Good Times, at the Twisted Willie Party

Cinnamon Girl, at shares about the Twisted Willie party she went to last night.  Thanks for sharing!

went to a party last nite, down in the village, where they were serving these tasty beverages made with willie nelson’s country peach cobbler ice cream, blended with bits of cinnamon-sugar shortbread, and just the right amount of vodka.

there were lots of other farm fresh goodies floating about there too.

as for the music, there was a very cool band made up of local musicians, who called themselves the twisted willies. who played a ton of country standards, but presented them in a mashed-up funk-ska-blues (and at times jazzy electronica vibe) rather than in their usual arrangements.

my friend, linda lu, was asked to take the mic for a coupla songs, and impressed the crowd with a stirring rendition of willie’s jazz-pop ballad ‘crazy’… which was jaw drop-ingly great.

afterwards, luey and i, walked around for a few blocks (before hopping into a cab) in the wintry mix of hail, snow, and sleet which created this beautiful, prismatic, shimmering glow, across the city sidewalks and streets…

or maybe that was just the ice cream talkin’.

anyway, good times were had by all.
good times.

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