Good times at the Blue Skies Cafe, Carl’s Corner, TX (4/10/10)

Steve Gilcrease says I never put his picture on the blog. So to prove him wrong (I should have bet on it), here’s a picture I posted a couple years ago of Janis from Texas and Steve sharing stories and late night laughs at the Blue Skies Cafe after a Paula Nelson’s Show at Carl’s Corner. We were all blushing. I think Steve had told us an inappropriate dirty joke.

Oh, those were good times, everybody in a great mood, after hearing some great music by Paula Nelson and her band, and not so surprised guest Willie Nelson, following sets by Waylon Payne, Jarrett Schaub and the Vagabonds and Clay Canfield. I still miss that place; I would get to see people I only see there, and I miss those fans, too. As well as it being the best place to see Willie Nelson & Family.

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  1. Clem Brown says:

    It’s a dirty rotten shame that there isn’t still a Blue Skies Cafe, a Willie’s Place Theater and the Whiskey River Saloon at the old Carl’s Corner Truck Stop.

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