Celebrate Willie Nelson’s birthday and give yourself a present, “Waiting for the Miracle to Come” movie releases on 4/30/2019

Oh it’s been way too long since we got to see Willie Nelson in a new movie, right? Well the wait is (almost) over!

Tuesday, April 30th is Willie Nelson’s 86th birthday but we fans are the ones getting a gift — “Waiting for the Miracle to Come” starring Willie Nelson, Charlotte Rampling, and Sophie Lowe is being released and available for purchase and your enjoyment on his birthday.

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This movie was written by Lian Lunson, especially for Willie Nelson, and you can feel the love and respect that she has for him in this movie that features Willie Nelson like you haven’t see him before. She said she wrote her script especially for Nelson, because “his presence and stillness as an actor is unlike anyone else’s. And growing up, I always wanted to be Charlotte Rampling, So bringing these two icons together on screen is a dream come true for me.”

It’s always exciting when Willie Nelson first comes on the screen, and it’s no different with this movie, “Yay it’s Willie!” But so soon you forget it’s Willie and get caught up in the plot of the movie and the and the mystery and the beauty. Willie’s a great actor and it’s wonderful to see him in a role where you get to enjoy his talent.

“Waiting for the Miracle to Come a gorgeous, evocative, and meditative film about faith, love, and fulfillment in spite of loss.

Set in a magical and timeless world reminiscent of an old photograph, Waiting for the Miracle to Come is the story of how Adeline Winter (Lowe), a trapeze artist grieving the death of her father embarks on a journey to find “the Beautiful Place” in Ransom, California.

The Beautiful Place Museum, owned and run by Dixie and Jimmy Riggs (Rampling and Nelson). The Riggs have waited for decades at The Beautiful Place, hoping that the daughter they gave up for adoption would come looking for them.

Both Nelson and Rampling capture the heartache of loss and the daring of hope while Lowe’s quietly powerful performance pulls viewers along on her pilgrimage.


This is such a beautiful movie, the setting, the acting, the costumes, the old cars. And best of all, the movie is filmed in Luck, the western town Willie Nelson had built on his ranch near Austin. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit Luck or if you’ve ever wanted to go there, you will especially love this movie. Luck plays a big part, as the mythical town of Ransom, California.

The church is featured prominantly Willie’s character goes there to pray and ask for guidance. The barn has been re-purposed into an old fashioned dance hall and we get to watch Charlotte Rampling perform on the stage. The world headquarters, the water tower, the wooden sidewalk. Even the rescued horses that have found sanctuary on Willie Nelson ranch are featured in the movie. The beautiful rolling hill country of Texas are featured so beautifully in the movie.

Charlotte Rampling and Willie play musicians in the movie, and we get to see Charlotte perform in the dance hall/barn. We don’t get to see Willie perform in the movie, but he does give young Sophie Lowe a copy of a cassette with a recording of his songs, the only one he has, he says. We never get to hear the tape, though, but this movie isn’t about Willie Nelson the country singer, it’s a sweet story about regret and sadness and hope and kindness and love, lots of love.

We’re not disappointed musically, though. The film features an original song written by Bono and performed by Willie Nelson. Bono, also a producer of the show, sings some backup vocals on the song. It’s beautiful, but doesn’t come ’til the credits role. Lots of beautiful contributions from Mickey Raphael on harmonicas, too.

Waiting for the Miracle to Come is about connections—what they mean, what they feel like,” Lunson says. “It is styled in otherworldliness to bring the supernatural element closer.” Audiences will find themselves transported into this dreamlike world, discovering “gold” in hidden places throughout.

Waiting for the Miracle to Come is available on April 30th for purchase on DVD and digital platforms internationally through Spotlight Pictures. It’s Willie Nelson’s birthday. Celebrate and treat yourself to this movie.


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