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Willie Doll and Friends in Austin, Texas

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Rachel, SueAnne and Willie Doll, in Austin, at grand opening celebration for Sirius/XM Radio at ACL.

Rachel, Isabella, Freddie, at the Back Yard (April 21, 2012)

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Austin 4-21 125
My Willie Doll is so dirty (it can get dusty out on the road), I think little Bella wasn’t sure she wanted to hug it.

Austin 4-21 123Austin 4-21 126
Austin 4-21 121

Happy Birthday, Isabella

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012


Isabella turns one today.

What a sweetie.  Mama Rachel posted on FB that she and Isbella were going to the zoo as part of the birthday celebrations.

Happy, happy Birthday, Rachel Fowler

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Happy Birthday to Rachel Fowler,  mother of Isabella, daughter of Lana Nelson, daughter of George Fowler, granddaughter of Willie Nelson, fiance to Freddie Schmitz, beloved family member to all of Willie Nelson & Family, and web mistress extraordinaire for Willie Nelson fans everywhere with

Thank you, Rachel, for helping keep us fans connected to your granddad.

Rachel Fowler with mother Lana Nelson, Farm Aid 25.


Isabella meets her great granddaddy

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011


Willie Nelson and his granddaughter Rachel, and his great granddaughter, Isabella.

[Thanks so much to Rachel for permission to post this sweet picture here.]

Happy Birthday, Rachel Fowler!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011


Rachel Fowler with mother Lana Nelson, Farm Aid 25.


Best wishes to Rachel Fowler fora happy, happy birthday.

Lana Nelson and Rachel Fowler

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010


Rachel Fowler with mother Lana Nelson, after the concert last night, looking so fresh, after a long day at Farm Aid. — better than ever

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Rachel Fowler of wrote:

Thank you for your patience during the launch of our new website. I am proud to announce that the entire website will be live and back for your enjoyment this Wednesday.

With the new site you will find loads of great new features. We have changed the News sections to include a division of Lana Nelson’s Pedernales Poo Poo and Budrock Prewit’s Crew Views where you can view them separately if you prefer.

We have added a Discography of Willie Nelson albums. You can view new and old albums, as well as purchase copies for your library. We will be updating the list as often as possible. We are also creating a Videography. We currently have a number of videos listed in WNTV but we will be adding videos as we come across them. 


Rachel Fowler

Willie Nelson & Family

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

All the best wishes go out to Rachel Fowler, for a wonderful birthday today.    Here she is with her granddad.

.. and with her mama Lana Nelson

Rachel is the webmistress for Willie Nelson’s websites, and we have her to thank (along with other hard working folks) for Willie Nelson’s website at and

Farm Aid Eve at Blueberry Hill (10/3/09)

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

The Farmer’s Eve Barbeque and dance fundraiser in St.  Louis tonight was a success.  The place was packed, hundreds showed up at Blueberry Hill and ate barbeque and vegie shiskabobs  and all the fixings.  Farmers donated the food, chefs donated their time, musicans donated their music and many more volunteers did everything else.  There is a lot of love in St. Louis this weekend!  People are coming together to raise money to keep families on the farm, and bring more young folks on to the farm.  And we are going to hear some great music and we’re having a great time, too.

DSC_0020 by you.
Friend of Rachel, Rachel, Freddie and Ruth, at BlueberryHill

DSC_0024 by you.
I have been hanging out with this wild bunch. (JoJo, her sister Lilly, Cherie, Jodi and Pat)




The band  7 Smart Fellers was lively, and everyone was in a mood to celebrate.

 Lots of Farm Aid volunteers and the television crew and broadcasters for Farm Aid are staying where I’m staying.    They are all working hard, buzzing around.   I shared a ride with a man in the elevator, a young guy in his thirties, who told me it was his first year volunteering for a Farm Aid concert.  He told me he had never worked so hard before in his life and he had never had so much fun in his life.  And he couldn’t wait until tomorrow, to get up and work some more.

I can’t wait for tomorow, either!  I’d better get some sleep.

And today was Poodie’s birthday, so we all took a minute to toast Poodie.

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Sunday, March 8th, 2009


Today is Rachel Fowler’s birthday.  Here she is with her grandpa.


And with her mama

Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel, at Austin City Limits Taping (2/23/09)

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Thanks so much to Rachel Fowler, for sharing the pictures she took at the afternoon rehearsal for the taping of an upcoming Austin City Limits Show in Austin on February 23, 2009.

Lana Nelson and Rachel Fowler

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Mother and daughter, in Luck, Texas

Farm Aid Friends

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

This is Rachel, Lana’s daughter, Willie’s granddaughter, and her friend Freddy.  I got to sit down for a couple meals with them at Farm Aid, and it sure was fun.  And the food was good.