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Willie Nelson, “The Street Where You Live”

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

Bruce Robins talks (and sings) about WIllie Nelson

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014
by: Bruce Robison

The legend Willie Nelson, as I understand it, wrote some hits, recorded some duds, tried pig farming, left Nashville in a hail of pot smoke and gunfire, came home to Texas, found his sound, united the culture and the counter-culture at the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin and became an American icon.

And I hear Willie’s gonna be on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine.

Less-widely known is that before Austin, Willie and his family landed in Bandera, Texas, my hometown of less than 1,000 people, a town of dude ranches and real ranches. Willie had just recently left Bandera when my family moved there in 1970. Some of his crowd was still around, though.

My parents would see him play at John T. Floore Country Store in Helotes (they still have the sign up that says he plays every week). Local legend was that the owner, John T. Floore, had loaned Willie some money, and Willie promised to play only there in the San Antonio market while Floore was alive.

I have been an amateur Willie-ologist most of my life. We bought a fancy new console stereo in the early ’70s, and along with the player, my folks bought Shotgun Willie, Phases and Stages and Ray Stevens’ Greatest Hits on eight-track tapes.

Folks of a certain age know that if you plug in a pink Phases and Stages eight-track tape in 1975, it will play continuously until 1981. Through all kinds of weird ’70s crap that little kids don’t remotely understand. From being Down at the Corner Beer Joint all the way to “carin’ for someone who don’t care anymore.” I listened to Jerry Jeff Walker for fun, but when my folks bitterly divorced, Willie narrated from that console stereo.

Those songs came right before the great success of Red Headed Stranger and Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain. But those are the songs I would love to ask Willie about. In the few times I have been around him, the time has never seemed right. Not the time when we were both at a dinner party, and I went into the study with the menfolk and did what the menfolk do. (I subsequently made a major fool of myself and actually fell UP a flight of stairs in front of a table full of Texas royalty … ask my wife.)

Or the time when Willie and I played golf in a foursome with Jesse Ventura. (Jesse would rush to whoever had the best drive and yell, in a comically thick Minnesota accent, “BOY, I REALLY CRUSHED THAT ONE!”) We didn’t argue.

Those are just my ideas of great country songs. (How Will I Know) I’m Falling in Love Again, Sister’s Coming Home, Bloody Mary Morning, Sad Songs and Waltzes — I still listen to them all the time. And they still come with weird memories from way back when. One of the best songs I have written, Angry All the Time, is right in that vein. I think it was heavily influenced by the first-person tone of Phases and Stages.

I don’t really count What Would Willie Do among my very best songs, but I think it is actually funny, which you can’t say for a whole lot of novelty-type songs. It started when I saw a certain country star in a Nashville restaurant, and he had what I call the thousand-mile stare. This kind of weird look of somebody who has been too famous for too long, met too many people, played too many crappy gigs, gone too high and then too low. I’m reading a lot into this, I know, but it made me marvel about Willie.

You know how they say don’t meet your heroes? Well, Willie just never seems to disappoint you. He seems so kind to everybody, so affable, and sharp, too.

Soon after that restaurant scene, I was mowing the yard one day and sort of plugged Willie into the Jesus story. I had the whole song written in my head before I was done with the yard (and it was a small yard).

I had to change the song a bit, years later. We were in Chicago, and my broken-down tour bus broke down. Willie and family happened to be at the same hotel. Willie’s longtime bus driver, Gates “Gator” Moore, actually crawled under our bus and fixed the damn thing in a hot parking lot. Then, as I was thanking him, he gave me an icy stare and informed me “It’s GATOR. There IS no Rooster.”

(In my song, Willie talks “to ol’ Rooster as they drive on down the line.” I got the character from watching Honeysuckle Rose 35 times. In the movie, Willie teaches “Rooster” to keep his head down while swinging a golf club, by draping him with an apparatus that, if he lifts up, will pull a meat hook into his balls. I told you the ’70s were awesome!)

