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Willie Nelson, Shirley Collie, “Willingly”

Thursday, January 28th, 2021

Willingly, I fell in love with you
Willingly, I learned to love you too
Though we both knew that it was wrong
To someone else we both belong
We fell in love, willingly

Willingly, I fell although I knew
Sweetheart, I knew the same as you
So, if it’s fate for us to wait
Until our love can be
Then we’ll wait, willingly

I love you
I love you too
I want you
I want you too
But if it’s fate for us to wait
Until our love can be
Then we’ll wait, willingly


I love you
I love you too
I want you
I want you too
But if it’s fate for us to wait
Until our love can be
Then we’ll wait, willingly

Melissa Ethridge speakes out in support of Colorado’s Amendment 64: Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Grammy award-winning musician Melissa Etheridge has recorded a radio ad that will begin airing this week throughout Colorado. In it, she explains why she supports Amendment 64, and I found it to be extremely moving and persuasive. I hope you’ll take a moment to check it out.

Melissa explains how the benefits of marijuana she experienced during her battle with breast cancer have led her to believe that regulating marijuana like alcohol is “simply the right thing to do.”

Please take a moment to watch the video and listen to the ad, then forward this email to anyone you know who hasn’t made up their mind yet about Amendment 64. It may make all the difference on Election Day.

Thanks for everything,

Betty Aldworth
Advocacy Director,
Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

Rest in Peace, Shirley Collie Nelson

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Shirley Collie passed away this morning.

Shirley Collie (born Shirley Caddell, March 16, 1931 in Chillicothe, Missouri) is an American country music artist. She charted three singles on the Billboard country charts. In order of release, these were “Dime a Dozen” at #25, “Why Baby Why” at #23 (a duet with Warren Smith), and “Willingly” at #10 (a duet with then-husband Willie Nelson).[1] The Nelson duet was also his first chart single.

‘Scrapbooks in my Mind’ by Shirley Caddell Collie Nelson

Saturday, September 12th, 2009


SCRAPBOOKS IN MY MIND: Featuring Shirley and Willie Nelson and Many Others

“This is the story of a woman striving for success in the world of country music; a story of sacrifice, success, sadness, forgiveness, of following June Carter’s dictum, “Press on ,” and never losing faith.”

As far as I know, this may be the first book written about Willie Nelson by one of his wives.  I might be wrong, though.  It’s not just about Willie;  she writes about growing up and her young entry into the entertainment business.  She started performing to help feed her family when she was four; and married for the first time at 15.   She writes so fondly about her favorite guitar Baby.   

Shirley Caddell Collie Nelson

shirley by you.
Shirley Collie, Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson and Shirley Collie

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

It was on the road as a bass player with Ray Price and the Cherokee Cowboys that Willie met a red-haired country singer named Shirley Collie.  She already had a recording contract with Liberty Records in California, and Willie had approached her to pitch one of her songs.

“It was instant love,” Shirley later told Time Magazine.  “I saw things in him that give me goose bumps now.”

At the same time Willie was boiling over with Shirley, Hank Cochran had once again stepped into Willie’s life and given things a lift.  At Cocran’s recommendation, Liberty Records had signed Willie as a singer.  Willie’s first Liberty release featured a Willie Nelson/Shirley Collie duet on ‘Willingly,’ a song written by Hank Cochran. 

That song cracked the Top Ten in March of 1962, and an enthused Liberty released ‘Touch Me’ with Willie Solo.  That song went to Number Seven later that year.  Liberty released a Willie Nelson album, ’And Then I Wrote.’ which debuted to a world of praise. 

The album liner notes, from disk jockey Charley Williams, were bright with promise:

“It is rare that a truly great songwriter,” he wrote, “is also an exciting vocalist; among those are Johnny Mercer, Hoagy Carmichael and a handful of others.  Now, with pride, Liberty Records presents the latest member of that select group.  His name is Willie Nelson.”

The year 1963 dawned clear and full of promise.  After all the years, all the disappointments, Willie was in love and on the charts with his own songs.

He would be a star.

by Michael Bane

Willie Nelson, Shirley Collie: Willingly

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Shirley Collie (born Shirley Caddell, March 16, 1931 in Chillicothe, Missouri) is an American country music artist. She charted three singles on the Billboard country charts. In order of release, these were “Dime a Dozen” at #25, “Why Baby Why” at #23 (a duet with Warren Smith), and “Willingly” at #10 (a duet with then-husband Willie Nelson).[1] The Nelson duet was also his first chart single.

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

teepee by you.

Naked Willie, but not the album

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Willie Nelson Museum, Country Music Hall of Fame

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Willie’s Sneakers Come Home

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum received a pair of size 9 tennis shoes and a well-worn headband from Willie Nelson.  The museum encourages artists to donate items that the public will recognize.  These are no exceptions.


by Robert K. Oermann
THe Tennesseen

Nashville gets its first look at the new Willie Nelson Museum exhibit this morning and yesterday “The Red-Headed Stranger,” himself, toured his tribute for the first time.

After the tourists left yesterday afternoon, Nelson entered the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum with Country Music Foundation director Bil Ivey, CMF president Frances Preston and CBS Records Nashville chief Rick Blackburn to view the display that chronicles his fabulous career.  The Country Music Foundation operates the Hall of Fame and Museum.

