Dave Mason drinks Willie Nelson’s Water from Air

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dave Mason, in Luck, Texas.  Dave has a website at www.dave-mason.com, if you want to see what he has been up to, hear his latest music, find out if his tour is coming to your town.  Wonder what he was doing in Luck?  Having fun, among other things.  And btw, Dave, thanks again for Traffic, a great band, and all your music.

Willie Nelson and Wataire International have teamed up to send two CI2500 Atmospheric Water Generators to the people of Myanmar.  These machines produce a combined output of 1400 gallons of clean, fresh, potable drinking water that can save 2800 lives daily. We are also accepting monetary donations for the People of Myanmar. These people are in desperate need of drinking water and food; so please GIVE. We are working non-stop to get the Myanmar Government to let us bring our machines in and help their people. Thank you, Willie Nelson Water from Air and Watairre. 

 Follow the link below to donate to help survivors of the cyclone and other natural disasters rebuild their communities, and their lives.


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