Flat Jason goes to a Willie Nelson Concert

Amanda and Jason were married on Valentines Day this year, but Jason soon left for Kosovo, and the couple has spent their first year apart, as Jason does his tour of duty in the army.  

With help of www.FlatDaddies.com, Amanda created Flat Jason, and takes him with her, everywhere and she blogs about it on her site at http://www.ayeartogetherapart.blogspot.com.   She and Flat Jason even went to see Willie together:

“The concert was amazing! But c’mon, did you expect less? It’s Willie Nelson! He played all the old favorites, some new tunes and a surprising number of gospel hymns. I certainly enjoyed them, and I was pleasantly surprised that everyone else did, too. People were dancing in the aisles.”

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  1. JoJo says:

    That just breaks my heart,her with her flat Jason,I hope real unflat Jason gets to go to a Willie show with her soon.

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