But, trust me, it’s great to have a funny song to throw into the set at the right moment. Too many tragically doomed travelin’ soldiers will occasionally have you wishing John Belushi would come up and smash your guitar. It’s nice to see someone on “the cover of the Rolling Stone” whom I have heard of, and who is also alive.

Keep on rolling, Willie.

• Bruce Robison — whose songs have been recorded by George Strait, the Dixie Chicks, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill — lives in Austin with his wife and fellow singer-songwriter, Kelly Willis. See more from them at

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Willie Nelson and Bobbie Nelson, “Who’ll Buy My Memories”, from new album “December Day”

Friday, November 21st, 2014
by:  Andrew Leahey

When federal agents raided Willie Nelson’s home on November 9, 1990, they weren’t looking for drugs. Instead, the feds were intent on seizing most of Nelson’s worldly possessions — including his recording studio, instruments, memorabilia and more than 20 properties in four different states — to help pay off the whopping $16.7 million he’d racked up in back taxes and penalties. The only thing they didn’t get was Trigger, Nelson’s favorite guitar, which had been spirited away from the home several days earlier by his daughter, Lana. 

Nelson wound up using Trigger — and nothing else — to record his next album, The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories?, an acoustic collection of new songs and old standbys. Released in 1992, the album’s profits went straight to the IRS, which helped Nelson finally dig himself out of debt. More than two decades later, he’s still playing Trigger (a Martin N-20 classical guitar that’s as weathered and mellow-sounding as its owner), as well as “Who’ll Buy My Memories?,” which makes a revised appearance on the upcoming album December Day

Due out on December 2nd, December Day finds Nelson teaming up with his sister and longtime bandmate, Bobbie Nelson, for a mix of re-recorded greatest hits, deep cuts, cover songs and new originals. The project was borne from a string of casual jam sessions aboard the country legend’s tour bus, the biodiesel-fueled Honeysuckle Rose, where he and Bobbie — armed with Trigger, a travel-size keyboard and a musical chemistry that dates back to the siblings’ childhood days in Abbott, Texas — have a long history of regrouping after shows to play their favorite songs. The two rustle up the laid-back, stripped-down vibe of those bus sessions in a live studio performance of “Who’ll Buy My Memories Again?,” which makes its premiere today exclusively on Rolling Stone Country. [Watch above.]

“A past that’s sprinkled with the blues / A few old dreams that I can’t use,” Willie sings at the song’s outset, punctuating certain lines with jazzy, out-of-time runs on Trigger’s beat-up fretboard. Bobbie accompanies him on grand piano, and the pair’s performance is intercut with grainy footage of their hometown, including churches, crops, the Abbott water tower and endless expanses of blue Texas sky.

Twenty years ago, “Who’ll Buy My Memories?” felt like a kiss-off to the IRS, which sold Nelson’s repossessed belongings to the highest bidder. [In a touching display of support, many of Nelson’s fans purchased those belongings and then donated them back to the original owner.] Today, with Shotgun Willie nearing 82 years old, the song is a poignant reminder that everyone — even one of the country music’s most enduring icons — is mortal.  After nearly 70 studio albums, Nelson is focused less on sticking it to the (tax)man and more on highlighting the things that never really die: family bonds, memories and the music that glues them all together.


Willie Nelson, Arlo Guthrie, Dottie West, “City of New Orleans” (Farm Aid, 1985)

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Willie Nelson and Bobbie Nelson, talk about music and new album, “December Day”

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014


“December Day”, the new album by Willie Nelson & Bobbie Nelson, is set to be released next month, and the two of them talked about growing up together, with music.


