“Farmers: they’re the folks that feed us,” — Willie Nelson


As you know, family farm agriculture is in danger. Farm income has been cut in half and the number of farms in this country has fallen to its lowest number ever. It would be easy for me to write about all the obstacles farmers are up against. But instead, I want to share the stories of strength and determination we heard from family farmers at Farm Aid 2019 in Wisconsin. These farmers make me hopeful.

At our Farm Aid 2019 press event, we showcased a group of determined dairy farmers who started the Dairy Together movement to fix our broken dairy system. One of those people is Sarah Lloyd of Nelson Family Dairy Farm in Wisconsin Dells, WI. Sarah’s pushing for a way to better manage milk production. “Dairy farmers are not getting paid a fair price,” she said. “The only real way for us to get our prices to come up is for all of us to work together.”

Like Sarah, we’re determined to make a difference for family farmers, but we need your support to continue this critical work.

For many, being connected to the land and growing food is about continuing the cultural traditions of their ancestors. Toni House and Laura Manthe of the Oneida Nation in Wisconsin, told us about their effort to teach the next generation to cultivate white corn so that their foodways can never be lost or taken again. “When you don’t have land to grow food, you can’t carry on your culture and you can’t carry on your traditions,” said Laura.

I’m asking you to give now so that Farm Aid can continue our work to keep family farmers a vibrant part of our communities. A DONATION IS A GIFT OF HOPE FOR FAMILY FARMERS

Farm Aid is bringing together people who are fighting for family farm agriculture. When we support family farmers we all benefit – our climate, our communities, our families, and ourselves. We’re not giving up and we know you won’t either – not when there’s so much at stake. Won’t you join me in this mission?

Please consider a gift to Farm Aid to honor the strength and determination of family farmers.

Stay Strong and Positive,

Willie Nelson 

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