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Let’s Get Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard Song on the Radio “It’s All Going to Pot”

Sunday, April 26th, 2015



“Django and Jimmie” album available June 2nd!


Willie & Merle (Cow Palace)

Thursday, April 16th, 2015



This is another rare poster, from Budrock’s amazing collection of posters, passes, pictures.

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Track list to new Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard Album, “Django and Jimmie”

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

by: Craig Hlavaty

More details were released on Wednesday regarding the upcoming duets album from country legends Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard.

“Django and Jimmie” will hit physical and digital shelves on June 2, according to a press release from Nelson’s camp Wednesday morning.

The title of the album refers to Django Reinhardt and Jimmie Rodgers, two of the major musical heroes for Nelson and Haggard.

This will be Nelson’s sixth studio album in the past two years since signing with record label Legacy Recordings in early 2012.

His first album with Haggard, “Pancho & Lefty,” was released more than 32 years ago in January 1983.

Haggard told Rolling Stone that the album took less than a week to record.

Haggard was last in the Houston area on April 1, playing a set at the Redneck Country Club in Stafford. Nelson played a sold-out date at the Houston House of Blues in November 2014. There is always the possibility they could return to the Bayou City and play the same stage if we wish hard enough.


The “Django and Jimmie” track listing is as follows:

  1. “Django and Jimmie” – written by Jimmy Melton and Jeff Prince
  2. “It’s All Going to Pot” – written by Buddy Cannon, Jamey Johnson and Larry Shell
  3. “Unfair Weather Friend” – written by Marla Cannon-Goodman and Ward Davis
  4. “Missing Ol’ Johnny Cash” – written by Merle Haggard
  5. “Live This Long” – written by Shawn Camp and Marv Green
  6. “Alice in Hulaland” – written by Willie Nelson and Buddy Cannon
  7. “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” – written by Bob Dylan
  8. “Family Bible” – written by Walter M. Breeland, Paul F. Buskirk, and Claude Gray
  9. “It’s Only Money” – written by Willie Nelson and Buddy Cannon
  10. “Swinging Doors” – written by Merle Haggard
  11.  “Where Dreams Come To Die” – written by Willie Nelson and Buddy Cannon
  12. “Somewhere Between” – written by Merle Haggard
  13. “Driving The Herd” – written by Willie Nelson and Buddy Cannon
  14. “The Only Man Wilder Than Me” – written by Merle Haggard

Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard album, “Django and Jimmie” to be released June 2nd! (But you can pre-order it now)

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015


Merle Haggard’s and Willie Nelson’s new collaboration album ‘Django & Jimmie’ features 14 new studio tracks and it comes out on June 2nd. Pre-order it on Amazon Music.

Helmed by Nelson’s longtime producer, collaborator and friend Buddy Cannon, Django and Jimmie premieres 14 brand-new studio recordings including: “Django and Jimmie,” a dual tribute to jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and Jimmie Rodgers, country music’s mythic “Singing Brakeman”; the reflective and meditative “Live This Long”; “Missing Ol’ Johnny Cash,” an homage to country music’s original Man in Black featuring guest vocals from Bobby Bare; a sublime interpretation of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”; and the future outlaw country classic “Unfair Weather Friend,” written by rising songsmiths Marla Cannon-Goodman (Buddy Cannon’s daughter) and Ward Davis.

A legendary country music producer and songwriter in his own right, Buddy helped pen five of the album’s tracks, including “It’s All Going To Pot” (a rollicking anthem for the emerging 21st century cannabis culture) and four cowrites with Willie: “Alice In Hulaland,” “It’s Only Money,” “Where Dreams Come To Die,” and “Driving The Herd.”

Among the 14 essential recordings on Django and Jimmie, Nelson and Haggard each pay musical tribute to the other through heartfelt solo performances: Willie singing Merle’s “Somewhere Between” and Merle covering Willie’s “Family Bible.”

You can pre-order your copy here:

Legends of the road: Willie, Merle, Kris (SOLD OUT)

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

photo (5)


Thanks, Janis Tillerson, for sharing this picture she took of the SOLD OUT poster, from concert on April 4th.

Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, Whitewater Amphitheater, New Braunsfel, TX (Mar. 26, 27, 28)

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

whitewater 3.28.15 133

What a treat, three nights of Willie Nelson and Family, Paula Nelson, and Merle Haggard. Three nights of any one of them would be great, but to get three nights of all that great music was an experience I won’t forget.

There was so much love in the air. The shows were sold out every night, the venue packed with fans who jumped on tickets last November to see these legends. WN&F and Merle Haggard and the Strangers played complete shows each night, and Merle came out and played guitar and sang during Willie’s set. Then, on Saturday night, Willie came out and played with the Strangers, and he and Merle performed songs from the album that they are working on together. Can’t wait for the album!

whitewater 3.28.15 030

whitewater 3.28.15 040
whitewater 3.28.15 100

whitewater 3.28.15 045

Willie Nelson and Family, and Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson at WinStar World Casino (4/4/15) (Thackerville, OK) (April 2015)

Monday, April 6th, 2015


Kevin Smith, Willie Nelson, Billy English



Kris Kristofferson, with the Strangers



Merle Haggard and the Strangers with Kris Kristofferson


See more photos of Willie Nelson and Family and Merle Haggard from the concert at the Winstar FaceBook Page:

Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, “It’s All Going to Pot”

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard performed their new song last week at Whitewater Amphitheater.

Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard at Whitewater Amphitheater (March 26,27,28, 2015)

Monday, March 30th, 2015

photo: John Doyle
by: Chuck Eddy

Capping three evening pairings with Willie Nelson at WhiteWater Amphitheater on Saturday, 15 minutes outside the Central Texas river-tubing paradise of New Braunfels, Merle Haggard thought the audience wasn’t being responsive enough to his “we don’t smoke marijuana in Muskogee” line, so he tried it again. A minute or so later, Nelson came out to finish “Okie From Muskogee” with him, for fans who by then were all in on the joke, and from there they both went into what Haggard called a new song “about the same subject”: “It’s All Going to Pot,” off their impending fourth duets album together, Django & Jimmie. After “Pancho and Lefty” and another new tune, they took a break while Nelson’s smaller combo set up. But the night served as a primer on what both great men share.

Willie Nelson and Jimmy Kimmel Watch Willie Nelson Ace Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Pot Quiz’ »
They both have birthdays coming up, for one thing. In April, Nelson turns 82 and Haggard turns 78. And Haggard’s earlier set was itself preceded by brief turns by two of the icons’ offspring: Paula Nelson opened, finishing her string of covers dueting with her dad on Creedence’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”; Noel Haggard’s somewhat stoic set was lengthened a little, since it took some time to lure his dad from the tour bus. Add much younger Ben Haggard backing Dad on guitar and Nelson’s sister Bobbie adding boogie-woogie piano bounce to his songs, and it was quite a family affair in general.

Hill Country trees behind them – WhiteWater’s the kind of venue where people with RVs can camp out – Haggard and Nelson both indulged blues and jazz sides, though Nelson both more blatantly and nonchalantly, and with fewer musicians. Haggard’s set allowed for several sax and harmonica breaks and a good fiddle hoedown, though. He opened with “Big City,” covered “Folsom Prison Blues,” dedicated “Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down” to “all the female drunks in the house,” and speeded up “The Fightin’ Side of Me” for “all the soldiers fightin’ for us.” But what most got his nine-person combo cooking was Sleepy John Estes’ “Milk Cow Blues.”

Nelson’s band – spiked by standup bass and two drummer-percussionists, one specializing in egg shakers, along with Bobbie tinkling ivories and a frequently gnarly tone from the frontman’s beat-up guitar – was almost all rhythm. “On the Road Again” and “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” most got a crowd marinated in light beer and other substances singing along, and a Toby Keith-less “Beer for My Horses” shocked the system. But between the “Whiskey River” kickoff and spiritual-choir wrap-up, the real highlights came when sister Bobbie supplied the most groove: an extended “Night Life” and a Hank Williams “Jambalaya”/”Hey Good Lookin’”/”Move It On Over” medley that led straight into “Georgia on My Mind” followed by Billy Joe Shaver’s “Georgia on a Fast Train.” Rock, jazz, blues, gospel, Hoagy Carmichael, it all fed into the same stream – like Haggard’s set, an object lesson for those who believe great country music is about purism, when really it can come from anywhere.

Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, “Poncho and Lefty”

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard rehearsed some new songs and some old songs in the afternoon before the show at Whitewater Amphitheater last night.

The Red Headed Stranger and the Strangers @Whitewater Amphitheater

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

2015-03-27 16.27.18

Willie Nelson joined Merle Haggard and the Strangers and rehearsed some new songs in the afternoon before the show last night.

2015-03-27 16.30.18

2015-03-27 16.30.04

2015-03-27 16.09.39


Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard (Whitewater Amphitheater) (March 26, 27, 28)

Monday, March 16th, 2015


This day in Willie Nelson history: Last of the Breed tour kicks off in Arizona (3/9/2007)

Monday, March 9th, 2015


On March 9, 2007, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Ray Price team up for short tour, with s Asleep At The Wheel serves as their backing band.  An album and dvd were released with music from the tour.

1.Miles and Miles of Texas (w/Asleep at the Wheel
2.Make the World Go Away (Ray Price)
3.For the Good Times (Ray Price)
4.Take Me Back to Tulsa (Merle Haggard)
5.Silver Wings (Merle Haggard)
6.That’s the Way Love Goes (Merle Haggard)
7.Okie From Miskogee (Merle Haggard)
8.Pancho and Lefty (Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard)
9.Always on My Mind (Willie Nelson)
10.Mama Tried (Merle Haggard)
11.Ramblin’ Fever (Merle Haggard)
12.I Gotta Have My Baby Back (Willie Nelson, Ray Price, Merle Haggard)
13.Night Life (Ray Price)
14.Sing Me Back Home (Merle Haggard)
15.Crazy (Willie Nelson, Ray Price
16.On the Road Again (Willie Nelson)

Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, Whitewater Amphitheater (Mar 26, 27, 28)

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015


Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, “Reason to Quit”

Saturday, February 21st, 2015