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The New Raelyn Nelson Band Album (you’ll love it)

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014


You can listen to her album, and purchase the band’s album at the band’s website here.

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Happy birthday, Raelyn Nelson

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Happy happy birthday, to Raelyn Nelson

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Check out the Raelyn Nelson Band in Country Weekly!

Monday, June 23rd, 2014


Check out this week’s issue of Country Weekly…

Raelyn Nelson Band is featured in the “On the Edge” article, page 68…..on stands NOW!!!!


Raelyn Nelson Band featured on ‘A Southern Original’ (95.3 The Bear)

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014


by:  Monk

Each week, 95.3 The Bear and Pepsi will spotlight ‘A Southern Original’ featuring an up and coming country artist and delve into their music and history.

I figured the best way to start this feature off was with a rocking little country band from Nashville that has some of the most legendary roots in country music. Hopefully, with that comment you’ve figured out that Raelynn Nelson has a famous grandfather named Willie, or ‘Papa Willie’ as she lovingly refers to him.

Taking a page from Willie, Waylon, Cash, and Paycheck’s unwritten “Outlaw Handbook,” Raelyn Nelson Band are doing their own thing with an alt rock leaning, rowdy approach to country music. As a matter of fact it’s hard to classify them either way so let’s don’t. Let’s just call it music and move on.

My favorite track on their self-titled EP is a song called ‘Get a Room’, the last cut on the record. This one hits like the opening of ‘I Fought the Law’ but more like The Clash version than the original Bobby Fuller Four version. The driving drum beat sets the tone while the chang-a-lang strumming of the guitar helps to count the song into a rhythm awaiting the arrival of Raelyn’s voice, innocent but commanding. The song sings of two lovers who need to “get a room before we get arrested.”

Of course you’ll not be able to miss ‘Moon Song’ which is Raelyn’s chance to sing beside her very famous grandfather. Honestly the most country track, ‘Moon Song’ is like an upbeat, honky-tonk lullaby if that makes sense. Her sweet voice coupled with the steady strumming of her ukelele makes it the perfect soundtrack for Sunday morning coffee with the person you love.

Before leaving you two tracks to discover on your own, I’ll close with a short review of Raelyn Nelson Band’s first single, ‘Do You.’ It’s a signature love song/party anthem if there has ever been such a thing. A bouncy ode to individuality and the prospect of love, the appeal of ‘Do You’ is the springy guitar riffs and anthemic chorus, cheering, “But I wanna be with you and I want you to want me to. Do you?”

All in all, I’m a fan. Raelyn Nelson Band have a musically adorable appeal and are smart in their placement of memorable riffs and lyrics.

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Raelyn Nelson’s got a question for you

Sunday, June 1st, 2014


“Did you call XM Outlaw Country and request Raelyn Nelson Band yet? 1-888-OK OUTLAW Leave them a message!!!!! (The number works, trust me) #thanksyall” — Raelyn Nelson

Check out her band and her music at her webpage or on Facebook.

Willie Nelson and his family, in Nashville

Saturday, May 17th, 2014


Raelynn Nelson posted these great photos from last night’s Willie Nelson & Family Show in Nashville.


New Raelyn Nelson Band Album

Saturday, April 12th, 2014


Raeylyn Nelson is selling something even sweeter than that lemonade she was peddling.  Not sweet really, but really good.  Get your copy of the new Raelyn Nelson band’s album!


get your copy here

Raelyn Nelson and her rockin country garage rock band

Sunday, April 6th, 2014


The Raelyn Nelson Band performed last night at the High Watt, in Nashville, and I grabbed these cool photos they shared on Facebook.  You can follow Raelyn and the Band at their FaceBook Page, sample their music, see tour schedule, learn more about the band and see more cool photographs.

I didn’t even know I liked country garage rock, but as it turns out, I really do, if that’s what the Raelyn Nelson Band is playing.  The band has a new album out, and I am really enjoying listening to it.  It makes you feel good, like you walked into a Nashville bar and her band is playing, it’s intimate.    She tells such great stories, with all the humor and irreverency of her grandfather Willie and aunts Amy and Paula.  (“Get a Room (or get arrested)”.   My favorite is the sweet duet she sings with Willie, “The Moon Song”.  (You can hear a little of it in the video below.)  But the album rocks.

Like most of her family, Raelyn is very actively involved in animal rights issues, and frequently travels to DC, or around the country, with her aunt Amy Nelson, to represent their family and speak up on important issues.

Raelyn is cute and saucy and loaded with that wit, humor and talent that flows through that Nelson family.  (I told her she should be in movies, and I know I’m not the first one to say that.)   I admit I probably would never have heard of her if she weren’t Willie Nelson’s granddaughter, but I get introduced to a lot of great music in different ways, and Willie Nelson & Family & friends & fans have turned me on to some fantastic music, that I am grateful for it.   I’d go see Raelyn and her band, I’d bring some friends, I’ll buy her albums.  You should too!

