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Willie Nelson & Family, Farmers and Friends (Farm Aid 2015)

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Willie Nelson and Bobbie Nelson, “December Day”

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Willie Nelson Pick of the Day: Roll Me Up

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Willie Nelson Pick of the Day

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Happy New Year 2013

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On of the late, great Guthrie Thomas guitar pick designes. he told the story of the pick something like this:

“Interstate “420” was to be 2 new U.S. Interstates that were never constructed, one in Georgia, the second in Louisiana. It had nothing to do with Cannabis Sativa, or Pot. The onset of this term, Interstate 420, as being associated with pot was originated at a San Rafael, California High School in 1971 by a group of students who all smoked pot and met to do so at 4:20pm on the foundation steps of a statue of Louis Pasteur, the chemist and microbiologist who was the first to introduce his discoveries of vaccination, microbial fermentation and, pasteurization.

The amazing band, The Grateful Dead, soon was using the term, Interstate 420, as a reference to smoking pot and getting high. The term then circumvented the entire world and is now understood by millions to mean, basically, having a fine time smoking weed…

Now to Willie’s Guitar Pick as seen here. This pick does not say, Interstate 420, it says, “WillieState 420?…for obvious reasons…This guitar pick will be one of the rarest of all of Willie’s custom guitar picks as we only made 50 of them and Dr. Budrock is the only one, other than a few I have, and I am absolutely certain Willie will receive however many he might like from Dr. Budrock.

If you should by chance get one of these picks, I would certainly hold onto it, as we also made the exact pick that says Interstate 420…Excellent Idea Dr. Budrock..!