Congratulations to Dallas Wayne: honored by Texas Country Music Hall of Fame



On August 8th the Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame honored Dallas Wayne  and Tracy Byrd.  The 18th annual awards show was held at the Carthage Texas Civic Center.

About the event, Dallas Said:

“Fortunately, I was not speechless at the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame induction wink emoticon Thanks for a memorable weekend.:

I would like to thank the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame for this incredible honor. I am proud and humbled to be joining such an esteemed class on the Disc Jockey Wall of Fame.

The previous 11 gentlemen on the wall have been our teachers in broadcasting and in country music. Bill Mack, Tom Perryman, Joe Allison, Larry Scott, Charlie Walker and the rest, set the gold standard for not only bringing this music to radio, but more importantly, believing in it and loving it.
But that’s only a small part… because frankly it’s a pretty easy and satisfying job to play this wonderful music every day on the radio.
The amazing part of that is we could never do it without the folks who let us into their homes each day, who love this music as much as we do. They keep this music alive and not only inspire us in radio, but also inspire the artists who are honored here at the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame. None of us could do our jobs without you.

I want to thank Jeremy Tepper, Willie Nelson and the folks at SiriusXM for believing in what we try to do every day on the radio, and sharing the belief that traditional country music is a living, breathing, true American art form.

I want to thank Tommie Ritter Smith and all the folks at the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame for their dedication, drive and vision, and for building a world-class tribute to the Lone Star State’s significant contributions to country music.

It is because of that dedication, drive and vision that future generations who will visit the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame will come to know, love and honor this music as much as we all do.

Once again, thank you for this honor, and thank you for keeping this music in your hearts.”



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