You can follow Raelyn and the Band at their FaceBook Page, sample their music, learn more about the band and see more cool photographs.





The band’s new album is out!  You can get your copy at Amazon and iTunes.  

Raelyn’s grandfather, Willie Nelson, sings The Moon song with Raelynn on her new album, a lovely duet. You get to hear a little bit of the song in this Jam Session video.

Debut Album from the Raelyn Nelson Band!

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Raelyn Nelson Band    @RaelynNelson

Raelyn Nelson Band is an original country/garage rock band from Nashville, TennesseeMembers: Raelyn Nelson, Jonathan Bright, Paulie Simmons, Preach Rutherford

The Raelyn Nelson Band has released their long-awaited debut album, and it is available for purchase at the band’s website, and from iTunes.

If you buy your copy from the band’s site, you get a rare signed copy of the cd! Better hurry, though….

“Thx to all who got the EP! I’m busy signing, sealing, and getting them sent out. Still a few left. Grab it here!  — Raelyn

Watch this great video:


Happy Birthday, Raelynn Nelson

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013


Keep in touch with the band at

Follow the band on Facebook here.


Enjoy videos, and learn about her music:

See the Raelynn Nelson Band at the Basement, in Nashville (3/29/2013)

Sunday, March 24th, 2013


The Raelynn Nelson band performs next Friday night, March 29th, at The Basement, in Nashville.


Keep in touch with the band at

Follow the band on Facebook here.

See the Raelyn Nelson Band in Concert!

Saturday, March 16th, 2013


The Raelyn Nelson Band will perform at the Basement, in Nashville, on March 29th and April 17th.

Keep in touch with Raelyn and the Band, and check out the latest episodes of Pun at her band’s Face Book Page.

Enjoy this duet with Willie Nelson, which is available for purchase on iTunes.


We like the Raelyn Nelson Band

Thursday, February 7th, 2013
Let’s get Raelyn a million likes on her music page so she will have a million likes on her music page! 

Amy Nelson, Raelyn Nelson and the Barbi Twins speak out against animal cruelty

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

photo: Jordan Carlton Schaul
by:  Jordan Carlton Schaul of Wildlife SOS

Contributing Editor Dr. Jordan Schaul recently asked the world famous, celebrity models and animal activists—the Barbi Twins—to find out how some of their celebrity friends are using their clout to help animals around the world.  Within a few moments, the Twins arranged a sit-down interview with two other celebritrities — Amy and Raelyn Nelson, Willie Nelson’s daughter, and granddaughter.  The two sets comprise a dynamic foursome of animal activists known as the Quad Squad and they all sat down with Jordan for an exclusive interview.

Jordan: The Nelson family is known to be very compassionate and involved in both human and more recently, animal causes. What made you two jump into ANIMAL activism?

Amy: It must have begun with Shasta, a capable and compassionate sibling of mine—my German Shepherd.

Once I fell down our steep asphalt driveway and skinned up my knees and couldn’t walk. Shasta ran home, found my parents and brought them to me.

It wasn’t a stretch to imagine that all animals must be capable of this same depth of love and understanding. Most importantly, they were all worthy of human respect.

Raelyn: Animals have always been in our family. We’ve had many cats and dogs and Papa Willie has lots of rescue horses. I started in animal activism seven years ago. Amy opened my eyes to issues like the inhumane treatment of animals due to factory farming, the slaughter of American horses for human consumption overseas, the importance of spaying and neutering, and other animal welfare issues. I was surprised that our law makers weren’t doing more to protect animals.

BARBI TWINS: When did you start animal activism and which one of you started first?

Amy: When I was five, I saw Rudyard Kipling’s The White Seal, an animated film about a seal named Kotick, who searched for an island where seals would be safe forever from their terrible enemy…man. It told of seals who would were having their skin stolen by big mean men. I was so upset that I wrote a letter to President Carter asking for his help; and he wrote back!

Raelyn: Amy’s influence inspired me. Chris Heyde at the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) gave us direction on how to raise awareness and attempt to change our laws to ensure the humane treatment of animals in our country. It gave us hope that we could do something. It’s hard to turn a blind eye if you’ve ever been taught to show compassion. We should have compassion for all living things and all souls.

BARBI TWINS: Most stars go to charity fundraisers or pose for pictures for animal charities. You guys have been in the news for lobbying in DC and being very proactive. How is your approach to help animals different than other stars and why so hands on?

Amy: Any approach is a good start. We wouldn’t have thought of lobbying or had an idea of how do I do it without the help of Chris Heyde and AWI.

Raelyn: I wouldn’t know anything if it weren’t for Amy. Raising awareness is the most important job of any animal activist. Most people are ignorant to the inhumane treatment of animals and what they can do to improve animal welfare.

BARBI TWINS: Can you talk about what causes or organizations you are dedicating your time to and what they are about, what you’ve done to help and can you tell how others can help?

