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Some Willie Good Stuff

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Picnic Package:  $35.00

All Access has some cool Willie Nelson souvenirs for sale, including the above package they shipped with tickets to Willie Nelson’s picnic.

Visit to see the items for sale:

  • Live Willie Wristbands
  • Wille Nelson Live
  • 4th of July Picnic
  • Music
  • Books
  • Shirts
  • Digital Downloads

Willie Nelson and Family Concert at Floore’s Country Store Available at Live!Willie!

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Here’s some great news for this Monday morning.  Live!Willie! is offering recordings of the Willie Nelson and Family show at Floore’s Country Store on 10/11/07, on a 256MB USB wristbands/flash sticks.  They were being offered at the show, and now you can get the wristbands at 

This was such a fantastic show, and it is so great that everyone can get a recording of it, soundboard quality, of this show, and so fast!  Thanks to Rachel, Chris and Crew for making this happen.

The wristbands plug right into any USB port on your computer, and you can listen to it on your computer, burn it to a CD, or upload it to your iPod or any mp3 compatible device! This is an audio recording and does not include visual content.

 Click Here to get your USB wristband and many other great Willie Nelson offers!

Here’s a set list to the show.  Willie Nelson and Family played for over two hours that night; hope all the songs fit on the wristband:    

Whiskey River
Still is Still Moving
Whiskey for my Men
Working Man Blues
Over Yonder
Me and Bobby McGee
I gotta Get Over You Again
A Moment of Forever
Georgia on a Fast Train
Me and Paul
If you’ve got the money, honey.
BLue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Bue Skies
Blue Skies
All of Me
Mama don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys
Angel Falling Too Close to the Ground
On the Road Again
You Were Always on My Mind
Will the Circle be Unbroken?
Hey good Lookin’
Move it on Over
Pancho and Lefty
City of New Orleans
Good Hearted Woman
Help Me Make it Through the Night
You Don’t Think I’m Funny Anymore
I Saw the Light
Back to Earth
To All the Girls I’ve loved before
Luckenbach, Texas
Whiskey River
Shotgun Willie
A Peaceful Solution

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

If you didn’t make it to see Willie Nelson and Family on the Fourth of July in George, Washington, there’s good news – you can still hear the live concert. has 19 live, sound-board recordings for sale of various concerts from 2000 through the present.  The concerts are recorded on memory flash drives attached to wristbands.    Then you plug the memory stick into your computer, and download the music to your computer.

Willie Nelson concert Wristbands/flashcards now available!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007


Hey Willie Fans and Club Luck Members!

Live Willie Wristbands now available! These wristbands plug right into any USB port and you can experience or re-live the amazing Willie Nelson LIVE with a recorded version of any of the Willie concerts listed below.

Did you miss the 4th of July show? Did you lose your wristband, or just need another copy? Want a wristband with another great Willie show? Make sure to check the new Club Luck store for added wristbands, and get yours while you can!

Use the coupon code: LIVEWILLIE to get 20% off!

You’ll be able to find a Live Willie Wristband for the following shows:

  • 7/4/2007 The 4th of July Picnic in George, Washington
  • 6/18/2007 Thunder Bay, Canada Fort Williams Gardens
  • 6/19/2007 Winnipeg, Canada MTS Centre
  • 6/20/2007 Regina, Canada Brandt Centre
  • 6/22/2007 Calgary, Canada Pengrowth Saddledome
  • 6/23/2007 Edmonton, Canada Rexall Place
  • 6/25/2007 Grand Prairie, Canada Crystal Centre
  • 6/26/2007 Prince George, Canada CN Centre
  • 6/27/2007 Kamloops, Canada Interior Savings Centre
  • 6/28/2007 Victoria, Canada Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre
  • 6/29/2007 Vancouver, Canada Pacific Coliseum
  • 7/12/2007 San Diego, CA San Diego State Open Air Theatre
  • 7/13/2007 Costa Mesa, CA Pacific Amphitheatre
  • 7/15/2007 Pala, CA Palomer Starlight Casino
  • 7/16/2007 Saratoga, CA Mountain Winery

LiveWillie! Wristbands Rock!

Sunday, July 8th, 2007


I’ve been taping Willie and the Dead concerts for years, and the quality of my recordings were always hit or miss (mostly miss.)  Or I would befriend someone in the taper section of a Grateful Dead concert, and barter something (usually pot) for a copy of their tape, with, again, no guarantee on the quality. 