The easy-going country-pop superstar was pleased with what he saw.

As he wandered through the display with wife Connie and the executives, Nelson began reminising about his life.

The new exhibit begins with Nelson’s boyhood in Abbott, Texas.  “My grandparents raised sister Bobbie and me,” he said, gazing at a photo of his relatives.

Connie smiled at a childhood photo of her husband and observed that the children have his freckles.

Nelson turned to his companions and said, “See my football picture from highschool?  You should have seen our football field.  Rocks all over it.”

When he moved into the section that described his early professional career, he reminisced about some of the early nightclubs he worked in as a teenager.

The Nashville segment of the display features early records and sheet music.  “I talked to (Pamper Music publishing founder) Hal Smith today.  He’s still there in the same building.”

“Hank Cochran and I were in the studio co-writing with a couple of guitars one day, back there (behind Pamper) with no windows.  I got the idea for Hello Walls there.  But Hank got up to get a phone call.  By the time he got back I was finished.  I said, ‘Sorry, Hank.’”

The song became Nelson’s first big Music City hit as a tunesmith. 

Later during the tour, Nelson joked about golfing when he got to the display of his personalized bag and clubs.

Ivey and Preston described the idea behind the new exhibit to Nelson and told him that Wrangler is financing the new display.

The Willie Nelson exhibit replaces the one devoted to Dolly Parton.  Unlike the show devoted to the buxum blonde, this one is heavily dependent on photos rather than memorabilia.

It will remain on display duing the next two years at the museum, which is right behind Opryland. The Grand Ole Opry is Nashville’s most visited tourist attraction.

Willie Nelson and Family

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Willie Nelson and Annie Nelson for Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance (10/3/08)

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Willie Nelson and wife Annie Nelson speak with the media before Friday’s concert at Hard Rock Live in Biloxi. The Nelsons received $40,000 from Hard Rock for the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance. photo by James Edward Bates

By Mary Perez

Willie Nelson was back in Biloxi on Friday, a town he’s played before – and lived in, when he was stationed at Keesler Air Force Base.

This time, he was a Hard Rock Casino Ambassador of Rock and played his country ballads, rock and blues for a sell-out crowd.

Before the concert, dressed in a black shirt and black cowboy hat, he quietly answered questions from the Sun Herald and other reporters.

“I talk to the audiences all the time” about sustainability, both at his concerts and on his XM Satellite Radio show, Nelson said. “The message is getting out there.”

Nelson became a fan of biodiesel technology after Annie bought a car that ran on the fuel blend.

“Renewable isn’t always sustainable,” Annie said, but the BioWillie® biodiesel is made from locally grown soybeans and other feedstock and is now available at truck stops around the country. It’s better for the environment, helps the economy and supports America’s farmers, another of Nelson’s causes.

“It’s great to be able to use your talent, whatever it is, to help,” he said.

“Music has always been my first love,” Nelson said, and at 75, he continues to tour, play golf and appear in movies. In “Surfer Dude,” he plays the guardian angel of Matthew McConaughey.

“I have a guardian angel,” said Nelson. “A lot of them.”

He’s also being a guardian angel to the victims of Hurricane Ike in Texas, as he was for Katrina victims in Mississippi and New Orleans. Farm Aid, the organization he helped found to support small American farmers, has sent some money and help, he said.

Nelson gave the clothes off his back to the memorabilia collection at Hard Rock Casino Biloxi, said Hard Rock Senior Director of Philanthropy Annie Balliro. In turn, Hard Rock donated $40,000 to the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance.

“They didn’t have to do any of this,” said Balliro, “but took it on themselves to be citizens of the planet.”

Hard Rock Casino General Manager Duncan McKenzie said, “This is an international event right here in Biloxi.”

Happy Anniversary, Willie and Annie

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008


On September 16, 1991 Willie Nelson married Annie D’Angelo, whom he met while working on a movie set; she was a make-up person.

Willie and Connie Nelson (in case you ever wondered where Paula Carlene gets her smile)

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Willie and Connie Nelson, in Colorado

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Shirley Collie

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

“When Willie moved the kids out of Ridgetop, I phoned my parents and asked if I could come back home.  I’ve stayed pretty much out of sight since I went home to my folks to get well.  I don’t want to be on the road.  The road is just not my life.  I’m a small town person.  It took me nearly ten years before I was strong enough to see Willie again.  I sent word to him that I was coming to his show in Las Vegas.  He called me out on stage to sing, ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken’ with him.

Later I told Willie, ‘You’re so thin.’

He laughed and said, ‘Yeah.  If I’d stayed with you I’d probably be fat and sitting around the house.”

I had been so afraid that the Willie I had known ten years ago wouldn’t still be there.  I didn’t think I had the courage to see him in his beard and earring and all.  But he’s still the same heart, the same man who’s so full of love, the same sensitivity as that guitar picker I fell in love with.  I have never come close to remarrying.  I can’t make a commitment to anyone, because I love Willie.  I’m happy with that.  At last, I can handle knowing there’s nobody else for me.”

Shirley Collie
by Willie Nelson,
with Bud Shrake