Farm Aid returns to Illinois soil for 20th anniversary (

[Thanks Phil Weisman for sending this Farm Aid news.;

by:  Thomas Conner

“It was 20 years ago today….”

In July, Paul McCartney opened the worldwide Live 8 concerts with that line, hearkening back to the original 1985 Live Aid concert.  That was the year of aid, indeed — Live Aid, Band Aid and, eventually Farm Aid — for at that same Life AId event, in Philadelphia, Bob Dylan took to the stage and made an offhand remark that would change the lives of countless American farmres:  “Wouldn’t it be great if we did something for own farmers.

Nelson arrives on the heels of his latest album, a collection of reggae tunes titled, “Countryman” and Young is just ahead of his newest disc, “Prairie Wind,” a set of tuneful acoustic songs that recalls his late, “70’s “Comes a Time” mood.

Several influential fugres in folk are on the bill, incljding, “Alice’s Restaurant” maître d’ Arlo Guthie, REd Dirt queen Emmy-Lou Harris and alt country rascal James McMurty (who just released his latest disc, “Childish Things”).




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