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Meet Ben Dorcy: #3 – “King of the Roadies” documentary — help make it happen!

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

A sneak preview from the upcoming documentary KING OF THE ROADIES. Join our Kickstarter campaign so you will have the opportunity to see the finished film.


You can contribute through the Kickstarter campaign:, search for Ben Dorcy or King of the Roadies.

Willie Nelson will narrate this feature length documentary about Ben Dorcy lll, aka “Lovey”.  Directors Trevor Doyle Nelson and Amy Nelson present KING OF THE ROADIES, a counter-culture tale of longevity through perseverance and adaptability.  The film will chronicle the extraordinary life of Ben Dorcy, the world’s oldest and by most accounts, first roadie ever.  We will revisit the six decades of music & film history that Ben helped to shape; including his time spent with John Wayne, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash,  Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline and many more.

Some of the artists who have already appeared in the film to share stories and discuss the living legend are Willie Nelson, Johnny Bush, Kinky Friedman, Jack Ingram, and Jamey Johnson.

The film will focus on Ben’s past as well as his present day life, that of a 90 year old working roadie.  His unique situation challenges the preconceived notions of what it means to grow old, and it raises some questions: Why must self-value diminish with age?  How do our perceived limitations shape our reality?  Is society serving it’s elders by encouraging them to retire?

Ben has kept the show on the road for over sixty-five years and he still tours with several bands including Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Cody Canada, Kevin Fowler, Cory Morrow, and Willie Nelson.  He is a trailblazer and a shining example of humanity whose story will inspire generations to come.  KING OF THE ROADIES will leave you a changed person, if for no other reason than spending an hour and half with Ben.  For more information about the film, visit


Friday, May 22nd, 2015



Thanks, Brad Wheeler

Meet Ben Dorcy Part I: King of the Roadies

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Enjoy this sneak preview from the upcoming documentary KING OF THE ROADIES.

Join the Kickstarter campaign and help raise funds to finish the film.    Then we can all see the finished film.

Visit — search for KING OF THE ROADIES project.

Thank you.

Willie Nelson and Ben Dorcy

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Presumably at a 4th of July Picnic in the 1970's...Ben Dorcy, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Margot Kidder, and Bee Spears.

Ben met Willie Nelson in the early 1960’s when they were both working for Ray Price.  Ben was the roadie, and Willie was the bass player.  When Willie took his own show on the road, he hired Ben, who was already legendary for his ability to get the job done, despite obstacles and perceived impossibilities.



King of the Roadies Kickstarter fundraiser starts today!
Help raise funds to finish the documentary about Ben Dorcy, who turns 90 today. – search for King of the Roadies project.

This Day in Willie Nelson History: Stagecoach (May 18, 1986)

Monday, May 18th, 2015

On May 18, 1986, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings appear in a CBS-TV remake of the western movie “Stagecoach,” along with June Carter, John Schneider, John Carter Cash, Jessi Colter, David Allan Coe and Billy Swan.


This movie stars Willie Nelson, and his Highwaymen buddies, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings. Great soundtrack, lots of Trigger playing throughout. Willie sings the title song, which he wrote with David Alan Coe, who also is in the movie, along with June Carter and other faces you will recognize.

Willie Nelson plays Doc Holiday. The movie has some of the best/worst movie lines ever:

Willie: “Is that the deck you play with?”

Waylon: “One of them.”

Willie: “May I see it, please? I must say, I admire your guts.”

Waylon: “Does that mean you wouldn’t play cards with me?”

Willie: “That means I’d shoot you on sight.”

Kris: Where ya headed?

Dallas: “I knew the answer to that when I was about 14. Then I hit 15 and I ran head onto that thing called reality. And I been walking with a lantern ever since.”

Waylon: “Don’t light that.”

Willie: “Did you say something?”

Waylon: “A gentleman doesn’t smoke in the presence of a lady”

Willie: “I wouldn’t like to think that you are implying that I am anything less. I may be, you understand, but I just wouldn’t want to hear you say it.”

