it’s show time. “I got to play ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ with Kid Rock and Willie Nelson.”

The pair also discussed presumably one of their favorite pastimes. “I told Willie Nelson, I said, ‘I heard you smoked Snoop under the table. He said, ‘Right under that motherfucker.’ I said, ‘I ain’t Snoop.’ Know that, know that,” Wayne concludes.

Paul and Billy English with Katrina, in New Braunfels

Monday, April 18th, 2016


Katrina and Lane from Flagstaff met up with Billy and Paul English, at the Willie Nelson & Family Show at Whitewater Amphitheater.  Nice photo, Lane.

Willie Nelson and his newest fan

Friday, April 15th, 2016


How sweet is this photo.

Another Willie Nelson fan

Friday, April 15th, 2016


A lucky hat in Luck, Texas

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016


Willie Nelson wore this lucky Willie Nelson fan’s hat when he tossed it to him on stage at the Luck Reunion Chef’s Potluck concert. And he got the hat back! Sometimes, even when Willie tries to toss back to the original owner, another fan catches it and claim ownership, and it’s hard for them to let go of their prize catch.  I get it. (I could tell you stories of some of the battles over bandannas we have seen, but that’s another story.) This time, there was no problem and the hat was returned to the owner. He said the two fans took pictures together with the hat.

I see these guys everywhere!   Willie Nelson fans are the greatest.


Dee and Alice’s Willie Nelson adventure in Texas

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016


Alice Kaufmann, Dee Sulenski and Pat Wiley Keeney, at Luck, Texas

Willie Nelson fan Dee Sulenski from Virginia shared about her adventures with Alice Kaufmann, from Georgia, on their recent trip to Texas.  I think they hit most of the hot spots in their 812 mile drive around Texas.  Thanks, Dee!


On 3/14/16 I flew from VA to Atlanta to meet up with my phenomenal Willie friend, Alice Kaufmann. On 3/15/16 we began our epic Willie Nelson centered trip to TX by flying from Atlanta to San Antonio, TX.

From San Antonio we drove to Helotes, TX, the home of Bee Spears, and visited John T. Floore Country Store. This is a famous dance hall and a long standing haunt of Willie’s. We then travelled onto Bandera, the Cowboy Capital of the World and ate lunch at the OST (Old Spanish Trail) Restaurant. After Bandera we drove to Luckenbach, TX, of “Willie, Waylon & the Boys” fame. We visited there for awhile then travelled on to Marble Falls, our home base for this trip.

The next morning we were off toward Abbott, TX, the town where Willie was born. On the way, we stopped at the cemetery in Vaughan, TX and paid our respects to Willie’s son, Billy, then continued on to Abbott. I think that visiting Abbott has been #1 on my bucket list, for over 30 years, and we had a lovely visit there. We visited the Abbott Methodist Church, Panther’s Pantry and visited with Doreen & Darrell who run this little shop. They pointed out the spot where Willie had carved his name in wet cement, on the sidewalk, when he was a child. For any of you skeptics, Willie confirmed to me that he did indeed do that when he was a child in Abbott.

After my dream-fulfilling visit in Abbott we travelled to West, TX to indulge in Kolaches from the Czech Stop–yummy. On our way back to Marble Falls we stopped by the cemetery in Waco to pay our respects to our friend and Willie’s long-time stage manager, Poodie Locke. We also ate a Poodie Burger at Poodie’s Hilltop in Spicewood, TX before ending up back in Marble Falls for the night.

Thursday morning found us heading into Austin where we hired a Pedicab and visited Willie’s statue, another item on my bucket list, and 2 beautiful murals of Willie. Then we were off to the main event! Chef’s Potluck in Luck, TX followed by an intimate Willie Nelson show! Willie was joined by his sons Lukas Autry Nelson and Micah Nelson as well as Mickey Raphael, Bobbie Nelson and Kevin Smith. It was a fabulous experience and Willie autographed my photo of his initials from Abbott!

Friday was supposed to be another late Willie show, but after spending 6 hrs waiting by the front of the stage we were sent back to our cars due to very strong thunderstorms. We waited in the car for a couple of hrs, but due to some miscommunication, that was the end of our day. We were disappointed, but still walking on cloud 9 from the show the previous night and the extremely wonderful opportunity to spend the day in Luck, TX. I was fortunate to finally meet several on-line friends IRL and that was wonderful!

On the way back to San Antonio we stopped in Gruene, to visit Gruene Hall, said to be the oldest dance hall in TX. We walked through the the hall, where live music was being played, looked at a very old pic of @Jimmie Dale Gilmore and saw the Willie window!

