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Play of the Day in Fellsmore, Florida (3/19/2000) (from the Pedernales Poo Poo)

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013


My world is filled with darkness 
And I’m lost without your love 
And I realize the storm has just begun… 

Willie Nelson 

Lana Nelson published this article in the Pedernales Poo Poo, on  March 19, 2000.   Read more at Willie Nelson’s website.

Every morning’s an adventure. Now the handle has broken off the only door on the bus and we can’t get out. After struggling for about 20 minutes Mickey finally happened by, I passed the keys out the window to him and he opened the door from the outside. It’s not all peaches and cream out here ladies and gentlemen. 


The rain got here early and stayed late. Of course all the indoor shows in Florida have had beautiful weather and so far, all the outdoor ones have rained.  A leak formed in the roof over Paul’s drums so the show was delayed 10 minutes while the local crew that spoke no English moved the equipment back a few feet. Aunt Bobbie’s piano was once again wrapped in plastic like a burrito headed for the microwave. Within 20 minutes of the first Whiskey River, another river had formed under our sound man Gunk who sat around a trillion volts of electricity. Poodie’s new Teenie Llama’s filled up in record time, holding a whopping 3 inches each. 

A fine mist blew over the piano keys until Aunt Bobbie pulled the black water proof plastic over her head. Tuning Tom came out on stage and positioned it for her up over her cowboy hat, and she finished the concert under the plastic tent. 

But by the end of the afternoon, those hard core, die hard fans at Mesa Park had sat out in the pouring rain for over 5 hours to hear Willie Nelson and Family, making that, the PLAY OF THE DAY. 


Poodie’s cowboy rain gauges