So wow, what a thrill to go home from Willie’s Choteau and Gorge 4th of July concerts with a sound board recording of the shows I just saw!  It’s amazing, really.   Starting with the shows on Willie Nelson’s Canadian tour, LiveWillie! was pre-selling wristbands with a flash storage device on one end, which you then picked up immediately after the show.  The wristband cost $25.00 each and had the entire show you just saw, plus a pre-recorded version of Willie’s new song, “A Peaceful Solution.”  

To be honest, I was a little intimidated by the device when I got home Thursday and realized I was really happy I had the flash stick, but that I didn’t know where I was supposed to stick it.  But I stuck it in the hole on my computer where it fits (a usb port, as it turns out), went to Windows Media Center, uploaded it and saved it to my hard drive.  Then I burned a cd, and downloaded it to my ipod.  Cool, huh?

I was on the same flight from Great Falls to Seattle with Chris Collins, who is Rachel Fowler’s partner in the LiveWillie! project, and does the recording/copying after the show.  I asked how he did it so fast, and he said there are lots of slots, and he can make them very fast, and can keep up with the demand at any show.  The show is recorded on one long track, too.  He said that Willie Nelson is the first person to use this new technology, but that it is getting popular now. 

After the concert on the 4th at the Gorge, I helped hand out the wristbands to fans who had pre-purchased them before the show.  (Rachel had a special bus to catch.) And man, everyone was so excited to get to take home a recording of the Willie show we just saw.  The line moved quickly, too, so no one had to wait long.  A runner would bring us 25 or so at a time from where Chris was making the recordings, and we would exchange them for the tickets fans received when they purchased the wristband earlier.  

Now I am sitting here getting goosebumps listening to the Choteau show.  It sounds like you’re at a live concert!  Better sound, really, it’s off the sound board, so you don’t have to listen to a recording of the drunk guy next you singing along with Willie on Poncho and Lefty, like I do on my recordings. 

My only complaint is that the flash disk I got from the Choteau show did not include Willie singing “Red Headed Stranger”, which was such a treat to get to hear live again in concert.  Maybe not enough room on the disk, or?  That’ s my only complaint, though.

Way to go, Willie!  So high tech.  Good job, Rachel and Chris.  and thanks!

LiveWillie! currently sells live shows at their site at 

Hats, Bandanas, Waves and Kisses — What Next? Now Willie Nelson Tosses a Concert to the Crowd!

Monday, June 25th, 2007


Starting with his Canadian tour, Willie Nelson has made his concerts available to purchase and take home with you after the show, via a wristband/flashstick.

JK, the lucky fan who got to travel across Canada and follow Willie’s show,  reported that in Regina, Willie wore one of the flashticks/wristbands with the Winnipeg show recorded on it, along with a video of him singing Peaceful Solution, and then he threw it out into the crowd!  How cool is that?  I asked him about how the flashsticks work, and he said this:

Re: the flash drives:   It is based on demand. A guy would come running up to the booth with a dozen drives, the webmistress would sell them, the guy would come back with a dozen more and ask if she needed another batch. Not sure how many they sold – I was in the second row (WOO) so it took quite a while to get to the booth, which was in the back of the arena. The nice thing about this system is that you don’t have to worry about them running out.

It was all one track, so there was no editing involved. I assume they record a plain ol’ .wav file of the concert, encode it as an MP3 (should take 10 minutes or so – maybe less if they’ve got a really fast computer dedicated to this, and there’s no reason they wouldn’t), and then it’s just a matter of copying the file to as many flash drives as required.

Also on the wristband was a video of Willie singing Peaceful Solution. They could pre-load those onto all the wristbands to save time.

During the show, Willie wore a wristband with the Winnipeg show on it, and he tossed it to the crowd at the end.

Download Willie Nelson Live!

Friday, June 22nd, 2007 has added additional songs you can purchase and download.  There are now over 60 Willie Nelson and Family shows from 2000 – 2006 available for download.  And more to be added, they note.

Willie Nelson Offers Flashstick Wristbands After Concerts

Thursday, June 21st, 2007 announced last week that recordings of Willie’s concerts are being made available on  flashstick wristbands immediately following Willie’s concerts. This is being offered now on Willie’s Canadian tour.   Fans can purchase the wristbands for $25.00 as they leave the show.  posted that the wristbands are a hit, and hundreds of fans are lining up after the show to purchase them.  Also, he said that Willie has been wearing one of the wristbands on stage while he plays.

Take Willie Nelson home with you after the show

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Willie’s Fan association, has announced that beginning with the upcoming Canadian tour, fans will be able to purchase a LiveWillie wristband with a memory stick and a recording of a show they just enjoyed.

The wristbands sell for $20.00 and will be available immediately after the show.

Now, that’s great news!  Soundboard recordings of a Willie Nelson and Family show after the show.   Wow.