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What they’re tweeting about #WillieNelson

Friday, January 16th, 2015


Dani Dudek ?@fancypantsLATX Jan 4
Just chilling (literally) in Austin with Willie. #willienelson #austin #acltv


The GRAMMYs ?@TheGRAMMYs Jan 14

ICYMI , & more added to An All-Star to

Rob Thomas
Jan 13




Jennifer J Newbill ?@JenniferNAtDell Dec 31
Armadillo. Stage effects- #willienelson #NewYear2015

john neri ?@johnneri5 Jan 8

Willie Nelson Nails It With His Rendition of, “America the Beautiful” | The Veterans Site Blog via


What they’re tweeting about Willie Nelson

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014


Willie Nelson is 81 so somebody PLEASE warn him that all that weed’s eventually gonna lead him directly to crack.


Stephen Colbert ?@StephenAtHome

Fun fact: uses the same cologne as and !


. and Sister Bobbie are bringin’ some new tunes to ya! has all the details >


    1. Enter to win a trip presents & Family 1/10/15 & meet Willie!

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Today’s print sale : Emmylou Harris and Willie Nelson – 1998 .

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Willie Nelson talks to Eddie Vedder live then covers Just Breathe… Awesome!…

Willie Nelson gets a new hat in NYC

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014


Orlando finally got to give his custom 100% silk beaver hat tonight .

What they’re tweeting about Willie Nelson

Monday, June 24th, 2013

photo: David Chu

David ChuDavid Chu ?@gk0zdchu 21 Jun

On Location:brutal day but this shot of #ICON #Willie Nelson makes it all worth the effort @go4david/cbc

Nancey Hernandez  Nancey Hernandez  @nanceyh

#willie is awesome makes me proud / Willie Nelson Raises More Than $120K for #West, Texas (cont)

Nathan WalkerAllie Brady ?@alliembrady

“We’ll have an A-List photographer out tonight at the #Willie Nelson statue to take pics! @DickieATX @KCRoux

Colby DeCordova

@eheigley: Willie Nelson crossroads on #cmt #yessir #Willie” pure greatness


Sam Nordby
Sam Nordby

willie nelson rocks out on his 80th! good stuff. #willie


Leah Stacy

Leah Stacy ?@leahstacy

My review: #Willie Nelson performed with grace, humor to a sold-out crowd on Day 2 of #XRIJF:  #rocjazz @xrijf


Mitch Pollock @mitchellblack:

No joke, Willie Nelson has taken about 23 guitar solos and we’re six songs in. Awesome. #willie


Look What they’re tweeting about Willie Nelson

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Willie Nelson @willienelson follows you
Abbott, Texas ·

Judy Hubbard
Judy Hubbard

Well that was exciting, 3 Japanese ladies rushed our table to get their picture taken with @raywylie whom they thought was Willie Nelson


Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas



Should @WillieNelson be named the next Pope? @Linda_Colo #mmot

 Farm Aid
Farm Aid?@FarmAid

The week’s farm & food news: updates on US beef exports, @willienelson getting a new award, immigrant farmers & more:
Willie Nelson Museum
 Willie Nelson Museum?@WillieMuseum

Who was the first signature on Willie Nelson‘s famous guitar Trigger?


Andy Langer
Andy Langer?@Andylanger

Kris Kristofferson at @nobelityproject gala: “When I imagine the face of god, I see Willie Nelson


Scott Murphy
Scott Murphy

@BrookeBCNN I’m with you on country but Willie Nelson transcends it all. One of the top three concerts I’ve seen.



What they’re tweeting about Willie Nelson

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Willie Nelson  @willienelson follows you
Abbott, Texas ·
SBA  SBA?@FuelResponsibly:  The SBA is holding an end of year fundraising drive. Thanks to Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson and other SBA…

Katlyn Gerken  Katlyn Gerken?@KatlynGerken:  Listening to the one and only Willie Nelson while driving through Nashville. I love this city.

Byliner  Byliner?@TheByliner:  “Willie treats Trigger like a horse and he rides him hard.” On Willie Nelson‘s guitar, Trigger (yes, it has a name): Newbloke?@Newbloke

Newbloke  Newbloke?@Newbloke:  Don’t listen when drunk: Willie Nelson – Please Come Home For Christmas: via @youtube

Briana     Briana ?@LoveBrianaXOWillie Nelson is awesome. 

Barbi Twins  Barbi Twins?@Barbi_Twins:   Merry Christmas to our pal @willienelson Thank you & family for continual help to ban #horseslaughter … #BLM #wildhorses

 Robert Brownlee  Robert Brownlee?@RBandMyGirls:  It’s not #Christmas until you here #Willie Nelson version of #FrostyTheSnowman…. Nothing better

What They’re Tweeting about Willie Nelson

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012


Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson

@willienelsonfollows you

I Didn’t Come here and I ain’t Leaving

Abbott, Texas · 

Willie Nelson is on Twitter . And there are always people tweeting about him, posting rare videos of photos, and like this sampling:

Kelly MooreKelly Moore?@Km00re21 There’s a Willis Nelson statue in front of city hall…. There should be a Willie Nelson on front of everyone’s city hall #AustinTexas

Joel CienikJoel Cienik?@cienik51 Coulda been the Willie Nelson, coulda been the wine
Norman stark Norman stark?@normando96 :  Real bros listen to Willie NelsonPaiton Murray?@paiton_murray

Paiton Murray Paiton Murray?@paiton_murray Comfort food and Willie NelsonJay Little?@titans_29rcr

Jay Little @FordMalone Doesn’t hurt having Willie Nelson playing in the background either!Jacob Embry?@JacobEmbry421

Jacob Embry#PerfectAlbums Stardust by Willie NelsonHalfMan, HalfAmazing?@ronald_ihnen

HalfMan, HalfAmazingOn a scale of 1 to Snoop Dogg how ripped am I right now? Willie Nelson

 maria y doustmaria y doust?@mar1ayd @khukimunster Maria by Santana is a fab song..but my fave Maria song is by willie nelson “Maria shut up and kiss me” you tube it! Fab videoRoberto Trevizan?@robertotrevizan

Roberto Trevizan@salihkn yes salih, a great song in a Willie Nelson way…stone biscuit?@igneousscone

stone biscuitSorry, I was talking to an imaginary Willie Nelson.

 Russell SalgueiroRussell Salgueiro?@russ_salgueiro I love how willie nelson is my wallpaper on my phone.Joseph Pawlik?@agjp13

Joseph PawlikWillie Nelson Christmas tunes are the best.