Willie: “And what are you looking at, friend?”

Man: “That’s a filthy habit, smoking, just filthy.”

Willie: “I have a lot of filthy habits. Most of them I find very enjoyable”

Man: “Don’t you have any good habits.”

Willie: “You mean something that can be admired, and held up to a child as a good example?”

Man: “Yes, something like that.”

Willie: “No sir. Children despise that. There’s nothing a child despises more than a good example.”


June Carter to Willie (when he drinks a shot of whiskey): “Did you eat?”

Willie: “I ate a lot when I was young.”

“King of the Roadies” — Ben Dorcy documentary — sneak preview

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Amy Nelson and Trevor Doyle Nelson are working to document the life and times of Ben Dorcy, the world’s oldest and most famous band boy. The film, narrated by Willie Nelson, is in production.  It takes a lot of resources to make a movie — for more information on how you can help and to donate to help make this happen —


Thanks for the music, Johnny Gimble

Saturday, May 9th, 2015

Rest in Peace Johnny Gimble.

Willie Nelson, “Who’ll Buy My Memories” (“Songwriter”)

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

You can watch the full movie at Crackle

From Crackle: Songwriter

Willie Nelson, Actor

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

by:  Micheal Depland

Like Brad Wheeler pointed out, they missed a few ( Barbarosa, Red Headed Stranger, Wag the Dog, Monk,, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, etc.

[Like Brad Wheeler pointed out, they missed quite a few:  Barbarosa, Red Headed Stranger, Wag the Dog, Monk, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, etc.]

Willie Nelson is an absolute institution in American music, with a recording career spanning seven decades.

But Willie has popped up on the big and little screens more times than you probably remember. In fact, he’s appeared in scripted roles nearly  50 times, according to iMDB. So, just to give a refresher course for Willie’s 82nd birthday, here are five times Willie stepped in front of the camera.

Miami Vice (1986)


The man known as the Red-Headed Stranger appeared on the pastel-colored detective show in an episode titled “El Viejo” as a mysterious older man who knows way more about an enormous Bolivian cocaine deal than he’s letting on. The episode also features a very young Steve Buscemi as a squirrelly drug dealer.

Also, did you know that Willie and Don Johnson recorded a song together? Enjoy.

Half Baked (1998)

Though Dave Chappelle may have issues with how the film ultimately turned out, Half Bakedremains a classic stoner comedy for many reasons. High on that list is the numerous cameos, including Willie credited as “Historian Smoker.”

Space Ghost Coast To Coast (2001 & 2003)

While it’s technically a talk show, Space Ghost Coast To Coast is weird enough that it nearly counts as acting. When you pretend to get a man composed of magma high, that’s an acting commitment. And Willie was such a good guest, he appeared on the show twice.

King Of The Hill (1997)


Willie has done a fair amount of voice acting as well, including a stop on The Simpsons, but everyone has had a cameo there. He had an entire episode, on the other hand, dedicated to him onKing Of The Hill. “Hank’s Got The Willies” detailed Hank trying to set things right with his country music hero after accidentally hitting him in the face. It was only right these two Texas institutions would meet.

Surfer, Dude (2008)

Just a few years prior to the McConaissance that we currently live in, Matthew McConaughey made this strange stoner beach film with his future True Detective partner Woody Harrelson. The movie also featured Willie as a farmer of numerous herbs and plants, but you can figure which one would bring all three of these men together.

Willie Nelson launches new marijuana business, “Willie’s Reserve”

Monday, April 20th, 2015
by: Patrick Doyle

Smoking Willie Nelson’s weed is a lifelong ambition of stoners everywhere, enjoyed only by a few lucky fans and friends like Snoop Dogg and Merle Haggard. Not anymore, though. On Monday, Nelson announced his own cannabis company, Willie’s Reserve, which will bring “Willie Weed” to the masses. The product will be grown and sold by local businesses in Colorado and Washington and more as state regulation allows.