Our road trip in TX covered 812 miles in 4 days and we accomplished all of the Willie items on our list!

Willie Nelson Fans in Luck

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016


I can’t confirm, but I heard that these girls won the wet tee shirt contest after the rain storm came through. Way to go Pat Wiley Keeney, Alice Kaufmann and Dee Boutilier Sulenski.  I’ll post pictures from the contest as soon as they pop up on the world wide web.

Catching Willie Nelson’s bandannas #LuckReunion

Monday, March 21st, 2016


This fan caught one of Willie Nelson’s bandannas Thursday night at the Luck Reunion concert, in the Revival Tent.

DSC_0893 DSC_0894

This lucky fan caught one, too!


Willie Nelson fans and friends @Luck Reunion

Sunday, March 20th, 2016


Alice from Atlanta, Budrock “The Illuminator” Prewitt, Willie Nelson & Family’s Lighting Engineer, and Dee from Virginia, meet up

Next to getting to see Willie Nelson perform, it’s always a treat to connect with other Willie Nelson fans, Lukas Nelson fans, Micah Nelson fans and other music lovers at these events. It’s always a reunion, even if we haven’t met before.  Sorry for all the pics of me, but it’s easy to get carried away when we meet up.


I got to finally meet the brilliant and gorgeous Michelle Barish Manning, fresh from the Kris Kristofferson tribute concert and a 16-hour bus ride from Nashville.  And she looked that fresh first thing in the morning.  At least my hair looks good.   Michelle is a stellar writer.  Follow her on Facebook and Twitter to be informed, inspired and entertained.

Dee Boutilier Sulenski

“I haven’t had much access to wi-if so I’ve been a bit delayed in posting. Cherie Brautigam, Linda Banks & Pat Wiley Keeney! It was so great to finally meet y’all. We’ve been Willie friends for so long, it seemed like we had met years ago! Janis Tillerson it was great to see you, again! I wish we’d had more time together and I can’t wait to see y’all on the road again! — with Alice Kaufmann and Linda Banks.” — Dee Boutilier Sulenski

escobarsluckDSC_0011 lucklindadahl





Houston Scientist joins Willie Nelson and Mickey Raphael on stage at the Rodeo

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

Immunologist James Allison and wife, Dr. Padmanee Sharma
By Todd Ackerman

Houston scientist Jim Allison seemingly has received every big research prize short of the Nobel, but Friday night he may have achieved his greatest honor.

He played harmonica onstage with an appreciative Willie Nelson.

Allison joined Nelson on “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die” at the Redneck Country Club in Stafford, trading solos with his idol, Mickey Raphael, the country icon’s longtime harmonica player. Raphael last year issued Allison an open invitation to accompany the band after reading a newspaper article about Allison’s cancer research.

“Without a doubt, it was one of the top five moments in my life,” Allison said Saturday. “To have Willie Nelson grin at you while you’re playing and then applaud – well, that’s not something that happens to many people.”

Allison, of course, is best known as the MD Anderson Cancer Center scientist whose 1995 discovery of a natural brake on the immune system jump-started the newest frontier in cancer treatment, immunotherapy. Despite widespread skepticism about his discovery among cancer researchers and the pharmaceutical industry, Allison subsequently developed a drug that removed the brake. It made long-term survivors out of some patients whose metastatic cancers were considered death sentences.

The breakthrough revived the field of immunotherapy, long a dream of cancer researchers but considered something of a lost cause.

On the side, Allison plays harmonica, and he even shared a stage with Nelson some 40?years ago as a San Diego-area post-doc. But that was mostly fortuitous, involving a local bar’s talent night, and Raphael wasn’t there. Playing with Nelson and Raphael in a real concert setting was on Allison’s bucket list, says his wife, Dr. Padmanee Sharma.

There was no rehearsal beyond Allison and Raphael doodling on their harmonicas for about 30 minutes before the show. Allison had fretted he wasn’t good enough to play alongside one of the greats.

But in the video shot from the side of the stage by Sharma, Allison can be seen having the time of his life and acquitting himself well after Raphael nodded for him to come on stage about an hour into the concert. The harmonica players may be a study in contrasts – Allison bouncing about as he plays, Raphael almost still – but it’s clear Nelson approves.

At the song’s conclusion, he thanks “Dr. Jim and Ray Wiley (Hubbard) up here helping us out.”

Todd Ackerman
Todd Ackerman

Willie Nelson and his fans

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Another Willie Nelson Impersonator

Monday, February 29th, 2016


Thanks, Lisa Pittman