Farm Aid II All Star Lineup (1986)

The music at Farm Aid II will run from dawn until well past dusk.  What follows is a tenative lineup of performers and emcees, in order of appearance.

From 7 until 10 a.m.

Cherokee Rose (with Willie Nelson), Jerry Max Lane, Jubal Clark, Danny Cooksey, Lee Clayton, Boxcar Willie.  Johnny Bush, Gary P. Nunn, Rusty Wier, the Geezinsalw Brothers, Bill and Bonnie Hearne, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Steven Fromholz, Willie Nelson, Julio Iglesias, Willie and Waylon Jennings, Alex Harvey, Willie and David Lynn Jones, the Beach Boys, Johnny Paycheck, J.D. Souther with the Nelsons, B.W. Stevenson, David Allen Coe, Dusty Rhodes, War, Roy Head, Minnie Mouse and the Disney characters.

From 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Judy Collins, Patty Lovelace, Vern Gosdin, Charlie Haid, Little Joe y La Familia, Exile, the Blasters, Judy Rodman, Don Johnson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Rob Lowe, David Lindley and El Rayo-X, Sawyer Brown, the Rock and Roll All-Stars (Willie Nelson, John Bon Jovi, Vince Neil, Dickey Betts, Joe Walsh).

From 1 until 4 p.m.

George Jones, Gary Morris, Robert Guillaume, Nils Lofgren, Billy Joe Shaver, Playboy Girls of Rock n Roll, David Soul, Dave Mason, Dwight Yoakum, John Anderson, Bobbie Raitt, Roger McGuinn, Taj Mahal.

From 4 until 7 p.m.

William Lee Golden, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, John Prine, Roger Miller, the Nelsons, X, John Schneider, Asleep at the Wheel, Doug Kershaw, the Unforgiven, Joe Ely

From 7 until 10 p.m.

The Bellamy Brothers, Alabama, Green on Red, Christopher Hewitt, Los Lobos, Jack Wagner, John Couger Mellancamp with Maria McKee, Arlo Guthrie, Kris Kristofferson, Jason and the Scorchers.

From 10 p.m. until 1 a.m.

Rick James, Neil Young, Rita Coolidge, Steppenwolf, John Conlee, Delbert McClinton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Kip Addotta, Leslie Phillips, Felix Cavaliere, Willie Nelson and Family, All Star Finale.

15 Responses to “Farm Aid II All Star Lineup (1986)”

  1. Leslie says:

    I went to this concert when I was stationed in Texas, it was a lot of fun and now I realize I had been to an awesome concert but at the time I was enjoying a day off from the army. I was just a kid lol

  2. Bill says:

    Wow Leslie, me too!! Ft.Hood, 2nd Armored “Hell on Wheels” M1 Tanker 83-87

  3. Patricia says:

    I went and met up with my brothers. They drove all night, and got there at 2 am. We were going to meet them but it took 3 hours to drive from Austin to Manor Downs. We finally drove to the next town and circled back on the east entrance. Got there, saw a bunch of sunburned happy intoxicated bros, joined them, and rocked till 2 am. The hotel bed felt so good after that long day. Stevie Ray Vaughn and Mellencamp were great. Awesome experience. My version of “Woodstock”….

  4. Colin says:

    It was so hot out there that day, 108 if I remember correctly. They were spraying the crowd with fire hoses. A day I’ll never forget!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    awsome day! drove from houston and got to Manor downs at 2am stayed up all night and crashed the gate at sunrise. got a space very close to the stage and spent the whole time there. what a day LOL

  6. Brian says:

    Lucky enough to live in Austin at that time. One of my favorite s.Crashed gate 2. As awesome. Great weekend.

  7. Al Velasco says:

    I’d never thought that a concert could be that good. I’ve seen bands that are one hit wonders, that day we all saw legends.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I was there .. Flew from Denver to Dallas/FT Worth, rented a car and drove all night…Ah… The memories!!

  9. Dave Hedrick says:

    Worked back stage security. What a day!

  10. Wayne Kovac says:

    I was living in San Antonio, Buddy flew in from Atlanta. Great time, hot, slow going on the road. Amazing lineup. I think they beamed in the Dead and Tom Petty from Buffalo ??

  11. Lisa Millner says:

    I was so excited to have tickets so far in advance. I was a bartender and we left Austin at 3:00am to get in line. My friends talked me out of bringing my purse/wallet. After paying all night, bout 5:00 am I realized my ticket were in my wallet at home. We walked back a mile and I bought a new ticket. Got in the gates at 6 am. It was our sesquacentennial

  12. Jim Klabunde says:

    We spend All DAY (and into the early morning on July 5th) there in the 106 degree heat. It was the “Woodstock” of Austin. We beat the traffic coming in by coming in the back way to Manor Downs. Austin was totally different back then. Amazing memories. I still have a couple of the free water boxes they were handing out (think juice box for the kids). It said on the box “The Package of the Future”. One hell of a line-up. SRV was magnificent that day as I recall (which isn’t a whole lot) 🙂

  13. Lynn Belcher says:

    Oh man, This brings back a lot of memories. I was just 19, got there before dawn with our posse. Got a great spot. It was hotter than heck out there we all stripped down to our bathing suit tops and jean shorts. A friend of ours knew Willie and got us backstage. We were melting out in the heat. They had a small pool in the back and we all jumped right in The water was hot Tyson was a sponsoring and we had major munchies. We met Vince Neil, Slash, Rob Lowe, some actor from Hill Street Blues, John Cougar, Rattle Snake Annie who invited us on to her bus. We were stayed till the wee hours, and walked 2 miles to find our car at 3 am, and made it home by 4am. Tom Petty, John Cougar, Roger Miller, and of course Willie Nelson were our favorites.Great times…

  14. Steve Erving says:

    It was a blast.hotter then 3 yells.Rest in piece Stevie Tay.

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