Rolling Stone recently caught up with Nelson on his bus backstage near San Antonio, Texas, where he discussed the product. “I will make sure it’s good or it won’t be on sale,” the singer says. “There should be a menu just like in a restaurant because there’s so many different kinds of pot that do many different things. It’s a good idea to have everything labeled for what it does, what it don’t do [and] how powerful it is.”

Nelson says the business will also include stores with “menus of products” and edibles. “It fell together like evolution wants it to,” Nelson says. “It’s just a matter of time in this country before it’s legal. I feel like I bought so much, it’s time to start selling it back!”


The singer said in a statement that Willie’s Reserve “is an extension of [my] passion and appreciation for the many varieties and range of the plant’s qualities. Some of the best master growers in America will collaborate…to define quality standards so that fans can expect clean and consistent products.”

Nelson has been an advocate for legalization and has been involved with National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) for decades. He was arrested as recently as 2010, when he memorably created “The Teapot Party.” “They mostly want autographs now,” Nelson says of police officers. “They don’t really bother me anymore for the weed, because you can bust me now and I’ll pay my fine or go to jail, get out and burn one on the way home. They know they’re not stopping me.”

Nelson says the company will emphasize environmental and social issues to “support the gradual end of marijuana prohibition across America.” “Seeing the power of legalization, regulation and taxation to impact how Americans view cannabis is a life’s work realized for Willie,” a rep for the singer said in a statement.

“I am looking forward to working with the best growers in Colorado and Washington to make sure our product is the best on the market,”  Nelson added.

The singer has also teamed with friend Merle Haggard for the pro-marijuana video “It’s All Going to Pot,” which premiered Monday on Conan O’Brien’s website.

Read more:
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Willie Nelson Presents, “Red Headed Stranger” (Paramount Theater, 9/7/1975)

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015



Thanks, Phil Weisman, for finding this poster.

Willie Nelson and Leon Russell, “The Early Years” DVD

Monday, April 13th, 2015


Willie Nelson and Leon featured in DVD of collection of their hits, from concerts in the 1970’s.

Heartbreak Hotel
Ain’t It Funny How Time Slips Away
White Lightning
Life and Love
My Cricket (And Me)
Trouble In Mind
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
It’s Not Supposed To Be That Way

Willie Nelson in “Barbarosa”

Monday, April 13th, 2015



Thanks Phil Weisman, for digging up these cool Barbarosa movie still photos.

Filming completes for new Willie Nelson movie, “Miracles” with Sophie Lowe and Charlotte Rampling

Saturday, April 11th, 2015


Filming has completed on the new movie starring Willie Nelson, Sophie Lowe and Charlotte Rampling.  The movie was written and directed by Lian Lunson.   Stay tuned for release date for the movie.
by: Beville Dunkerley

Written and directed by Australian filmmaker Lian Lunson, Waiting for the Miracle to Come is about a young girl, played by fellow Aussie Sophie Lowe (Beautiful Kate, Adore), who finds a letter from her late father directing her to a goldmine in a remote area of the California desert. That’s where she meets two retired vaudeville stars, played by Nelson and acclaimed British actress Charlotte Rampling (Stardust Memories, The Duchess). In their talks, the couple enlightens the girl, an aspiring trapeze artist, to findings more valuable than gold.

“I wrote this script for Willie Nelson; his presence and stillness as an actor is unlike anyone else,” says Lunson. “And growing up I always wanted to be Charlotte Rampling, so bringing these two icons together on screen is a dream come true for me.”


Sophie Lowe, is an amazing young talent.   Check her out:

Director: Bonnie Wright and Sophie Lowe
Editor: Iain Pettifer
Assistant editor: Ricky Gibb

Willie Nelson and Dyan Cannon, “Two Sides to Every Story”

Friday, April 10th, 2015