Charley’s bar in Paia, Maui, not for sale

Thanks to Tom Conway (  who sent me this picture of a giant Trigger which sits at Charley’s, in Maui.   Tom said it is almost 12 feet tall.

Rumors have been flying that Charley’s bar in Paia, Maui, commonly referred to as “Willie Nelson’s bar,” has been sold.

But General Manager Nancy Garcia says the rumors are false.

“There’s been interest in people buying it, but it’s not up for sale,” she said.

The bar, where Willie Nelson has played for years and is bedecked with his memorabilia, has been a mainstay on Maui’s North Shore, where owner Jim Fuller has operated it for four decades.

A cause of the rumors could be the back parking lot that, according to Garcia, is being renovated by a group of Greek billionaires.

“We’re basically a construction site,” Garcia said.

She said lack of access to the lot, which comprises a major portion of downtown parking, is hurting business for Charley’s and the surrounding restaurants and shops.

Willie Nelson, in Charley’s


This picture hangs on the wall of Charley’s Restaurant and Saloon  in Paia.

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  1. GSX-R750 guy says:

    Electricity is really just concentrated lightning.

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  2. Construction is so loud! It shakes my whole house. They have started as early as 4:00am and always by 7. It has been going on for 3 months. Unless they want to start paying my rent, I am getting angry!

  3. colbyleila says:

    Charley’s was my living room since 1973…till 1981 when I relocated to the BI. It will forever hold a big corner of my heart…keep Charley’s Charley’s…for the Woofer and for all of us that were the Original Regulars! Long live Jim Fuller, Paula, and all my former pals at a larger-than-life landmark! CHARLEY’S FOREVER!!!!

  4. LindaLee says:

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story, colbyleila.

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