Willie Nelson and Sister Bobbie
December Day
(Willie’s Stash, Vol. 1)

1. Alexander’s Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin)
2. Permanently Lonely (Willie Nelson)
3. What’ll I Do (Irving Berlin)
4. Summer of Roses / December Day (Willie Nelson)
5. Nuages (Django Reinhardt)
6. Mona Lisa (Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)
7. I Don’t Know Where I Am Today (Willie Nelson)
8. Amnesia (Willie Nelson)
9. Who’ll Buy My Memories (Willie Nelson)
10. The Anniversary Song (Al Jolson & Saul Chaplin)
11. Laws of Nature (Willie Nelson)
12. Walkin’ (Willie Nelson)
13. Always (Irving Berlin)
14. I Let My Mind Wander (Willie Nelson)
15. Is the Better Part Over (Willie Nelson)
16. My Own Peculiar Way (Willie Nelson)

17. Sad Songs and Waltzes (Willie Nelson)

Willie Nelson, Lily Meola, “Will You Remember Mine” (Farm Aid, 2014)

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

“Attractive Distractions” amazing Surfing documentary, produced by Nancy Meola, starring Matt Meola

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014



That talented Meola family!   Willie Nelson has introduced us to the talented Lily Meola, and her amazing talent and voice.   This documentary was produced by Lily’s mother, Nancy, and stars her talented athlete brother, Matt Meola. The documentary, which people are saying may be the best surf movie ever, features music by Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real.

This documentary features some amazingly talented surfers, including Matt Meola,   Clay Marzo , John John Florence,  Kai Barger ,  Chippa Wilson, Nic Von Rupp , Ricardo Christie, Dege O’Connell, Torrey Meister , Ryan Hipwood , Hank Gaskell , andTyler Larronde.

The film, produced by Nancy Meola, takes ten progessive young surfers today on a journey from their hometowns to far off destinations.
by:  One year ago, Albee Layer and friends headed to Portugal with little more than the seeds of an idea for a movie project. Twelve months and several trips around the globe later, Attractive Distractions is a wrap, and with some of the most progressive and versatile surfers in the world making up the cast, the anticipation is palpable. On the eve of the world premiere on Maui, we got Albee on the phone to discuss the finished flick.

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Available now on itunes:


Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard in Concert! (March 27, 28, 2015)

Monday, November 17th, 2014


Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard are taking the stage together for one epic weekend in New Braunfels, TX on March 27 & 28, 2015. Tickets go on sale November 21 at 10am CT. Get ticket details

Willie Nelson & Family, Farm Aid (1994) (New Orleans, LA)

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Willie Nelson and Family performs “Always on My Mind,” “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before” and “I’ll Fly Away” live at the Farm Aid concert in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 18, 1994. Farm Aid was started by Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp in 1985 to keep family farmers on the land and has worked since then to make sure everyone has access to good food from family farmers. Dave Matthews joined Farm Aid’s board of directors in 2001.

Willie Nelson, B.B. King, “Nightlife”

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Happy Shoeshine Friday! Make it a good one

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Willie Nelson on the Jimmy Kimmel Show (March 14, 2014)

Friday, November 14th, 2014


Willie Nelson, ‘Who’ll Buy My Memories”

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Willie Nelson, Paula Nelson, “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

You can hear this song on Willie Nelson’s latest album, “To All the Girls”.


When Two Worlds Collide:

To All the Girls (Legacy)

1.Dolly Parton – From Here To The Moon And Back
2.Miranda Lambert – She Was No Good For Me
3.Secret Sisters – It Won’t Be Very Long
4.Rosanne Cash – Please Don’t Tell Me
5.Sheryl Crow – Far Away Places
6.Wynonna Judd – Bloody Mary Morning
7.Carrie Underwood – Always On My Mind
8.Loretta Lynn – Somewhere Between
9.Alison Krauss – No Mas Amor
10.Melonie Cannon – Back To Earth
11.Mavis Staples – Grandma’s Hands
12.Norah Jones – Walkin’
13.Shelby Lynne – Til The End Of The World
14.Lily Meola – Will You Remember Mine
15.Emmylou Harris – Dry Lightning
16.Brandi Carlile – Making Believe
17.Paula Nelson – Have You Ever Seen The Rain
18.Tina Rose – After The Fire Is Gone

Willie Nelson, “Nuages”

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014