Dallas Wayne @Willie’s Road House (Sirus/XM radio)


We invaded the Sirius/XM radio station downstairs in the Austin City Live building, before the NYE concert in Austin to visit with Dallas Wayne. Always a treat to hang out with Dallas, and watch him work. Once again, Sirius/XM Radio broadcast Willie Nelson & Family’s NYE show.

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  1. ken overman says:

    love your show you and bouncing cans off juke box just heard tony booth keys in mail box and you mention him being on buck Owens show. I have always thought that don rich was singing on that

  2. Brian says:


    I love your show! Personally, I come from the world of late 1970s punk and Newwave

    I don’t have much of a taste for contemporary country but I absolutely adore “the old stuff”… Like most of you folks say… When country was country

    I’m trying to find a song that I heard played on your show if you months back

    I know it’s a shot in the dark but any chance you would know a song sung by a male singer where the lyrics go something like she walks into the front door and I walk in through the back door or…..you walk backwards well I wanlk forwards… I know it’s not much to go on

    I’m dying to remember that song and I just can’t seem to place it

    Thanks for keeping it real!


  3. Mark says:

    Alway like the show on the farm in New Hampshire
    Great selections
    How about Dick Curless. “A tombstone every mile

  4. darlene says:

    always enjoy your music…@ Howe, Indiana!!!

  5. JACK MCDANIEL says:

    dallas :

  6. JACK MCDANIEL says:

    dallas : Iove your show ( willies roadhouse ) , but how about including some records by the ” confederate railroad “. Good cuts , such as …… 1 ) she took it like a man or long gone or time off for good behavior or black label / white lies .
    they are all good and seem to fit ” willies roadhouse .

  7. Bill judkins says:

    I heard a song by hank Thompson and George strait on your show ,I believe it was a six pack to.was that an album. If so the name of it. I would like to own it
    Thanks. Bill judkins. Des Moines. Iowa

  8. LindaLee says:

    You need to contact radio station directly. I am just a blogger; not connected. Thanks. Linda

  9. Connie Gregory says:

    Love your music. It’s real country don’t listen to so called country music of today. I’m from Oregon, sounds like not having good weather. We’re having high 50’s to low 60’s weather here. Thank you for playing the true country music

  10. Don Trowbridge says:

    I listen to your program and Willie’s Roadhouse at home, in my shop, and on the road. My question is why don’t we ever hear Gary P. Nunn songs? He certainly is country and a Texan through & through. Is his music banned for some reason?
    Keep up the good work!

  11. KIM GREENE says:

    Love willies place…. what ever happened to James Hand songs
    I never hear them anymore? Could you play them? Thank you

  12. Ray Lavallee says:

    Love the old tunes, love to listen to your program. If you cac play the songs. Blue and the wayward wind. In the mean tim I will sit back the great music.

  13. Samuel Millheim says:

    I have been listing to you alll for years but have never heard
    Conway Twetty s TIGHT FITTING JEANS. ,That is my wife
    and me our song. Can you PLEASE play it.

    Samuel R Millheim
    Yerington Nevada

  14. Caroline Hardy says:

    Love listening to Roadhouse. But I would like to hear some more variety. i.e., more Tompal Glazer and the brothers (especially their rendition of Faded Love)
    and more Jerry Lee Lewis — the country side not Great Balls of Fire or Chantilly Lace. Jerry had some great honky-tonk numbers.

    Thank you for letting me sound off.

  15. Shirley Glidden says:

    Dallas I love your show and listen to you all the time. I live in Florida. I was wondering if you could play more of Bobby Flores please? He is awesome. Thank you so much!

  16. Jeanie Shelton says:

    You are one of the most talented musicians. We saw you on Liberty of the Seas in February! Would love to we you in person, again.

  17. Ted Hynes says:

    Just heard “Gwen”. Are you kidding me? Without question the BEST thing you have ever done. This MUST be played at full volume. What a treat.

    Ted Hynes
    San Diego, Ca

  18. Julia Snead says:

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  19. dave rundle says:

    I am looking where I can buy Mel Street CDs.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I am looking to buy Mel Street CDs I live in Wpg. Man. Canada

  21. Lisa Overby says:

    Would you please play Justin Trevino for my birthday today! Love your program and listen to it everyday.

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