Dee and Alice Hang out with Willie Nelson in Atlanta

Alice told Dee that she and Willie would pick her up at the Atlanta Airport, but Dee didn’t believe her!

Dee, I think your husband is right, you two do look like Dyan Cannon and Amy Irving!  Right out of “Honeysuckle Rose.”  When you two were still friends, before Amy went on tour with Buck.

4 Responses to “Dee and Alice Hang out with Willie Nelson in Atlanta”

  1. Willietattoos(Dee) says:

    Hanging out with “Willie” was great! Actually, Alice & Willie met me at the airport. Marion just said we look like Diane Cannon & Amy Irving! Well, we were On The Road Again! ; )

  2. sweetheart says:

    Well, I must say that Dee is minimizing all this situation!
    The only thing she got right was that we were “On The Road Again!!”

    Do you know how much trouble it was to get clearance for me to bring “Travelin’ Willie” into the Atlanta Airport???
    (Not much, really! LOL!!)

    I think we have some Willie Admirers here in Atlanta!!

    and, Marion, I DO NOT think we look like Dyan and Amy….

    We are definitely Thelma and Louise!!!!

  3. LindaLee says:

    Movie stars, none the less!

  4. Willietattoos(Dee) says:

    But Willie & Amy…

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