Amy: We’ve been working with Animal Welfare Institutue (AWI) to put a federal ban on horse slaughter by supporting the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. The purpose of the bill is to put a federal ban on horse slaughter for human consumption, and it would ban the transport of horses across U.S. borders for the same purpose. Passage of this law would also prevent the slaughter industry from setting up in states that have not independently voted to outlaw them. People can contact their elected officials and ask them to co-sponsor this bill.

We’ve joined AWI’s efforts to help American wild horses who are being managed into extinction by the Bureau of Land Management. Millions of acres have been taken away from them. They are being fenced away from their water sources by corporate cattle companies. Over 30,000 are in captivity; that’s more than are left in the wild.

Willie and The Nelson Family released a version of “Wild Horses” to raise awareness and draw attention to the plight of all the American horses. It is available on iTunes. All proceeds go to AWI for the horses.

We went to D.C. to raise awareness about the South Korean dog and cat meat trade. They are being purposely tortured. It must be stopped. It’s no more part of South Korean culture than horse slaughter is part of American culture. AWI is working with South Korean animal welfare groups to find a solution.

Raelyn: Amy and I went to our Capitol in Nashville, TN and spoke against a bill that would allow a horse slaughter plant to be built in Tennessee. So far, our efforts have managed to keep pushing the bill out of session. Tennessee is safe for now.

We also support the Paw Project’s efforts to rehabilitate large cats who have been declawed, and to outlaw declawing of all cats. (

BARBI TWINS: Chris Heyde of AWI wrote and walked the anti-horse slaughter bill over 10 yrs ago. Other than Bo Derek, was it your names that helped give credit to this organization that has the ONLY registered lobbyist on this anti- horse slaughter bill?

Amy: Dad’s name helped along with Bo Derek, and John Corbett. We do all we can to draw attention to AWI, the most effective and overlooked animal welfare lobby organization.

BARBI TWINS: We know you’re a supporter of “Best Friends Animal Society”, so why is this NO kill rescue the top in the nation?

Amy: They have spacious and clean facilities. They continue to expand and grow, and reach out to communities who need them most. They were the heroes in the Katrina disaster, setting up temporary shelters and transporting hundreds of animals to safety. Dad worked with them to strengthen dogfighting laws in Georgia. We love Best Friends ( And AWI ( Check out their web-sites.

BARBI TWINS: You have shown support for Nathan Winograd & read his top selling rescue books promoting No Kill Advocacy. Do you agree with him that as rescuers shelters should ban “management by death” & instead for people to demand shelter reform, which includes cheaper, more humane ways to save animals?

Amy: We agree with him. In his books Redemption, and Irreconcilable Differences, Nathan explains how to transform a shelters and communities to “no kill.” He has done it time after time using a checklist called the “no kill equation.” Spay and neuter is part of the equation. Please read his books, or check out his site

BARBI TWINS : When we showed you the killer Luka Magnotta kitten killing video in Dec. 2010, why were you so generous to lend your name to help find Luka?

Raelyn: Animal cruelty must be taken seriously for the sake of the animals, and for the sake of future potential victims. Serial killers always start with animals.

BARBI TWINS: Can you each give a personal inspirational animal rescue story, even if was just not stepping on a bug?

Amy: I laid on the floor next to a dying mouse in my parents’ kitchen and cried as he suffered. He had gotten into poison. I want to develop a mouse contraceptive food instead of poison. Don’t even get me started on those awful sticky traps.

Raelyn: I remember the first time I didn’t squash a spider. I admit it. I used to squash them. God, forgive me…. that whole “Do not kill” thing. I don’t anymore; I “shoo” them until they’re outside. Auntie was the first person to remind me that they have a soul, too.

Make way for Raelyn Nelson

Friday, August 24th, 2012


Many know Raelyn Nelson through her activism, seen pictured with her aunt Amy Nelson, as the two of them represent their family at press conferences, protests, marches, offering support and energy to important causes, around the country.  The young artist carries on that family’s tradition of speaking up and showing up.   And she’s a talented singer/ songwriter/musician, proving she got those family genes, too.

Raelyn has launched a new website, and it’s a great way to get to know her band and her music at

She recorded ‘The Moon Song’, and Willie Nelson sings back-up with her and plays guitar..  You can hear the song on her website, and download it for only 99 cents  here at Amazon.

Amy & Raelyn performing with Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real at the Country Throwdown Tour in Nashville, June 3 2011.
photo credit: Monique Claus


Raelynn Nelson will perform at a Benefit for Tennessee Kidney Foundation on August 27, 2012, in Nashville, Tennessee.  The event will be held at the Exit/, and she will appear along with Jill Kinsey and Brad Nelson and The Mandellas.  Show is at 8:00 p.m.; for more information:

I predict a career in movies, she looks like a movie star, but for now, we can enjoy her music.

Yeah, she’s on Facebook, and she Tweets, too, follow her here:  @raelynnelson.  And visit her website at